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Number Plate Abbreviations
fdgdfg 2
Countries with Tallest Citizens
triplet_3 26
Modern Countries in Irredentist Romania
scole9179 22
Road Trip to Kyrgyzstan?
babymonkee 12
Foreign-Born Population: Peterborough
tidal93341 4
Click the 6-Letter Capitals (Picture Click)
teedslaststand 45
Border Bunker
kfastic 64
Find The States That Begin & End With a Vowel
NarwhalNukeYT 62
Border Bunker
Bolafssonify 51
Wikipedia City Collages: New York
geronimostilton 12
Wikipedia City Collages: Texas
geronimostilton 11
Separated Cities (Grenada)
beforever 9
South American and Oceanian Challenge: Top 4
Eobo 15
Continents of Transcontinental Countries
nateeverett 12
North American Challenge: Top 4
Eobo 14
Separated Cities (Gabon)
beforever 9
Find the Upside Down Countries of North America
timmylemoine1 11
US 'South' Cities and Towns
Robzle 3
Find the South American Capitals With 'S'
timmylemoine1 13
Find the Oceanic Capitals With 'S' or 'Y'
timmylemoine1 6
Separated Cities (Georgia)
beforever 9
African Challenge: Top 4
Eobo 12
US 'North' Cities and Towns
Robzle 2
'in' Countries
petenge 7
US 'East' Cities and Towns
Robzle 3
Find the North American Capitals With 'S'
timmylemoine1 6
Find the Asian Capitals With 'S'
timmylemoine1 10
Find the African Capitals With 'S'
timmylemoine1 10
Find the Equal Population States
am18 9
US 'Bluff' Cities and Towns
Robzle 3
Asian Challenge: Top 4
Eobo 6
Google maps - 'W' London Underground stations
unicornglitter 4
European Challenge: Top 4
Eobo 12
Name the Countries in ABC Order
nikolaskneupper 2
German State Abbreviations
blueroom 2
Geography Challenge: Top 4
Eobo 2
Foreign-Born Population: Swansea
tidal93341 2
Countries with Highest Cover (%) of their Continent
jam98 4
Find the U.S. States Without NFL Teams
NarwhalNukeYT 55
Find the Provinces of Pakistan (Picture Click)
teedslaststand 5
Famous places on Tour de France
Schweinsteignah 3
Capitals by Capitol (Slideshow)
rolftheoaf 1
I 65 Kentucky Exits
codhollandaise 0
But the Capital Really Should Be...
DarkPhalanx 3
World Flags With Green
jbenson251 3
World Flags With Yellow
jbenson251 2
GPS Dedicated Antenna Locations on a Map
SpanishSpy 0
Wikipedia City Collages: California
geronimostilton 1
World Flags With Black
jbenson251 1
Wikipedia City Collages: Australia
geronimostilton 2