Curator Picks: Literature

Quizzes from various subcategories, hand-picked by our Curator team
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Dec 7th
Progression is the Thing with Words
gazzso beisaa poem
Dec 5th
Shakespeare Venn Diagram
chaosBEE FretfulP Shakespeare
Dec 5th
Playwright Combination Lock
El_Dandy PrincessMartell play
Dec 5th
Dr. Seuss Book Title Animals
kfastic PrincessMartell Children's Books
Dec 4th
Game of Thrones House Sorting
Smeeglachlan beforever A Song of Ice and Fire
Dec 4th
Neil deGrasse Tyson's Eight Books You Should Read
MrChewypoo EAN book
Dec 2nd
Middle Earth Tube Map
pecheneg 11Joe28 Young Adult
Dec 2nd
Don't Name That Novel
metashades jakethegoldfish author
Dec 1st
Science Fiction/Fantasy Combination Lock
El_Dandy jakethegoldfish author
Nov 30th
Dickens by First Sentence
RCS917 LisaSimpsonOH novel
Nov 29th
South Parkified Lord of the Rings Characters
PrincessMartell Caltac Lord of the Rings
Nov 28th
Statue of Liberty Inscription
metashades beisaa poem
Nov 27th
Quick Pick: Just So Stories
pecheneg PrincessMartell Children's Books
Nov 26th
Literary Band Names
Daemori EAN book
Nov 26th
Title Quotes: Bible or Shakespeare?
eon FretfulP Shakespeare
Nov 26th
Torn Pages: Goosebumps Titles
jakethegoldfish 11Joe28 Young Adult
Nov 23rd
Titus Andronicus Death Clock
NJSB FretfulP Shakespeare
Nov 23rd
The Bookshelf II
kfastic jakethegoldfish author
Nov 22nd
Famous Debut Novels
joelorr LisaSimpsonOH novel
Nov 22nd
Invictus Picture Click
MoMosMoProblems beisaa poem
Nov 20th
Torn Pages: Modern Library Board
jakethegoldfish EAN book
Nov 20th
Quick Pick: Theatre of the Absurd
Noldeh PrincessMartell play
Nov 18th
Harry Potter-Narnia Mismatched Titles
scole9179 PrincessMartell Children's Books
Nov 17th
emberly13 jakethegoldfish author
Nov 17th
4 Word Harry Potter Chapter Matching (Part 1)
El_Dandy LisaSimpsonOH novel
Nov 17th
Women of Middle-earth
onlyamemory1 Caltac Lord of the Rings
Nov 14th
Agatha Christie Book Covers
ciablack13 EAN book
Nov 14th
Game of Thrones: Lords and Ladies (Picture Click)
Nietos beforever A Song of Ice and Fire
Nov 10th
Literature Checkpoints
chaosBEE EAN book
Nov 10th
Shakespeare Title Characters Blitz
El_Dandy FretfulP Shakespeare
Nov 10th
'In Flanders Fields' per Letter
sproutcm beisaa poem
Nov 9th
Language by 'Harry Potter' Cover
Noldeh HPGirl Harry Potter
Nov 8th
Shakespeare plays without vowels
kfastic FretfulP Shakespeare
Nov 8th
First 200 Words: To Kill A Mockingbird
lolshortee LisaSimpsonOH novel
Nov 7th
Typing Challenge: To Kill a Mockingbird
lizbsn 11Joe28 Young Adult
Nov 7th
Friends Titles: Shakespeare
chaosBEE FretfulP Shakespeare
Nov 6th
Literary Benches
Rackie EAN book
Nov 4th
The Plays of Jean Racine
Oddish PrincessMartell play
Nov 4th
Quick Pick: Beatrix Potter or not?
ZYX PrincessMartell Children's Books
Nov 4th
Orcs of Middle Earth
Patrick_Greylock Caltac Lord of the Rings
Nov 3rd
gazzso jakethegoldfish author
Nov 1st
Which UK Country (Literature)
pecheneg EAN book
Nov 1st
Building with 'Trees'
El_Dandy beisaa poem
Oct 31st
Harry Potter Progression
Thebiguglyalien LisaSimpsonOH novel
Oct 30th
Game of Thrones: Deaths - Same Season
tonyt88 beforever A Song of Ice and Fire
Oct 29th
One Star Shakespeare
doorsfan1214 FretfulP Shakespeare
Oct 29th
Taylor Swift or Goosebumps?
Stevenb1987 PrincessMartell Children's Books
Oct 28th
Goosebumps Titles per Letter
teedslaststand PrincessMartell Children's Books
Oct 27th
Hermione's Arithmancy OWL
A_O_D HPGirl Harry Potter
Oct 26th
Poetry Clicky-oke: Shel Silverstein's Monsters
MoMosMoProblems beisaa poem