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PSG 1992-1997
NankerPhelge62 1
2016 MLB Playoff Teams
michaeljgarman10 8
NBA Player by PER & Team(s)
caseyblack 4
Every EPL 80 Player in FIFA 17
dantheman2809 5
Soccer Clubs by Vintage Jersey
Noldeh 11
Premier League most header goals per season since 2000
dominik95 3
Current Segunda Division Stadiums
alex_1356 3
NBA Players Countries of Origin (Picture Click)
Peacemaker 50
European Soccer Teams 'W'
Flick 53
Braves Opening Day Starting Outfielders
skipster73 15
Braves Opening Day Starting Pitchers and Catchers
skipster73 18
Braves Opening Day Starting Infielders
skipster73 12
Artilheiro de onde?
arthurlc92 1
Nrl Question
Jackinabox99 9
Men's tennis titlists by decade (2010's)
Slovnick 6
NRL Quiz
Jackinabox99 2
NFL 2016 Yards From Scrimmage Leaders
johnnymac6 9
NFL 2016 Receiving Leaders
johnnymac6 8
Football of the 1990s
NankerPhelge62 53
NFL 2016 Rushing Leaders
johnnymac6 9
NFL 2016 Passing Leaders
johnnymac6 13
Women's tennis titlists by decade (2010's)
Slovnick 4
US Open Men's Semifinalists (Since 1968-1979)
bry17may 1
Wimbledon Men's Semifinals (1968-1979)
bry17may 1
Gregg Popovich Players
NankerPhelge62 9
College Conferences
XXsamXX 2
Brown/Oriole better than MVP/Cy Young
havamattan 4
2016 NFL Starting Quarterback Numbers
ToBeNamedLater 5
Welsh Premier League
TamOBanter 2
Athletes Hall of Fame: 'I'
kfastic 10
F1 Driver or not F1 Driver? (Blitz)
Formula_1_NNN 4
Trenerzy Legii w XXI w.
mazurkonrad89 0
Królowie strzelców Ekstraklasy (XXI w.)
mazurkonrad89 0
Mexican Drivers in F1
Formula_1_NNN 3
NWA/WCW PPV Host Cities
australiantiger 7
Moroccan Drivers in F1
Formula_1_NNN 0
French Open Ladies Champions in Order
triv 1
French Open Men's Semifinals (1968-1979)
bry17may 1
French Open Men's Champions in Order
triv 0
WWE Champions in order by age
AldeaMalvada 5
Australian Open Men's Semifinals (1969-1979)
bry17may 1
MLB Most 30-Home Run Seasons
jmnyyankees10 31
MLB - What Are You Wearing? (baseball cards)
Librarysquirrel 9
NFL Hall of Fame Numbers
ToBeNamedLater 2
Top NBA Retirement Classes of All Time
big8dog88 7
Crusaders' Super Rugby Results
calebmanderson 0
NFL Interception Leaders Per Year Since 2000
4thandFlutie 3
NBA Players in the Hall of Fame
brookclair 5
NBA players at the 2016 Olympics
paeng02 7
Rugby Championship teams
calebmanderson 2