Curator Picks: History

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Feb 13th
Famous Person by WW1 Photo
PLH Scuba_Steve war
Feb 12th
Abraham Lincoln Quotes
Blackhawks65 jar514 US Presidents
Feb 11th
British 20th Century Prime Ministers A-Z
Flick Cutthroat century
Feb 9th
Artist by Vinyl Art
Buck Aprilli art
Feb 8th
Major Battles of WWII Pacific Theater
LisaSimpsonOH Scuba_Steve war
Feb 7th
3 events; 1 year
moneymoney133571 Purple_Parrot year
Feb 7th
Decide the Decade: Music
skuban Purple_Parrot decade
Feb 7th
Quick Pick: Inventors
babymonkee BeerHound discovery
Feb 5th
Presidential Candidates by High School Photo
HappyWife jar514 US Presidents
Feb 4th
Find the European Artist's Birthplace
bhenderson79 Aprilli art
Feb 4th
Australian Prime Ministers (Picture Click)
hcd199 Scout_Number_4 nation
Feb 4th
Around the World with 80 Politicians
pdigoe popestcyril Politics
Feb 4th
Commanders of World War II (Clickable)
Cutthroat Scuba_Steve war
Feb 3rd
Fantasy Dinner Party: 20th Century Influential People
GunterFields Cutthroat century
Feb 3rd
Project Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo Astronauts
justbass77 BeerHound discovery
Feb 1st
Presidents' Day Presidents
giveupyet jar514 US Presidents
Jan 29th
Quick Pick: Famous Paintings
babymonkee Aprilli art
Jan 28th
2016 Republican Presidential Candidates Picture Click
qlh27 popestcyril Politics
Jan 28th
World Leader/Year Match-up
Cortez william2 World Leaders
Jan 27th
Deadliest Countries in 2015
gazzso Scuba_Steve war
Jan 27th
The Beatles Countries (Picture Click)
teedslaststand rockgolf nation
Jan 27th
Leaders, Wars, and Dates
awesomeness365 Purple_Parrot year
Jan 27th
First President Surname to Contain Each Letter
caramba jar514 US Presidents
Jan 27th
Quick Pick: Explorers
babymonkee BeerHound discovery
Jan 26th
Europe: Match The Map To The Year (Picture Click)
MirrorballMan Purple_Parrot year
Jan 24th
Missing Word: 17th Century A-Z
khands Cutthroat century
Jan 23rd
Broadway: Odd Decade Out
Hullabaloo Purple_Parrot decade
Jan 21st
Theodore Roosevelt's Family Picture Click
scole9179 jar514 US Presidents
Jan 19th
Fantasy Dinner Party: Great Painters
GunterFields Aprilli art
Jan 19th
Explorer's Exploits Exposed (clickable)
gnatural BeerHound discovery
Jan 19th
Royal Rumbles
ddavey1983 Scuba_Steve war
Jan 16th
It Happened in 1809
GOPGambler Purple_Parrot year
Jan 16th
1950s Click-in-the-Blank
khands Purple_Parrot decade
Jan 13th
People in Succession to the British Throne by Picture
qlh27 Scout_Number_4 nation
Jan 12th
History Of Earth: Click The Timeline
MirrorballMan Cutthroat century
Jan 12th
Defeated in Battle
OneoftheBhoys Scuba_Steve war
Jan 11th
Tour the Museum of Modern Art (Picture Click)
Tobsodan Aprilli art
Jan 11th
20th Century Asian Leaders (Picture Click)
OneoftheBhoys Cutthroat century
Jan 11th
Acting ''Presidents'' (Clickable)
NJSB jar514 US Presidents
Jan 10th
General Nicknames & Claims to Fame (US 1921-1960) I
popestcyril Purple_Parrot decade
Jan 10th
Sovereign States of the World: 1930
innerspirit00 Purple_Parrot year
Jan 10th
20th Century African Leaders (Picture Click)
OneoftheBhoys Scout_Number_4 nation
Jan 7th
Authors of The Federalist Papers
corndog chair biography
Jan 6th
World War II Leaders (Picture Click)
OneoftheBhoys william2 World Leaders
Jan 3rd
Battles of the American Civil War by Date
Racnoss Scuba_Steve war
Dec 30th
'T' American History
william2 Scout_Number_4 nation
Dec 30th
Picasso Paintings [Pic Click]
timmylemoine1 Aprilli art
Dec 30th
Quick Pick: 50's TV Shows
timmylemoine1 Purple_Parrot decade
Dec 30th
Quick Pick: 2012 Events
william2 Purple_Parrot year
Dec 29th
Five-Star U.S. Generals & Admirals
Zeus12888 Scuba_Steve war