Curator Picks: Literature

Games from various subcategories, hand-picked by our Curator team
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Oct 30th
Fantasy Faceoff
gloliver7149metashadesYoung Adult
Oct 29th
'Casey At The Bat' Click-Along
Oct 28th
Literary Work By Ridiculously Short Summary
MasterPenguinchairLiterary Character
Oct 25th
Literature in The Perks of Being a Wallflower
macallisterburnmetashadesYoung Adult
Oct 22nd
Poems by Word Cloud
Oct 21st
friendofsweeneymetashadesYoung Adult
Oct 20th
ASOIAF tops 3 - dead characters edition
PrincessMartellLily7777777A Song of Ice and Fire
Oct 16th
Which Pooh character?
AvailableLightchairLiterary Character
Oct 16th
'To An Athlete Dying Young' by A. E. Housman
Oct 15th
Word ladder: Tris & Katniss
star_51metashadesYoung Adult
Oct 15th
Nicholas Flamel Characters by picture
MXMHbckokometashadesYoung Adult
Oct 15th
Lord of the Rings - Word Puzzle #1
Kinshasamanmic747Lord of the Rings
Oct 14th
Shakespeare Monologue Word Clouds
Oct 12th
Did THAT happen in Hamlet?
Oct 11th
Richard II: plot
Oct 10th
Symbols on Lyra's Alethiometer
minacmetashadesYoung Adult
Oct 8th
Young Adult Title Character Match
metashadeschairLiterary Character
Oct 7th
Musicals and Plays - Missing Word
Oct 6th
Game of Thrones by Soccer Uniform
guilherme_4Lily7777777A Song of Ice and Fire
Oct 6th
Aesop's Fables Illustrated (Slideshow)
needapausebuttonScottChildren's Books
Oct 6th
Sea Fever (fill in the gaps)
Oct 5th
Wind in the Willows
arastmetashadesYoung Adult
Oct 5th
Grisham or Crichton
Oct 1st
Triple Bond Images - Writers
Sep 30th
Animal Companions in Literature
snowshoes1818metashadesYoung Adult
Sep 30th
Plays of Arthur Miller
Sep 29th
LOTR: Zoomed In
Tolkienitemic747Lord of the Rings
Sep 28th
Two-Word Poetic Phrases
Sep 28th
In Plain English: Love's Labour's Lost
Sep 27th
Percy Jackson: First 100 Names
michaelmas_daisySpacemaniacPercy Jackson
Sep 26th
Harry Potter Who Said What? (Goblet of Fire)
SotonSwedebrockoHarry Potter
Sep 25th
John Green Characters - Shooting Gallery
milcmetashadesYoung Adult
Sep 24th
ASOIAF tops 3 - couples edition
PrincessMartellLily7777777A Song of Ice and Fire
Sep 23rd
Maze Runner Series Death Row
Princess814metashadesYoung Adult
Sep 22nd
John Keats, 'To Autumn'
Sep 20th
'B' Books By Opening Lines
Sep 20th
Working Titles?
Sep 20th
Criteria Characters: Harry Potter
mic747brockoHarry Potter
Sep 19th
What the Harry Potter Films Got Wrong (Multiple Choice)
manyobscuritiesmetashadesYoung Adult
Sep 19th
Second Sentence: Famous Plays
Sep 17th
Mixed Word: Paddington Bear
ChargingTigerScottChildren's Books