Curator Picks: History

Games from various subcategories, hand-picked by our Curator team
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Jun 27th
Windows in Art (Slideshow)
beisaa Aprilli art
Jun 27th
Coca-Cola Bottles by Year
emilymarie07 Purple_Parrot decade
Jun 26th
US Battles Match 'Em Up
howiedoin843 Scuba_Steve war
Jun 25th
Last Five: UN Members by Continent
teedslaststand popestcyril Politics
Jun 22nd
Quick Pick: Technology in 1900
gazzso Purple_Parrot year
Jun 22nd
World War II Profiles: Dwight D. Eisenhower
Cutthroat hscer biography
Jun 21st
Tour the Art Institute of Chicago (Picture Click)
Tobsodan Aprilli art
Jun 20th
19th Century Or Not?
samc67 Cutthroat century
Jun 17th
World War II Uniform Click
OneoftheBhoys Scuba_Steve war
Jun 16th
Who Am I? Explorers Edition
mickeypost BeerHound discovery
Jun 15th
Athletes in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery
MoMosMoProblems Aprilli art
Jun 15th
The Eighteen Living Presidents of 1833-1836
El_Dandy jar514 US Presidents
Jun 9th
Mixed Word: World Leader and Country
Purple_Parrot william2 World Leaders
Jun 9th
Wax Presidents (Picture Click)
puckett86 jar514 US Presidents
Jun 8th
Immigration to Israel (After Independence)
hetzroni Scout_Number_4 nation
Jun 3rd
Missing word: 19th century British novel titles
ZYX Cutthroat century
Jun 2nd
American Civil War Shooting Gallery
esvadude Scuba_Steve war
May 31st
British Explorers
Cortez BeerHound discovery
May 31st
Portrait of a Scientist: Isaac Newton
bhenderson79 hscer biography
May 30th
A-Letter Painters by Art Work (Slideshow)
BaronZbimg Aprilli art
May 30th
20th Century: '20s or '30s?
kfastic Purple_Parrot decade
May 30th
Word Ladder: July 4th, 1892
smac17 Purple_Parrot year
May 27th
Famous Aviators
Scuba_Steve BeerHound discovery
May 26th
A Million Times for President
Hejman jar514 US Presidents
May 24th
What happened next - Quick WWII Chronology
gazzso Scuba_Steve war
May 23rd
Missing Word: Andy Warhol A-Z
Flick Aprilli art
May 22nd
TIME 100 2016 - Leaders (slides)
JeroAdmi william2 World Leaders
May 22nd
Four or More Presidents in a Decade
ShepherdBook Purple_Parrot decade
May 22nd
Fantasy Dinner Party: 20th Century, pt. 2
GunterFields Cutthroat century
May 15th
Who Am I? Military Leaders Edition
mickeypost Scuba_Steve war
May 14th
European History Figures by Century
khands Cutthroat century
May 13th
Profile: Abraham Lincoln
dalton hscer biography
May 12th
1970s Missing Words A-Z
Flick Purple_Parrot decade
May 12th
Mixed Word: 2011 Events
MSUKent Purple_Parrot year
May 10th
Africa explorers, from description, clickable
popestcyril BeerHound discovery
May 9th
Artists by Mug [Images]
timmylemoine1 Aprilli art
May 5th
Who commanded at...? IV, Sea Battles
Sneakysaurus Scuba_Steve war
May 4th
Leaders of Nuclear Countries
vhanc94 william2 World Leaders
Apr 29th
20th Century: '80s or '90s?
kfastic Cutthroat century
Apr 28th
🎬 Scattered Pictures: 1982-83 🎬
rockgolf Purple_Parrot year
Apr 28th
Decades by Asian History
khands Purple_Parrot decade
Apr 26th
Women Artists in Art History
kartushj Aprilli art
Apr 25th
Quick Pick: This Means War!
31415926535 Scuba_Steve war
Apr 22nd
US Presidents by Influence
Daydream59 jar514 US Presidents
Apr 21st
Quick Pick: Explorers Exploring
mhershfield BeerHound discovery
Apr 20th
Art History (Picture Click)
gazzso Aprilli art
Apr 16th
Alive in the 13th century (Quick Pick)
eyes355 Cutthroat century
Apr 15th
18th century French Painters by Work (Picture Click)
PrincessMartell Aprilli art
Apr 14th
The UK in the 21st Century: 2001
Cryptus Purple_Parrot year
Apr 12th
US Presidents by Russian Counterpart
MasterKGlas jar514 US Presidents