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Landforms in Europe
arcer 1
Countries Catagories
samlogan1 10
4 to 13 Letter S Places
FilipinoBreloom 13
First Vowel 'A' South American Country Search
timmylemoine1 19
First Vowel 'A' Oceanic Country Search
timmylemoine1 11
First Vowel 'A' North American Country Search
timmylemoine1 14
Paint Europe!
bhenderson79 28
Communes of Santiago de Chile in a map
supera8y 1
Color Click - Venezuelan Flag
Scuadrado 14
San Antonio Airport (SAT) Destinations
tdog97 3
Huntsville Airport (HSV) Non-Stop Destinations
tdog97 3
Things Named After Places
binjes 8
Counties of UK and Ireland plus Channel Islands & IoM
Ichbinich 2
Port City or Not? US
Yodels 5
Countries of the World (with Highlighted Map)
teedslaststand 15
First Vowel 'A' Asian Country Search
timmylemoine1 7
First Vowel 'A' European Country Search
timmylemoine1 7
First Vowel 'A' African Country Search
timmylemoine1 5
Most populous Dutch municipality flags II
Daan_Jellyfish 1
Toronto City Council (2014-2018) by Ward
cjhoyle 0
MJG Puzzle Hunt #2: Geography (Map)
michaeljgarman10 1
Populous states of Brazil (Clickable)
vitorugo 1
Paint South America!
bhenderson79 19
Capitals higher than 1000 metres
pepe3797 2
Paint the U.S. Map
bhenderson79 17
Sea-Country Matching
blueroom 2
Most populous Dutch municipality flags I
Daan_Jellyfish 1
10 Most Populous Cities: Switzerland (Picture Click)
Cutthroat 4
The Largest Cities & Towns in Maine
Yorkshire1989 2
'C' Cities with at least 750k People
Eobo 6
Name British cities
matmat 1
Codes, cities, countries
jld2608 1
Cities, countries, and time zones
jld2608 1
'B' Cities with at least 750k People
Eobo 4
'A' Cities with at least 750k People
Eobo 3
Quick Pick: US State Capitals
cfxlspo 1
largest cities in germany
largest cities in asia
US States-Capitals-Logic (map click)
DrCbus 0
Highest Mountain by Country
knasse 0
Crowded Coast States
Thryduulf 11
Combatants in: The Battle of Inchon
sciencecraft2015 2
Landforms on Earth
arcer 3
Criteria States (US)
bobinwilder1 0
Flag Selection: Eastern USA
jyrops 0
4 to 13 Letter R Places
FilipinoBreloom 1
Non-capital cities of Europe and Asia
Slava 1
Find the African Countries Without 'N'
timmylemoine1 1
Find the Asian Countries Without 'N'
timmylemoine1 3
World Trivia Grab Bag: Europe
Azazello 6