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Which band? (Multiple Choice)
NSinOZ 7994.57
Odd But True Music Facts
babymonkee 2524.65
Match the catchy part to the artist
gatka11 2152.33
How well do you know seventeen ?
raymondesultan 1533.00
Name the Groups maknae
mightyprincess12 1495.00
Steve Miller Band's 'The Joker'
match 1464.13
Name K-Pop Groups
soompi 1181.91
Kpop Variety Show Logic Quiz
Desidea 973.56
Main vocalists
ParkSanni 853.17
Idols with the same or similar stage names
GreywindStars 853.75
EXO from EXOplanet
KpopForever23 833.00
'Royal' Bands / Singers
zeconman2 744.33
Finish the Famous Song Lyric II
lolshortee 724.68
name the kpop idol
julia7elli 713.80
Songs That Start With Goodbye
Tr4pD00r 684.71
K-Pop Entertainments
johannameyer 672.00
Beatles, Not Stones (Clickable)
william2 674.14
1st Bias vs. 2nd Bias
indie1508 663.75
Quick Pick: 1990s Top 10 'D' Artists
caramba 655.00
'Come' Song Titles
JoeBeta 614.92
How well do you know Jessica & Krystal? (Speed Quiz)
misse1612 604.00
Kpop mystery theme quiz [audio]
natkin94 573.67
'One' Song Titles
JoeBeta 574.88
Intros That Stand Out (Clips)
ALeafOnTheWind42 574.73
How Well Do You Know Apink
sbroches 564.50
Where To Be In Song Titles
JoeBeta 525.00
'Your' Song Titles
JoeBeta 514.91
Misheard Lyrics of the '80s
NSinOZ 495.00
300 Idols from Kpop Groups (May 2016)
Klimpen 493.93
Song Titles In The Rain
JoeBeta 464.73
Kpop Criteria Quiz
Desidea 453.71
'Girl' Songs
JoeBeta 424.96
Songs Of 'Ice' and 'Fire'
JoeBeta 414.88
Musicians 7-to-1
samc67 414.35
House & Home Songs
JoeBeta 414.92
'Now' Song Titles
JoeBeta 414.83
Missing Word: Led Zeppelin Songs (A-Z)
teedslaststand 414.90
Monsta X members
Jaffacakeman 383.67
Annoyance In Song Lyrics
JoeBeta 384.78
Lost & Found Songs
JoeBeta 374.88
Popular KPOP Intros Quiz #1
chahakyeonkpop 354.14
Quick Pick: 1990s Top 10 'A' Artists
caramba 354.45
Biggest Hits of the '80s
Cyn_J 354.41
'Lady' Songs
JoeBeta 354.95
Left & Right Songs
JoeBeta 354.96
EXO Trivia Quiz :D
music_lover26 351.59
Drama By The Scene
Day6Dreamer 341.00
iKON Members (Picture click)
xxxjennypark94 343.25
'All' Song Titles
JoeBeta 344.95
Name the Girl Group and ALL Their Members (pictures)
hurdurdurp 335.00