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Which Logo is NBA? (Blitz)
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Which Logo is NFL? (Blitz)
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every Man Utd signing in the past three seasons
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Who Beat The Warriors? (picture click)
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One Big 4 Team States (Picture Click Minefield)
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Premier League Team by Graph III
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NBA Scoring Leaders by Season
JFilly 514.83
WWE's 50 Best Talkers in Wrestling History
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every Liverpool signing in the past three seasons?
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France Euro 2016 Squad
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1996-97 Detroit Red Wings
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Premier League 2015/16 Stats
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10 Million Dollar Man Schools - NBA 2015-16
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NBA Player Logic Puzzle
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Women's Tennis Grand Slam #1 Seeds (Open Era)
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Any Big 4 Team States (Picture Click Minefield)
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MLB - Highest ERA in a 20-win Season
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Pixelated NFL Logos
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NHL Teams' Points Leaders 2015-2016
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Mixed Soccer Logos
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Goalkeepers with an English Premier League Medal
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Sports Logic Quiz
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NFL Photo Minefield: 1-Team Players
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English Football Championship Cities
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Royals to hit .300 in a season
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every Arsenal signing in the past three seasons
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WWF/WWE World Championship Facts
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25 Greatest WrestleMania Matches
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Survivor Series Teams 2000-Present
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Tennis Term
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1st Overall Picks With At Least 1 Championship (NBA)
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Premier League Hat-tricks - First For Each Nationality
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NFL Teams Logic Puzzle
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HOF Hitting HR Against Nolan Ryan
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NBA Best Lineups (2015-16)
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NBA Leading Scorer by Team 2015-2016
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Name every single Jose Mourinho signing he's ever made
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every Chelsea signing in the past 3 seasons
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England Euro 2016 Squad
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Main Evented Multiple Wrestlemania's Minefield
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NBA Awards 2010s
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HOF Hitting HR against Atlanta's Big Three
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Top 15 Big 4 City Championships Minefield
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Premier Premier League Teams
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Criteria Players: Liverpool
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All-NBA Team Players (2010-2016)
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NFL Longest Held Player for Each Team (Current)
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Top 10 Scorers in the 2015-16 European Football Leagues
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ESPN 100 Greatest NBA Players of All-Time
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MLB Hall of Fame Sorting Blitz
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