Difficulty: Just For Fun

The hardest and easiest games for every category


RankGame% Correct
160 Second Blitz: World Capitals9.03%
2The Simpsons: Baby On Board10.21%
3Cat Names12.25%
460 Second Blitz: Countries13.41%
5Dog Names13.64%
660 Second Blitz: Elements14.87%
7Sporcle Badges14.93%
8Color Sequence Memory Game16.55%
9Fastest Roller Coasters18.68%
10Can you spell Gadaffi?19.04%
11Number Memory Minefield19.07%
12Disney Animated Movies Blitz21.17%
13Snapple Flavors23.40%
14Phantom Counting23.87%
15Most Popular Websites (A-Z)23.98%
16Monty Python's Philosophers World Cup24.48%
17Codebreaker Logic Puzzle24.54%
18Bar Code Minefield24.63%
19Cartoon Skeletons25.25%
20Wikimedia Foundation25.74%
21Ways the World Could End25.98%
22Elements by Internet Code26.33%
23Most Roller Coasters26.66%
24The Diabolical Minefield Maze27.61%
25Space Ships by Crew28.41%


RankGame% Correct
1Lightswitch Settings99.85%
2Sporcle Blackout99.75%
3Zeller's Algorithm99.12%
4Number Guessing Game98.91%
5Don't Prick the Porcupine97.99%
6Classic Clickable Jokes V96.98%
7Happy Animals!96.57%
8Spacebar Challenge96.56%
9Angry Animals!95.75%
10Origami Animals95.45%
11Beanie Baby Animals95.32%
12Color Category Cramming95.21%
13Things That Are Shiny95.08%
14Sleepy Animals94.91%
15Sad Animals94.80%
16Popsicle Stick Jokes94.37%
17Nicolas Cage Disney Princesses94.23%
18The Impossible Quiz93.74%
19Animals on the Loose at Sporting Events93.26%
20Don't Pick the Wrong Day!92.82%
21Original Jolly Ranchers92.64%
22iPod Nano Colors92.60%
23Zombie Apocalypse: Decide or Die92.41%
24Backwards Alphabet92.31%
25Figure Eight Word Ladder92.25%