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Decades by Famous Wedding
khands 3604.69
1000 AD: Clickable map
epirus 1814.60
5x5 in 90: Mixed History Minefield Blitz
kfastic 1403.17
20th Century History: Click The Graphs
MirrorballMan 1264.71
Where Was I Dictator?
bhenderson79 355.00
Win the Presidential Election (Minefield)
mhershfield 244.76
World War II Leaders (Picture Click)
OneoftheBhoys 214.84
The UK in the 20th Century: 1915
Cryptus 214.83
Campaign Firsts (Clickable)
Hejman 184.18
Places Named After Lenin and Stalin
bareodin2 154.65
Alexander Hamilton Bunker
NJSB 154.26
US President by Birth Place (Map)
kittypoo 154.94
20th Century UK Prime Minister-Monarch Match
jar514 145.00
British Prime Ministers quiz
Cortez 135.00
Presidential Trivia Logic Game
nspyred 133.87
Anglo-Saxon Rulers
Aiwendil 135.00
Quick Pick: 2008 Events
william2 115.00
British Monarchs in Exact Order
TJL 113.46
Pair Up: Event & Year
FilipinoBreloom 101.00
Quick Pick: Antic Couples
PrincessMartell 95.00
Deadliest Countries in 2015
gazzso 94.70
Presidential Quotes about the Presidency.
radzandon 90.00
Defeated in Battle
OneoftheBhoys 84.82
Abraham Lincoln Quotes
Blackhawks65 85.00
Hitler's Bunker
Mateo56 84.25
Match-Up: First 10 US Presidents
manonthemoon 84.67
Valentine's Day in History
Yodels 74.50
Last 5 governors
soberden 70.00
Clickable Sporcle Jeopardy! IX: History
bhenderson79 74.78
Donald Trump or Adolf Hitler?
zachHu1 74.13
Quick Pick: US President Birth Years
babymonkee 74.37
Mixed Arts Sorting Blitz
nopurplesky 74.86
Historical 'C' World Leaders (Clickable)
RHLI 74.74
People in Succession to the British Throne by Picture
qlh27 64.35
19th Century British Monarchs (Clickable)
beforever 64.93
Sovereign States of the World: 1860
innerspirit00 50.00
Famous Person by WW1 Photo
PLH 54.63
Find the European Artist's Birthplace
bhenderson79 54.78
States Voting Republican since 1976 (clickable)
lesnarj 55.00
Theodore Roosevelt's Family Picture Click
scole9179 55.00
Who's That 2016 Candidate?
sproutcm 54.53
US Presidents: Babies of the Family
labdien 55.00
US Presidents: First-Borns
labdien 55.00
English/British Monarchs by Daughters
mygracelessheart 54.14
Monarchs of Liechtenstein
BossMonster 54.00
U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justices
kange 52.63
US Presidents (Clickable)
Headers2304 54.13
English Monarchs (clickable)
Shay 54.06
Clickable Presidential Cabinets
big8dog88 40.00
Famous British Prime Ministers (Clickable)
el_bandito 44.67