Difficulty: History

The hardest and easiest games for every category


RankGame% Correct
1Gettysburg Address8.25%
3Deadliest Atlantic Hurricanes11.84%
4'I Have a Dream' Fill-in-the-Blank11.94%
5Secret Service Codenames15.19%
6The Nixon Years (1969-1974)15.21%
7Longest Serving Senators15.26%
8In Memoriam: 200816.03%
9Famous Last Words II16.27%
10Nobel Peace Prize16.62%
11World War I Battles16.87%
12Obama's Cabinet16.98%
13Time 20th Century People17.16%
14US Pres. Birth Places17.45%
15World's Most Visited Art Museums17.78%
16Members of Bush's Cabinet18.05%
17Knights of the Round Table18.77%
18U.S. Attorneys General19.11%
19Car Crash Celebrities20.09%
20Famous Last Words20.22%
21Ancient Roman History A-Z20.23%
2210,000+ Senate Votes20.43%
23In Memoriam: 201020.68%
24Costliest Atlantic Hurricanes21.11%
25US Declaration of Independence Signers21.51%


RankGame% Correct
1To the Moon!94.89%
2Neil Armstrong's Moon Landing Quote94.04%
3Historical Economy Size92.42%
4Inca Empire Countries92.31%
5Historical Comebacks92.24%
6Follow That Line: US History91.59%
7Missing 'F' Quotes91.57%
8Missing 'E' Quotes91.28%
9Missing 'D' Quotes91.19%
10Greek Column Styles89.86%
11Famous Quotes About 'B'89.69%
121940s Match-Up89.27%
13Multiple Guess U.S. History89.24%
14Pledge of Allegiance89.18%
15National Flags of Texas88.87%
16Things at Target in the Old West88.21%
1719th Century Figures by Category87.73%
18Most Portrayed US Presidents87.14%
19History: According to The Onion86.91%
20Click Your Rights!86.75%
21People on U.S. Paper Currency86.69%
22The Miranda Warning86.58%
23Follow That Onion Headline (History)86.11%
24Missing 'C' Quotes86.11%
25Missing 'H' Quotes85.91%