Curator Picks: Literature

Games from various subcategories, hand-picked by our Curator team
Picked Game Creator Curator Subcategory
Feb 26th
Book by Protagonist and Antagonist
shereen_3035chairLiterary Character
Feb 25th
Narnia: Label the Map
PerspektivemetashadesYoung Adult
Feb 23rd
Which Words Did Shakespeare Use?
Feb 23rd
Dulce et Decorum Est (Clickable)
Feb 20th
Looking for Alaska: Barn Night
mxc_takeshimetashadesYoung Adult
Feb 20th
Titus Andronicus: Plot
Feb 19th
'U', 'V', 'X', 'Y' & 'Z' ASoIaF characters (clickable)
mic747Lily7777777A Song of Ice and Fire
Feb 19th
'Twelfth Night' Characters (Clickable)
Feb 16th
Shakespeare's Sonnet 29
Feb 15th
Advanced Fantasy Places
snowshoes1818metashadesYoung Adult
Feb 14th
Killers in the Illiad
chastechairLiterary Character
Feb 12th
Phrase/Shakespeare Play/Character Match II
Feb 12th
Harry Potter 5 Lost in Translation (clickable)
hockeystix3brockoHarry Potter
Feb 10th
Hunger Games Character Minefield
clapyourhandssmetashadesYoung Adult
Feb 8th
The Last Word: Contemporary Authors
Feb 7th
Harry Potter Forenames (Clickable)
SmeddlesboybrockoHarry Potter
Feb 4th
Phantom Tollbooth Characters (Images)
HejmanmetashadesYoung Adult
Feb 4th
'The Phantom Tollbooth' things
hatshepsutmetashadesYoung Adult
Feb 4th
Fill in the Titles
Feb 4th
Literal Literary Characters
CutthroatchairLiterary Character
Feb 3rd
Potter Profession Mega-Match
katiehejHejmanHarry Potter
Feb 1st
Shakespeare On Stage (Slideshow)
Jan 31st
Missing Animals: Jean Craighead George Book Titles
chairmetashadesYoung Adult
Jan 28th
Faux Bard
Jan 27th
Time's 100 Best Young-Adult Books
AlmasametashadesYoung Adult
Jan 26th
Bears, Children. Bears.
bushytailedchairLiterary Character
Jan 22nd
Poetry Map: Carl Sandburg - 'Fog'
Jan 21st
'The Three Brothers' Harry Potter (complete - map)
needapausebuttonbrockoHarry Potter
Jan 20th
Profile: Jace (Mortal Instruments)
Polly45pinkmetashadesYoung Adult
Jan 18th
A Game of Thrones: 50 Most Appearings in Chapters
reisanibalLily7777777A Song of Ice and Fire
Jan 15th
Shakespeare, Sondheim, or Star Trek?
Jan 13th
Frances Hodgson Burnett Characters
MaryDamarismetashadesYoung Adult
Jan 12th
Bright Star ~ John Keats
Jan 10th
Harry Potter Characters: Over 500 Mentions
South_sudanbrockoHarry Potter
Jan 8th
Illustrated Tolkien
chazbomic747Lord of the Rings
Jan 7th
Divergent relationships
star_51metashadesYoung Adult
Jan 5th
As You Like It: Songs (Lyrics Quiz) Act 2
Jan 3rd
Shakespeare in Three Panels Part II
Jan 1st
The Fault In Our Stars Quiz
theroyceflymetashadesYoung Adult
Dec 31st
'A' ASoIaF characters (clickable)
mic747Lily7777777A Song of Ice and Fire
Dec 29th
American Poets by Poem