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Indefinite Definitions VII
metashades 185.00
Quick Pick: 'A' Latin Phrases
smac17 94.74
12 Ways Not to 'Wait' in Line
bowsntoys 84.00
Words in Words
gabrielhippo 74.25
Rhymes with Phone
blarger 74.62
Five-Letter in Seven-Letter
iglew 54.89
Cryptic Clues: D (Clickable Version)
mrsmith 53.93
Languages Spoken in Los Angeles
timschurz 44.79
'C' Country Names in 6 Languages
LisaSimpsonOH 44.88
Wiki Language Picture Click
metashades 44.52
Common Sayings III
Daydream59 44.64
Clickable Sporcle Jeopardy! XI: Language
bhenderson79 44.82
Double 'S' in 3 Letters
Ubbiebubbie 44.57
Korean Hangul Match
bazmerelda 44.71
Rhymes With 'But'
SailorGirl57 34.50
Words That Begin with KE
babymonkee 34.39
Quick Pick: Tom Swifties I
bowsntoys 34.65
Add 'MA'
Arnott 24.81
Be a Gooder Writer
pbyarnell 24.69
Proofreaders' Marks (Picture Click)
WillieG 24.68
Words Containing 'XO' (Clickable)
El_Dandy 24.94
Phonetic Celebrities
Yo_C 24.53
21 ways not to give in to 'Hate'
timmylemoine1 24.77
Stuck in the Middle with 'B'
MrChewypoo 24.85
Click-a-cliche' [animal idioms #2: Birds]
Fledermaus 24.71
African Languages on a Map! (Picture Click)
bandoneon1795 24.77
Russian State Capitals of America
caramba 25.00
Fruits in Italian (Picture Click)
PrincessMartell 24.95
'USA' Vocabulary
bareodin2 24.88
12 ways not to spell 'Prone'
timmylemoine1 24.76
Italian: School Subjects (Clickable)
beforever 24.53
Anagram or Not?
puckett86 24.91
Hangul Jamo (Korean Letters)
Riko 24.28
Icelandic-English Name Dictionary
nightfloat 24.55
Czech-English Name Dictionary
nightfloat 24.70
Prime Rhyme Time
Jamessir 14.25
Hic haec hoc Latin Chart
ebson007 10.00
A Vocabulary
finneganhourigan 11.00
Largest Languages of Europe
cutenucguy 13.67
Metonym Meanings
emberly13 15.00
13 Ways Not to Take a 'Bath'
bowsntoys 14.79
Anagram Groups (7-Letter) # 6
jyrops 15.00
Romeo and Juliet Prologue
thewrongdroid 10.00
German Scrabble: 3 Letter Words
jyrops 15.00
2-gram Frequency
goc3 14.71
Danish: Food (Clickable)
beforever 14.79
Click-a-Cliche' [animal idioms #3: Invertebrates]
Fledermaus 15.00
Picture Click: Apply Makeup in French
HappyWife 14.52
5-Letter Ends in 'R'
sproutcm 14.43
5-Letter Ends in 'O'
sproutcm 14.91