Difficulty: History

The hardest and easiest games for every category


RankGame% Correct
2Deadliest Atlantic Hurricanes11.97%
3Secret Service Codenames15.32%
4The Nixon Years (1969-1974)15.35%
5In Memoriam: 200816.21%
6Longest Serving Senators16.52%
7Famous Last Words II16.71%
8Nobel Peace Prize17.50%
9Time 20th Century People17.58%
10US Pres. Birth Places17.88%
11Obama's Cabinet18.02%
12Members of Bush's Cabinet18.16%
13World's Most Visited Art Museums18.32%
14World War I Battles18.65%
15In Memoriam: 201518.84%
16Knights of the Round Table18.96%
17U.S. Attorneys General20.50%
18Car Crash Celebrities20.58%
19In Memoriam: 201020.70%
20Famous Last Words20.74%
21Ancient Roman History A-Z21.22%
22Costliest Atlantic Hurricanes21.29%
2310,000+ Senate Votes21.45%
25Federal Reserve Chairmen21.97%


RankGame% Correct
1US Citizenship Test II: Would You Actually Pass?97.13%
2UN Security Council Members96.33%
3Famous Men of the 20th Century95.62%
4To the Moon!94.71%
5Neil Armstrong's Moon Landing Quote94.44%
6Finish the Famous Quote94.32%
7Famous Quotes About 'T'93.15%
87 Wonders of The Ancient World Countries93.08%
9Clickable Historical Groups92.83%
10Finish the Famous Quote II92.67%
11Famous Women of the 20th Century92.53%
12Historical Economy Size92.47%
13Separated US Presidential Surnames92.46%
14Inca Empire Countries92.44%
15Historical Comebacks91.79%
16Old West Match-Up91.68%
17Famous Leaders by Their Deaths91.42%
18Follow That Line: US History91.00%
19Famous Quotes About 'E'90.93%
20Famous Quotes About 'D'90.92%
21Famous Quotes About 'F'90.90%
22Animals Across Human History90.73%
23Most Recent President Containing Each Letter90.23%
24Famous Quotes About 'J' & 'K'89.63%
25US Supreme Court (Redux)89.60%