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Georgia, State or Country?
gabrielhippo 9
Top Mining Countries
innerspirit00 10
Name every country that starts with the letter 'R'
Acedquiz 7
Tube stations by final character
wallstreet29ers 4
Landmark Mugs
gravity_warrior 15
Even-state Borders (Picture Click)
goc3 28
Countries with Dollars
Nadja_M_M 9
US State Capitals Ending in Vowels (Picture Click)
El_Dandy 66
What Did I Type? (Countries)
chaosBEE 22
Population over 50,000,000
chrismuscarnera 77
McDonalds in Alaska
fdrtom 20
English Day Countries
englishexperienc 40
Ultimate Geography Challenge: Ends in 'D'
d_cline42 37
Quick Pick: Iranian Borders
teedslaststand 59
Ultimate Geography Challenge: Ends in 'S'
d_cline42 33
US Cities with Buildings over 1000 feet (Minefield)
MrSaturn64 41
Ultimate Geography Challenge: Ends in 'O'
d_cline42 37
Find the European Capitals Ending With a Vowel
timmylemoine1 72
Travel Notes
Countries beginning with 'Yrgyzstan'
michaeljgarman10 108
Border Chain: United Kingdom to Ireland
WillSE1022 21
Find the 'H' Capitals (Picture Click)
teedslaststand 117
I 40 North Carolina Exits
codhollandaise 4
Countries containing all vowels
t_brown6512 29
Indiana Cities
davidthecrispy 21
Largest Australian Metro Areas
herveybay 33
Capital City or Major City: Africa II
Vexillum 15
continents that have the most countries (Minefield)
Joshie_the_great 37
African Countries with 'I'
PrincessMartell 45
What Did I Type? (US States)
chaosBEE 12
Find the Caribbean Countries
TinyOrange 24
Parliament Seals
grautstriden 6
Country Quiz: Peru
alexislaboria 7
Honduras Fact File
Gooners 1
Canada: Literally
geronimostilton 11
Urban Areas Over 2 Million
mattwadden10 15
Barcelona Metro Central Stations (Map Edition)
robincross224 2
Top 10 Largest Cities In Mexico
Andre9741 7
Longest rivers in Slovakia
Robzle 0
Countries 10-1!
BoyInterrupted 24
3-Letter US Cities
Robzle 2
Which Country Is Larger: Population Density
australiantiger 3
Stanlandia Countries
FilipinoBreloom 6
4-Letter US Cities
Robzle 8
Least Populous Countries below 200,000 people
dubem 7
LONDON UNDERGROUND: Name the station (Jubilee)
XxServerHosterxX 2
UNESCO World Heritage Site Slot Machine
MoMosMoProblems 3
Selected Middle East Features Map
thomaspipoli 178
Lettuce-less Countries
xant_spectro 2
Spinach-less Countries
xant_spectro 1