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5x5 in 90: Mixed History Minefield Blitz
kfastic 2483.44
Badly-Drawn History
ddavey1983 1304.77
Architecture History Match-up
khands 1294.58
The UK in the 20th Century: 1920
Cryptus 975.00
50 Important Dates in Human History
kfastic 754.72
English Towns By Historical Name
triplet_3 534.88
Alexander Hamilton Bunker
NJSB 444.31
Figure Out the Years by Images (slideshow)
Buck 434.84
Famous French People Shooting Gallery
PrincessMartell 404.88
Donald Trump or Adolf Hitler?
zachHu1 283.93
U.S. City Mayor Match
ttamttam 264.38
15th or 16th Century
kfastic 224.75
World War II Aerial Bombing (slideshow)
ApolloCreed33 225.00
Clickable Sporcle Jeopardy! IX: History
bhenderson79 224.81
Wiki History Picture Click
metashades 214.65
25 Fun Facts About George Washington
beforever 214.50
Art History (Picture Click)
gazzso 214.84
Famous Roman People Shooting Gallery
PrincessMartell 175.00
What happened next - Quick WWII Chronology
gazzso 174.20
Thomases That Changed the U. S.
DesertSpartan 174.73
Walk Through History: World War II Battles Minefield
mathninja 173.38
Artists by Mug [Images]
timmylemoine1 164.89
Wars by Criteria
durhamfan 163.94
27 Amendments
downwithmike 162.62
Who Did It First?
bhenderson79 154.81
Doomsday Clock Events (picture click)
sixte105 154.75
Which Happened First (US Civil War)
jar514 154.56
2016 Presidential Candidates by Concession Speech
jmb 145.00
We Didn't Start the Fire: Clickable Topic Match Part 3
strunk09 145.00
US Declares War Minefield
randomperson2864 143.92
GCSE Weimar Germany Clickable
gileshill 143.29
TIME 100 2016 - Leaders (slides)
JeroAdmi 124.60
Former Countries' Borders
eon 124.89
Tour the National Gallery (Picture Click)
Tobsodan 124.87
GCSE Origins of World War I Clickable
gileshill 121.00
Historical Figures: With a simple clue
Cortez 124.77
Country by Political/War Photo from the 1950's Decade
megascarp 124.74
ϛoRͲ1nℊ Mini-Blitz: Biggest US Cities
jyrops 124.24
WW2 History Order
EthanEnglert 110.00
We Didn't Start the Fire: Clickable Topic Match Part 2
strunk09 115.00
A Million Times for President
Hejman 114.88
Who Am I? Military Leaders Edition
mickeypost 114.83
Fantasy Dinner Party: 20th Century, pt. 2
GunterFields 114.88
GCSE Inter-war Timeline Clickable
gileshill 112.29
Missing Words: Vincent van Gogh A-Z
Flick 105.00
Picture Click: U.S. First Ladies
qlh27 104.63
Epic April Fools' Pranks
bhenderson79 104.71
A-Z battles of Europe
prussien 104.29
'J' British historical people (click)
Cortez 104.77
Mexican-American War Presidents
BillyJoelRulez 105.00