Curator Picks: History

Games from various subcategories, hand-picked by our Curator team
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Sep 30th
World War II Battle Maps
gatorade879 Scuba_Steve war
Sep 30th
'L' British history
Cortez Scout_Number_4 nation
Sep 29th
South American Country by 21st Century Event
william2 Cutthroat century
Sep 27th
Presidential Debaters (Slideshow)
william2 jar514 US Presidents
Sep 26th
19th Century: First or Second Half I
kfastic Purple_Parrot decade
Sep 26th
Quick Pick: 1997 Events
william2 Purple_Parrot year
Sep 25th
Hi! I invented this...
QuizKnight BeerHound discovery
Sep 24th
'K' British history
Cortez Scout_Number_4 nation
Sep 22nd
Find Five: Battles
eyes355 Scuba_Steve war
Sep 22nd
Quick Pick: Impressionist Name Matching
timmylemoine1 Aprilli art
Sep 20th
Who Tweeted Who: US Presidents
Thebiguglyalien jar514 US Presidents
Sep 19th
'G' British history
Cortez Scout_Number_4 nation
Sep 18th
Country by 25 plus years Leader
NO_r_WAY william2 World Leaders
Sep 18th
20th Century Leaders through the Decades
tonyt88 Cutthroat century
Sep 18th
Haiti's History: Fill in the blanks
Vladimir_Lenin Scout_Number_4 nation
Sep 16th
Quick 3-D History
samc67 BeerHound discovery
Sep 15th
Artists 7-to-1
samc67 Aprilli art
Sep 13th
20th Century Decade by Decade (Picture Click)
Cutthroat Cutthroat century
Sep 11th
Revolution by Three Causes
DarkPhalanx Scuba_Steve war
Sep 10th
Inventors III (1900s) (clickable)
gnatural BeerHound discovery
Sep 9th
US Presidential Election Bunker
emilymarie07 jar514 US Presidents
Sep 8th
Famous Paintings in Oreos
emilymarie07 Aprilli art
Sep 6th
Wars in Chronological Order II
BillyJoelRulez Scuba_Steve war
Sep 5th
Older Than Sliced Bread II
Bolafssonify Purple_Parrot decade
Sep 5th
2016 in Pictures
chaosBEE Purple_Parrot year
Sep 3rd
History of the World by Television Shows
LisaSimpsonOH Cutthroat century
Aug 31st
Which museum is it in?
broxx Aprilli art
Aug 30th
British monarchs during wartime, rebellion etc
Cortez Scuba_Steve war
Aug 25th
Tour the Louvre (Picture Click)
Tobsodan Aprilli art
Aug 21st
Quick Pick: UN Secretaries-General Nationalities
smac17 william2 World Leaders
Aug 21st
Historical Anagrams II
beforever Purple_Parrot decade
Aug 21st
Barbie Doll History by Year
hatefulmissy Purple_Parrot year
Aug 21st
20th Century: '00s or '10s?
kfastic Cutthroat century
Aug 18th
Art is a Sport!
mhershfield Aprilli art
Aug 17th
US Presidents Older Than Their Predecessors
big8dog88 jar514 US Presidents
Aug 16th
Underwater explorers by description, clickable
popestcyril BeerHound discovery
Aug 16th
War by Wikipedia Outcome...
ddavey1983 Scuba_Steve war
Aug 15th
US Election Years by Loser
knope2012 Purple_Parrot year
Aug 15th
Classic Christmas Toys
spotoneout Purple_Parrot decade
Aug 10th
Surreal Paintings [Pic Click]
timmylemoine1 Aprilli art
Aug 8th
Famous 16th/17th Century Person Picture Click
Alibias Cutthroat century
Aug 8th
Presidential Gains
big8dog88 jar514 US Presidents
Aug 3rd
Quick Pick: 1998 Events
william2 Purple_Parrot year
Aug 3rd
'80s or '90s Billboard Hit
ybuss Purple_Parrot decade
Aug 1st
U.S. Presidents as Paper Dolls (Map)
hatefulmissy jar514 US Presidents
Jul 30th
US Coast Guard Day in Pictures
PaulKcensored Scuba_Steve war
Jul 27th
Categorize This!: History
Purple_Parrot Aprilli art
Jul 27th
Foods of the 1960s
Magnavox Purple_Parrot decade
Jul 26th
Chinese inventions
Magnavox BeerHound discovery
Jul 25th
The War Bunker!
Bolafssonify Scuba_Steve war