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Countries of Asia Containing 'I' (Picture Click)
teedslaststand 9
Rivers of the United States (Map)
demonmothball 13
US States Blitz A-Z
Flick 15
'Asia' in its own languages
Magnavox 24
Hidden Micro Areas of Michigan Map
Acntx 16
Most 'Average' US Metros
pachy92 14
Country Capitals
fooohy2552 2
Last 25 U.S. States Minefield
innerspirit00 7
Name the 5 smallest countries
trc303646 4
Sweden Trivia
robbbbann 7
Is It in the Central Time Zone?
mvs 9
Countries A
berryryan007 5
European Capitals with a 'P' (Picture Click)
PrincessMartell 25
State Capital Locations (Picture Click)
goc3 13
Let's draw the European borders
kfastic 12
State Bridges
kylemetzger 1
Taco Bell Countries
Yodels 4
Cyclops Countries
petenge 1
Soviet or No-viet?
metakoopa99 3
Countries of the World
keboyetts98 2
Southern California 100 000 Cities
Rayhunter 3
Largest Russian City by Letter Minefield
Sergey7890 1
Quick Pick: Austrian Borders
teedslaststand 4
LONDON UNDERGROUND: Name the station (Central)
XxServerHosterxX 0
Russian 500K Cities
Sergey7890 4
Cities of Switzerland by last letter
quoupo15 2
African Countries with 'B'
PrincessMartell 4
Cities that start with 'Ko...'
xyz_ 6
Top 10 highest populated cities in 1990
gilbertdenmark17 4
Flag Selection: Europe
jyrops 3
Population per countries land borders
alvir28 0
US state by unique fact
Mikl 1
Find the 'A' Capitals (Picture Click)
teedslaststand 2
NOT a State
gordonpt8 0
Name That Capital in Four Elements
Tonillero 0
Name That Country in Three Elements (or Less)
Tonillero 0
Backwards and Upside Down Countries
petenge 0
Non-Piratey US states
xant_spectro 0
Three 'i' Countries
petenge 0
OECD Countries (Picture Click)
australiantiger 0
Countries With Google Street View MINEFIELD (April 2016
AaronHinn 1
Exits of the Dutch highway A9
JeroenTd 0
Exits of the Dutch highway A8
JeroenTd 0
How many countries has Sidney_Hando been to?
Sidney_Hando 0
Famous Paintings Locations
labdien 0
African Countries with 'A'
PrincessMartell 0
City by Photo of MLB Stadium
antizombiest11 2
10 Closest Capitals to Damascus, Syria
Pastor_Maldonado 3
Find the African Capitals Ending With a Vowel
timmylemoine1 0
'B' Country Outlines Picture Click
LisaSimpsonOH 0