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Games that haven't been featured, but are getting plenty of plays.
Disney Logic quiz
KaitlynMarie26s 5,8542.92
Harry Potter Logic Quiz
simonstopher 4353.04
Sporcle Bingo Logic Puzzle
sparkey77 1804.23
Find that segment (rectangle 1-20)
kfastic 1534.53
Word Search Logic Puzzle
Henry820 954.90
Kpop zombie apocalypse mystery (logic puzzle)
namstarjiji 824.48
I Spy IV (Clickable) - Rolling Fog
Stanford0008 814.65
Computer Operating Systems
coolster505 781.25
Paint Color Logic Puzzle
felix 774.35
Just Type A Letter
cwfuturewrestler 723.23
Connect 3: Common Bonds
Purple_Parrot 584.80
Clickable 100-1 Mines
RobPro 554.06
Disney/Pixar Logic Puzzle
panwala 523.50
Sporcle Subcategories by Category
peterules54 504.82
Big Bang Theory Logic Puzzle
iHandle 493.68
Integer Logic Puzzle
geogeorge 484.07
Mini Paint-By-Numbers 73
sproutcm 454.85
Sporcle Puzzle Hunt: Hint Giver
sproutcm 432.89
Tennis on the Moon! (Logic Puzzle)
augmentedfourth 424.50
Funny Test Answers
chaosBEE 414.90
Car Color Logic Puzzle
ColinHarkins 393.85
Star Wars Logic Quiz
simonstopher 364.63
SIA Puzzle Hunt: Hint Giver
SIA 343.90
Dragon Ball Z Logic Quiz
TheSpaceman13 324.06
Crazy Hard Logic Puzzle 3
brez002 294.37
Harry Potter Library Logic
Ren3 284.52
Find Johnny's Dream Girl Logic
SpinPHD 283.85
World of Warcraft Logic Puzzle
Maistra 264.80
Sherlock Logic Puzzle
annebd 263.73
Harry Potter Ages Logic Puzzle
A_O_D 253.40
Logic Puzzle: Alive, dead, or murderer
tharlow27 254.33
Disney Logic Puzzle
taylorswift12 253.85
Harry Potter Logic Puzzle
BabyLuigi04 244.16
Mrs. Peabody's Curious Clutter Logic Puzzle
metashades 244.60
Akinator's 100 Most Played Characters
Jengajam 243.63
The Logic Maze
eyes355 234.40
Logical Numbers 5: A Logic Puzzle
geogeorge 234.64
Scrubs Logic Puzzle
beckyr130 224.27
Mini Paint-By-Numbers 1
sproutcm 214.69
Supernatural Logic Puzzle
Castiels_Bestie 214.63
Mini Paint-By-Numbers 75
sproutcm 204.87
Donut Logic Puzzle
unicupolt 203.87
Sporcle Pyramid Blitz (solitaire based quiz)
2DM4X 194.73
Weather Logic Puzzle
chaosBEE 193.79
Youtuber Ship Names
B00KW0RM21 190.00
Survivor Winners Logic Puzzle
blazingvortex 193.92
Clickable 1-200 Mines
Headers2304 193.87
Unscramble the Kpop Groups
Ontae 194.30
Word Ladder: 90s Disney Toon
jakethegoldfish 185.00
Mini Paint-By-Numbers 3
sproutcm 184.76