Curator Picks: History

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Apr 29th
20th Century: 80s or 90s?
kfastic Cutthroat century
Apr 28th
🎬 Scattered Pictures: 1982-83 🎬
rockgolf Purple_Parrot year
Apr 28th
Decades by Asian History
khands Purple_Parrot decade
Apr 26th
Women Artists in Art History
kartushj Aprilli art
Apr 25th
Quick Pick: This Means War!
31415926535 Scuba_Steve war
Apr 23rd
US Expansion (Picture Click)
31415926535 Scout_Number_4 nation
Apr 22nd
US Presidents by Influence
Daydream59 jar514 US Presidents
Apr 21st
Quick Pick: Explorers Exploring
mhershfield BeerHound discovery
Apr 20th
Art History (Picture Click)
gazzso Aprilli art
Apr 16th
Alive in the 13th century (Quick Pick)
eyes355 Cutthroat century
Apr 15th
18th century French Painters by Work (Picture Click)
PrincessMartell Aprilli art
Apr 14th
The UK in the 21st Century: 2001
Cryptus Purple_Parrot year
Apr 14th
Famous Fives: Country by Historic Event
manonthemoon Purple_Parrot decade
Apr 12th
US Presidents by Russian Counterpart
MasterKGlas jar514 US Presidents
Apr 4th
Wiki History Picture Click
metashades Aprilli art
Apr 3rd
A-Z battles of Europe
prussien Scuba_Steve war
Apr 2nd
Century by Conqueror
khands Cutthroat century
Apr 1st
Out Of This World Trivia
BoggelTeam BeerHound discovery
Mar 29th
25 Fun Facts About George Washington!
beforever jar514 US Presidents
Mar 28th
1940s UN Members (Picture Click)
teedslaststand Purple_Parrot decade
Mar 28th
History Repeating Itself...
ddavey1983 Purple_Parrot year
Mar 27th
Quick Pick: Third Party Candidates
scole9179 popestcyril Politics
Mar 25th
World Leader Signatures
samegan2 william2 World Leaders
Mar 24th
100 Years in English history
Cortez Purple_Parrot year
Mar 24th
Horror Movies by Decade
ZStartup Purple_Parrot decade
Mar 23rd
Van Gogh in 3D Animation
HappyWife Aprilli art
Mar 22nd
Quick Pick: 21st Century Nobel Laureates
cfxlspo Cutthroat century
Mar 13th
Quick Pick: Presidents of France
eon Purple_Parrot year
Mar 13th
Disney By Decade
LTH Purple_Parrot decade
Mar 8th
Century by Famous Women
khands Cutthroat century
Mar 8th
Quick Pick: Surrealist Name Matching
timmylemoine1 Aprilli art
Mar 7th
U. S. Presidential Middle Name Toss Up
Hyacinthus jar514 US Presidents
Mar 5th
Worldwide 2016 Presidential Elections
jar514 william2 World Leaders
Mar 5th
Partly Free Electoral Democracies
hscer popestcyril Politics
Mar 1st
General Knowledge
ddavey1983 Scuba_Steve war
Feb 29th
Decades: Presidents
Flick Purple_Parrot decade
Feb 29th
Quick Pick - Monarchs before 1200
eyes355 Purple_Parrot year
Feb 29th
President on Leap Day
markassonne jar514 US Presidents
Feb 24th
'The Elders': Famous Peace Activists
Tonza90 Scout_Number_4 nation
Feb 22nd
World's Most Remarkable Bridges (Slideshow)
HappyWife Aprilli art
Feb 21st
Famous Danish Americans
acat42 chair biography
Feb 21st
Treaty of Versailles Nations
Flick Scuba_Steve war
Feb 18th
Leapin' Leap Years! (Pic Click)
needapausebutton Purple_Parrot year
Feb 17th
Tour the Rijksmuseum (Picture Click)
Tobsodan Aprilli art
Feb 16th
Quick Pick: 2009 Events
william2 Purple_Parrot year
Feb 15th
Hot/Cold: US Presidents
hey8722 jar514 US Presidents
Feb 13th
Famous Person by WW1 Photo
PLH Scuba_Steve war
Feb 12th
Abraham Lincoln Quotes
Blackhawks65 jar514 US Presidents
Feb 11th
British 20th Century Prime Ministers A-Z
Flick Cutthroat century
Feb 9th
Artist by Vinyl Art
Buck Aprilli art