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Six Letter History A-Z
Flick 294.65
'Nine' Year Major Events by Nine Word Clue
El_Dandy 204.21
Map of the USA in 1860
scole9179 174.12
27 Amendments
downwithmike 162.75
HCHS APUSH 10 (Basic)
mathninja 155.00
20th Century Asian Leaders (Picture Click)
OneoftheBhoys 114.91
HCHS APUSH 9 (Basic)
mathninja 115.00
Women with a Presidential Medal of Freedom
qlh27 104.75
Five Letter History A-Z
Flick 94.83
Famous Fives: Country by Historic Event
manonthemoon 84.89
'I’m a Philosopher, Therefore I’m Quotable'
Bolafssonify 84.60
Provinces of the Roman Empire (picture click)
sixte105 74.94
Four Letter History A-Z
Flick 74.85
Obama's Cabinet Picture Quiz
WhyAmIDoingThis 64.58
Hitler's Bunker
Mateo56 64.25
Former Countries' Borders
eon 54.92
Donald Trump or Adolf Hitler?
zachHu1 53.96
Largest cities Netherlands (1500-2000)
Tabasco 54.50
20th Century African Leaders (Picture Click)
OneoftheBhoys 44.78
'Eight' Year Major Events by Eight Word Clue
El_Dandy 44.62
Alexander Hamilton Bunker
NJSB 44.31
Historical Nicknames (clickable)
khands 44.84
Caribbean & West Indian History (A-Z)
Esme 35.00
Find the Commonwealth Realms (Picture Click)
teedslaststand 34.62
US Election Trends by State: Democrat or Republican?
PLH 34.47
Former British Colonies in Africa (picture click)
bareodin2 34.82
On the Guest List
Hejman 34.30
Prime Ministers of Japan
john478 32.50
British Monarchs in Exact Order
TJL 33.46
Old Mexico places
Aztlan_Historian 20.00
Presidents by Mother's Name
Anne13 25.00
20th Century: 00s or 10s?
kfastic 24.25
US Expansion (Picture Click)
31415926535 24.93
Family of Alexander Hamilton
willowscribe 20.00
Tour the National Gallery (Picture Click)
Tobsodan 25.00
Epic April Fools' Pranks
bhenderson79 24.74
Quick Pick: Founding Fathers
NJSB 24.76
Quick Pick: Inventors
babymonkee 24.86
Quick Pick: State Nickname Words
sproutcm 24.88
World War I Leaders (Picture Click)
OneoftheBhoys 24.59
American Wars by Battle: Blitz
Blackhawks65 24.17
Australian, British or Canadian Prime Minister?
australiantiger 24.82
'Seven' Year Major Events by Seven Word Clue
El_Dandy 24.62
'Six' Year Major Events by Six Word Clue
El_Dandy 24.56
Founding Fathers Image Quiz
Hejman 24.09
Constitutional Amendment Conundrum
sproutcm 24.84
Dates in Ancient Greece
kiolbassa 15.00
famous Coloradans
soberden 10.00
Prof. Steiker Death Penalty Cases _ UT Law
akm78 10.00
Immigration to Israel
hetzroni 15.00