Curator Picks: Literature

Games from various subcategories, hand-picked by our Curator team
Picked Game Creator Curator Subcategory
Dec 19th
Bard Games?
Dec 18th
Poetry: Blank & Blank
Dec 17th
LotR: Missing Characters
eyes355mic747Lord of the Rings
Dec 16th
Young Adult Fiction Novels
babymonkeemetashadesYoung Adult
Dec 11th
Young Adult Novels by Cover
ChenchillametashadesYoung Adult
Dec 11th
Great Fiction Matchup (Characters)
bushytailedchairLiterary Character
Dec 11th
King Henry V: Historically Speaking
popestcyrilchairLiterary Character
Dec 10th
10 to 1 Shooting gallery: The Hobbit
helenf28mic747Lord of the Rings
Dec 10th
Phrase/Shakespeare Play/Character Match I
Dec 10th
Waiting for the Barbarians
Dec 6th
Creatures of Narnia
arelommetashadesYoung Adult
Dec 5th
Dead Authors by Novel I
Dec 5th
ASOIAF: Match Dragons with Riders
sonrealLily7777777A Song of Ice and Fire
Dec 3rd
Poems by Opening Line (Clickable)
Dec 2nd
Ender's Game Quotes
vineyarddawgmetashadesYoung Adult
Dec 1st
The Jungle Book Characters
metashadeschairLiterary Character
Dec 1st
Oldest in the Lord of the Rings
plenilune4mic747Lord of the Rings
Nov 27th
children's story by minimalist poster
kdonlan2ScottChildren's Books
Nov 26th
Pendragon Books
MrChinchillametashadesYoung Adult
Nov 26th
Harry Potter: Find the 'British' Word
AlcasbrockoHarry Potter
Nov 25th
Keats, Byron or Shelley?
Nov 24th
Follow That Line: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
mic747mic747Lord of the Rings
Nov 21st
Places from the Little House Books
rach1137metashadesYoung Adult
Nov 19th
Who Wrote the Harry Potter Hybrid Books?
Nov 17th
Literature by Title Characters
geniusonwheelschairLiterary Character
Nov 17th
'As You Like It' Characters (Clickable)
Nov 16th
YA Character Match Up
purplemanmetashadesYoung Adult
Nov 16th
Follow That Line: Edna St. Vincent Millay
Nov 14th
Lord of the Rings characters by other movie (Slideshow)
Caltacmic747Lord of the Rings
Nov 13th
Henry V: Parts of the Body, French to English Lesson
Nov 11th
Young Adult Authors by Characters
BeautifulChaosmetashadesYoung Adult
Nov 10th
Lord of the Rings/ Hobbit Trivia - BOOKS
Amabassadormic747Lord of the Rings
Nov 9th
'In Flanders Fields' Clicky-oke
Nov 9th
Harry Potter Typing Challenge: Magical Creatures
ThatSerbianGuybrockoHarry Potter
Nov 8th
Shakespeare in Three Panels
Nov 7th
100 Best Characters in Fiction since 1900
metashadeschairLiterary Character
Nov 6th
Sophocles' Seven Surviving Plays
Nov 4th
bridgit180metashadesYoung Adult
Nov 4th
In Plain English: King John
Nov 2nd
LotR first 200 words
Lebasimic747Lord of the Rings
Oct 30th
Fantasy Faceoff
gloliver7149metashadesYoung Adult