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Shrek Songs
bruhwhy 2
Name Disney's Animated Dalmatians
whatsitsgalore 9
Letters Minefield: Pixar Movies
LTH 33
Boxoffice Weekend: 1980's
dalejr88a 25
The Shawshank Tree
dalejr88a 10
Alfonso Cuarón Movies
Bolafssonify 18
Missing Word: Films Set in the Desert
beforever 27
Cast of Star Trek (2009) (Clickable)
beforever 73
Movie Cameo Shooting Gallery
jakethegoldfish 87
Matt Damon Top 10 Rated Movies on Metacritic
markgodbee6 65
Adam Sandler Top 10 Rated Movies on Metacritic
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Highest Opening Weekends
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Directors' 8-into-1 Supermovies 4
marsupialis 40
Directors A to Z Easy (Slideshow)
tallonator 65
1959 Oscar Winners (Clickable)
Qaqaq 18
Quick Pick: Guardians of the Galaxy Characters
Treverbeast454 61
Profile: Elsa (Frozen)
asstiellll 17
Missing Word: Films About Cannabis
beforever 28
Actor/Character Match Up - Star Wars IV New Hope
grays1705 20
Actor/Character Match Up - Star Trek II Wrath of Khan
grays1705 24
actors first movies
pattybalboni 5
Worst Reviewed Movies (2007)
willseamon 28
actors last movies
pattybalboni 13
Actor/Character Match Up - The Godfather
grays1705 7
Actor/Character Match Up - Field of Dreams
grays1705 13
Cast of Saving Private Ryan (Clickable)
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Name That Animated Movie Characters
NarutoUzumaki 9
Actor/Character Match Up - Eight Men Out
grays1705 2
Actor/Character Match Up - Naked Gun
grays1705 6
Movies and Directors
Pasi97 4
With Christopher Walken and...
jakethegoldfish 7
Missing Word: Anchorman 2 Soundtrack
timmylemoine1 3
Quick Pick: Sharon Stone Movies
bowsntoys 7
Zoovies II
Propellerhead 9
Alaska in Movies (Slideshow)
codhollandaise 11
Star Wars Scenes Featuring Chewbacca
goc3 5
Cast of The Dark Knight (Clickable)
beforever 9
Movies by Director and Three Actors IV
Pasi97 6
Missing Word: Spanish Actors/Actresses
beforever 5
'Versus' Movies vs. Taglines
emberly13 4
Spy Showdown
stormyclouds 0
Comedy Movie Title Match-Up
TheFlyingFinn 8
Movies by Director and Three Actors III
Pasi97 10
Mega Movie Madness IV: Time For Some Action
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Best Picture Oscar Winners Part 4 (Slideshow)
tim_parr 14
Oscar Nominees (2013)
myspoonstoobig 5
Oscar Nominees (2012)
myspoonstoobig 3
Almost Top 10 Films by Year
tonyt88 5
Quick Pick: Acting J.B.'s
braverobot 6
Three-letter Movie Starters (A-Z)
Flick 10