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Still Life with Sporcle
LisaSimpsonOH 3
Where did British Forces Fight in WW2
kennyb 5
Female World Leaders 2016
labdien 14
20th century events by year
Cortez 9
Heads of State (B - 2016 matching)
labdien 7
Goodbye EU Countries
Flick 108
Presidential Profile: Thomas Jefferson
johnspotter90 3
Presidential Profile: John Adams
johnspotter90 7
Heads of State (A - 2016 matching)
labdien 8
Presidential Profile: George Washington
johnspotter90 5
US Presidents by Numerical Designation
johnspotter90 4
Country by 'V' Politicians
Flick 10
Last Time Voting Republican (Clickable)
El_Dandy 7
Last Five: UK Great Officers of State
teedslaststand 6
170s Missing Word
Flick 6
Countries That Have Seen War Since 1945
SammyGK 14
Buderscotch 0
UK EU Referendum - In or Out?
MrRazza 61
Last Time Voting Democrat (Clickable)
El_Dandy 2
Invisible Olympics Cities
atakdog 2
Tallest US Buildings over Time
MrSaturn64 0
1960s Grab Bag
JasonVoorhees 4
Books by Karl Marx
TheGoltenator 0
The Truth About British Monarchs
eyes355 0
Eight Letter History A-Z
Flick 6
Quick Pick: Famous Czechs
Flick 0
Landmark U.S. Supreme Court Cases
CovertOps 0
Which Party Were They (British Prime Ministers)?
eyes355 0
Windows in Art (Slideshow)
beisaa 0
Quick Pick: Famous Americans (N)
Flick 0
US Presidential Parties
mhershfield 0
Invisible US Presidents in Order
mhershfield 0
English Monarch House Sort
Propellerhead 0
Who Am I? Communist Leaders
mickeypost 1
Name These Irish Republicans
andrewmcdonald19 0
Countries neutral in world war II
connorbenson18 0
Presidential Signatures in Reverse II
chief7575 0
Potsdam Conference Leaders
mickeypost 0
Kings of Akkad
1mam0narchist 0
Angelica, Eliza, or Laurens?
JohnLaurens 15
More US History the 4th of July
DesertSpartan 6
Missing Words: Frida Kahlo A-Z
Flick 0
Presidents Of The Republic Of Ireland
Booknerd17 0
100 famous pseudonyms
bigtass 1
D-Day Beaches
mhershfield 3
Crusader Kingdoms
Vladimir_Lenin 0
7th Grade Historical Figures A-Z
zadamssquared 0
Who Am I? Entrepreneurs Edition
mickeypost 0
Who Am I? German Edition
mickeypost 0
Spanish Political Slogan Match - 2016 Election
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