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New games created by Sporclers in the last few hours.
Word Ladder: Sad Snapchat
Probo11 5
Word Ladder: Before and After Word Chain 13
timmylemoine1 15
Clickable 1 to 100 Minefield
ambroisemarvin 3
Word Ladder: Series Ender
Probo11 9
Word Ladder: Baby Beast Ball Game
Probo11 4
Missing Word: Witch Songs
midnightdj 1
Backwards typing challenge
Jo_Money 2
Mixed Word: MLB Mascots
BoggelTeam 3
Quick Pick: Mexican Street Tacos vs Taco Bell Tacos
chriskotx 1
Word Ladder: The Warriors (1979)
Year_of_Glad 0
Word Ladder: Eighth Sign of the Chinese Zodiac
Year_of_Glad 4
Quick Pick: The Who Song Title Endings
lolshortee 0
Word Ladder: The Many Names of Snoop
mvheald 0
Colours of the rainbow
kim94neale 1
Quick Pick: Double Media
Year_of_Glad 0
Word Ladder: Compounding
Edinburgh Fringe jokes 2016
Cricket: as explained to a non-cricketer
What are Men's Favourite Colours
quiztoria 5
Odd Numbers in 75 (Clickable)
Donaldsons 2
All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
Astfgl 0
MOD Pizza toppings
keleyeemoh 0
Mini Nurikabe Puzzle 66
sproutcm 1
2B or Not 2B
joewicht 0
Missing Word: Bad Company A-Z
metakoopa99 3
Word Ladder: Connected Phrases
BoggelTeam 1
Quick Pick: Taylor Swift Song Title Endings
lolshortee 2
Before & After Word Ladder: A Swift Scare
El_Dandy 3
name the flower that most people like
nataliamikhailov 1
Missing Word: SpongeBob Quotes (A-Z)
Tr4pD00r 0
fill in the blank
nataliamikhailov 1
Creative Quiz V
dhite 0
Cryptic Crossword IX
442 1
22wellsadam 0
Quick Pick: Eminem Song Title Endings
lolshortee 0
Quick Pick: Carrie Underwood Song Title Endings
lolshortee 0
Word Ladder: A SuperSonic Legend
mvheald 1
General knowledge American2016
jessye101 1
Keep typing B
pokemon1 0
Keep typing A
pokemon1 1
Word Ladder: Before and After Word Chain 12
timmylemoine1 10
Quick Pick: Beach Boys Song Title Endings
lolshortee 1
Quick Pick: Adele Song Title Endings
lolshortee 0
The Potato Quiz
TheHolyPotato 0
Corral Voldemort! # 5
jyrops 3
Medium Nurikabe Puzzle 58
sproutcm 1
Undeletable iPhone Apps
BoggelTeam 0
PPAP: Things That Piko Taro Has
BoggelTeam 0
Fibbage: Avoid the Lies!
AuroraIllumina 1
From C to Shining C
joewicht 0