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US presidential surnames with no repeating vowels
timmylemoine1 17
Missing Word: Wassily Kandinsky A-Z
Flick 3
Ships of Famous Historical Pirates
WhitneyS2493 4
Animals across Human history (slideshow)
Aztlan_Historian 9
11 things you thought were cool in the 2000s
iamgus1973 10
Hand-Drawn History IV
ddavey1983 12
Presidents in the Military
lihdona 5
United Kingdoms
dancastro 12
Democratic Presidential Tickets
Gorguf 1
Mayan Countries
alexislaboria 1
Mayan, Aztecs and Incas Empires
alexislaboria 34
Presidential Firsts (US) II
harleydog 6
Presidential Firsts (US)
harleydog 4
Medieval Armor Components
Boss4 0
2012 Election
_pressure82_ 5
1980 Election
_pressure82_ 5
Chinese inventions
Magnavox 1
Muses and Matrons/Patrons
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The European Commission (2014-2019)
Danusa86 0
Runners Up and Losers
durhamfan 1
The May Ministry/Cabinet (UK)
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Quick Pick: Presidential Campaign Slogan
PrincessMartell 11
Scrabble-Legal Presidential Tickets
Qaqaq 4
Melania Trump's Speech
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Republican Presidential Tickets
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Vice Presidents by Previous Office
Gorguf 0
President by Previous Office
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130s Missing Word
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Governors and Presidents of Pennsylvania
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Historical provinces of Argentina
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Granddaughters of Olga Konstantinova
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Antietam Commanders
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Granddaughters of Olga Konstantinova
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States with Ten or More Revolutionary War Battles
MePerson 1
Famous Mexicans III
Aztlan_Historian 0
Famous Mexicans II
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Secretaries of Defense
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Presidents of the United States
Murray_jr 0
Clinton or Trump?
mjdolan 2
List of heads of state of Afghanistan(1919-present)
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Allies Of WW2
Braveheart18 0
Quick Pick: Famous Ukranians
Flick 2
Missing Word: The Winter War
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Famous White Supremacists
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'H' World Leaders (Slideshow)
william2 3
Quick Pick: 1997 Events
william2 3
African leaders by decade
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Inaugural Heads of State II
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History Checkpoints
chaosBEE 4
US States in Order of Admittance
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