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New games created by Sporclers in the last few hours.
Letters Hidden in Numbers
GingerCactus 5
Paint Color Logic Puzzle
felix 29
The Invisible Wimbledon Tournament
marsupialis 15
my top 25 wrestlers
velvetsmoke 19
Mini Paint-By-Numbers 52
sproutcm 76
Medium Nurikabe Puzzle 16
sproutcm 69
Quick Pick: 3-Letter G Words
sproutcm 24
Animal Topiary Garden
potterforpres 5
Aldi (U.S.) Exclusive Brands
bbriles 0
Harry Potter: This or that
percyj13 5
The Original Word Ladder
eon 17
Countries of the World... in 30 Seconds
geronimostilton 5
Star Wars Character Quiz
theochris007 3
Name the kpop idol( JYP EDITION)
mightyprincess12 117
Missing Word: Clint Eastwood A-Z
baldorr 0
General Knowledge
QuizMaster211 6
Quick Pick: Words by Pronunciation
daisy67pet 3
Villain Therapy
JacobandTanner 1
Mini Paint-By-Numbers 51
sproutcm 99
Large Nurikabe Puzzle 2
sproutcm 4
Infinite Logic Quiz (EASY)
Ailah_kpop101 2
Kenner Star Wars Action Figures
EFreak11 0
Carousel Animals
potterforpres 1
Quick Pick: Is that a Band?
ChristinaD 0
Top 10 Most Visited National Parks in The US
Andre9741 1
Quick Pick: Pokémon Types
VeritasUnae 2
Mixed Trivia Quiz Slideshow III (Easy)
alinrotundu 4
Quick Pick: Category Mix III
RobPro 1
Short Musical Word Ladder
DesertSpartan 1
Animal Quiz
theochris007 1
Moo. Moo. CAKE!
Meemsies 0
Cocktail Anagrams
Amarang 0
Word Ladder: Bond Villain and Weapon
Cutthroat 1
Word Ladder: James Bond Title
Cutthroat 1
Agencies by Department
groza528 1
Medium Nurikabe Puzzle 15
sproutcm 5
Mini Paint-By-Numbers 50
sproutcm 23
Squares Picture Click
Pasi97 1
stephieso 0
Bonobos Trivia
HQGuideshop 0
hannahmj92 0
Word Ladder: 6 Anagram Rungs
Purple_Parrot 1
mehmetcancakit1 0
The Invisible Flotilla
marsupialis 2
Mini Paint-By-Numbers 49
sproutcm 10
Medium Nurikabe Puzzle 14
sproutcm 6
30 Seconds to win
cald162 1
Missing Word: Lesser Known X-Men Movies
fdsdh1 1
Missing Word: Marx Brothers Movies
midnightdj 1