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Intellectual History Figure Match
khands 6554.86
The War Bunker!
Bolafssonify 4384.87
Civil War General or Avenger?
BetterThanKate 3914.83
Foods of the 1960s
Magnavox 2674.75
Boring Electoral States Picture Click
Hejman 2304.83
Missing Word: World War I
scole9179 1704.50
Chinese inventions
Magnavox 1694.85
Find Five: Historical Leaders
eyes355 1504.79
Century by World Leaders
beforever 1404.38
Where Did It Happen? (20th Century)
bhenderson79 1055.00
1960s Grab Bag
JasonVoorhees 1004.14
'K' American History Figures (Clickable)
william2 934.67
Painters' Self-portraits (Picture Click)
PrincessMartell 774.90
Country-Government Match
Anschau 673.72
Paris in Art
CatStarcatcher 664.50
I Don't Represent My Birth State
qlh27 635.00
Famous Females 7-to-1 by Nationality
samc67 524.66
Wax Presidents (Picture Click)
puckett86 524.63
English/British Monarchs in Order
sofababe 513.40
On This Day: August (Slideshow)
eon 484.79
Scrabble-Legal Presidential Tickets
Qaqaq 455.00
Bastille Day Slideshow
PrincessMartell 454.60
WWII Battlefields: Western Front (map)
Scuba_Steve 444.27
19th Century Or Not?
samc67 434.91
Quick Pick: Famous Belgians
Flick 415.00
World War II Uniform Click
OneoftheBhoys 394.78
Naval Battles by Opposing Commanders (Clickable)
Chunklets 384.80
Quick Pick: Famous Hungarians
Flick 384.78
Alexander Hamilton Bunker
NJSB 364.34
20th century deaths by year
Cortez 334.80
Donald Trump or Adolf Hitler?
zachHu1 333.94
Women Prime Ministers of the UK
hscer 324.50
Historic Capitals of France on a Map
SpanishSpy 290.00
Portrait of a Leader: Thomas Jefferson
bhenderson79 294.67
US Presidents Alive on 9/11
labdien 284.83
Click the States with Female Senators
El_Dandy 264.86
Presidents alive on July 4, 1776
jar514 244.20
Asian leaders by decade
GPS94 235.00
US Battles Match 'Em Up
howiedoin843 235.00
The UK in the 20th Century: 1921
Cryptus 234.78
Hand-Drawn History III
ddavey1983 224.90
US Presidents Alive When Titanic Sunk
labdien 225.00
The Eighteen Living Presidents of 1833-1836
El_Dandy 214.89
Fantasy Dinner Party: 20th Century, pt. 2
GunterFields 214.45
Find Five: Battles
eyes355 204.57
Quiztastic World Leader Picture-Quiz
AdamL 204.83
Four or More Presidents in a Decade
ShepherdBook 202.85
Famous Mexicans Slideshow
hdh 194.71
Monarchs of Britain by Royal House
teedslaststand 184.78
UK Citizenship Test: Would You Pass?
chaosBEE 164.19