Difficulty: Entertainment

The hardest and easiest games for every category


RankGame% Correct
1V Speech8.31%
2Two Dead Boys8.67%
3Fictional Colleges12.27%
4Most-Published Comic Book Characters14.65%
5Marvel: Weapon Plus Projects15.77%
6Sporcle Top 5016.42%
7SI Swimsuit Covers17.24%
8Top Beer Brewers17.29%
9NFL Super Bowl Halftime Shows18.81%
10Famous Architects18.85%
11Marvel Superheroes by Profession18.92%
12Science Fiction Swearing19.68%
13Greatest Cartoon Characters19.84%
14Same Name Songs and Movies20.27%
15Best Selling Cars Ever20.38%
16Fictional Robots20.49%
17Well-known Character, Obscure Name20.50%
18Fictional Metals and Materials20.59%
19Chat Acronyms (Obscure)20.65%
20Pop Culture Pop Quiz (2000s)20.67%
21Fictional Servants20.83%
22Most Published Supervillains21.01%
23Most Twitter Followers21.12%
24Fictional Companies21.12%
25Stage Names II21.29%


RankGame% Correct
1Wizard of Oz Wishes97.95%
2Winnie the Pooh Characters94.96%
3Katy or Zooey?92.67%
420 Similar Celebrities II91.66%
520 Similar Celebrities89.71%
6Celebrity Images (A-Z)88.30%
7Batman Actors87.63%
8Way, Way Off Broadway87.52%
9Zodiac Symbols87.50%
10Famous Duos in Reverse87.40%
11Vowel-less Broadway Musicals87.39%
12Pixar or DreamWorks?87.33%
13Lucky Charms Shapes86.69%
14Literal Celebrities' Names85.89%
15Famous With A Phone84.87%
16Honest Logos83.68%
17Henchmen, Sidekicks, and Subordinates83.41%
18Disney Characters Close-Up83.33%
19Can you do the Time Warp?83.04%
20Road Runner & Wile E. Coyote Pseudo-Taxonomy82.82%
21Dynamic Duo Match 'Em Up II82.14%
22Countries in Epcot81.41%
23Musical Slot Machine81.24%
24Marvel or DC81.13%
25Simplified Cartoon Characters80.36%