Curator Picks: History

Quizzes from various subcategories, hand-picked by our Curator team
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Dec 3rd
American Century Year-By-Year
ImpromptuJ hockeystix3 year
Dec 2nd
1950s Celebrity Field Guide (Picture Click)
beisaa Purple_Parrot decade
Nov 30th
Country by WWII battle field II
NO_r_WAY Scuba_Steve war
Nov 29th
Matchstick Sculptures
kfastic Aprilli art
Nov 26th
The UK in the 20th Century: 1994
Cryptus hockeystix3 year
Nov 20th
Which Happened First - 1950s
jar514 Purple_Parrot decade
Nov 20th
Nationalities of 20th Century Historical Figures
khands Cutthroat century
Nov 19th
Years by Execution
khands hockeystix3 year
Nov 18th
Who Was President?
awesomeness365 jar514 US Presidents
Nov 16th
Former countries by continent (Clickable)
Aztlan_Historian Scout_Number_4 nation
Nov 15th
Aerial Bombing (WWII slideshow)
ApolloCreed33 Scuba_Steve war
Nov 14th
Women Inventors
LL3rd BeerHound discovery
Nov 13th
Odd World Leader Out
nordic william2 World Leaders
Nov 12th
Winning 2015 (This or That)
tim_parr hockeystix3 year
Nov 12th
Authors Deaths III: 1960-1979
Flick Purple_Parrot decade
Nov 12th
Book and Painting Titles
Tootsnsuch Aprilli art
Nov 11th
Brits killed in battle
Cortez Scuba_Steve war
Nov 10th
Fathers, but of What?
nabean BeerHound discovery
Nov 9th
US Presidential Election 2016: Match-Up
jakethegoldfish jar514 US Presidents
Nov 8th
A Highly-Ranked Seal - Map
BGCollector jar514 US Presidents
Nov 7th
Odd Name Out: Boys
filipad Purple_Parrot decade
Nov 7th
20th century deaths by year (2)
Cortez Cutthroat century
Nov 5th
Quick Pick: Famous Chinese
Flick Scout_Number_4 nation
Nov 5th
50's Timeline Picture Click
Hejman hockeystix3 year
Nov 3rd
Border Conflicts of the Postwar Era
saucyintruder Scuba_Steve war
Oct 29th
Quick Pick: 1995 Events
william2 hockeystix3 year
Oct 28th
Fantasy Dinner Party: 18th Century Influentials, Pt 2
GunterFields Cutthroat century
Oct 27th
20th Century Decades: Odd Event Out
hockeystix3 Purple_Parrot decade
Oct 26th
Battles in U.S. States
MoMosMoProblems Scuba_Steve war
Oct 26th
Presidential Yard Signs: Close Up
Hejman jar514 US Presidents
Oct 23rd
What Year? -- 2010s (Multiple Choice)
william2 Purple_Parrot decade
Oct 22nd
Creating Dates in American History
Bolafssonify hockeystix3 year
Oct 22nd
World Leaders: “Back in a bit…”
Tr4pD00r william2 World Leaders
Oct 22nd
Within a Century?
Purple_Parrot Cutthroat century
Oct 20th
Former Countries of Africa
Vladimir_Lenin Scout_Number_4 nation
Oct 19th
Dalí illustrates 'Alice in Wonderland'
PrincessMartell Aprilli art
Oct 16th
1940s Celebrity Field Guide (Picture Click)
beisaa Purple_Parrot decade
Oct 16th
Scientists, Engineers and Inventors by Mural
hatefulmissy BeerHound discovery
Oct 15th
War Year (Multiple Choice)
Sssophie hockeystix3 year
Oct 15th
'W' American History
william2 Scout_Number_4 nation
Oct 11th
'M' English history
Cortez Scout_Number_4 nation
Oct 8th
Happy days in History
Aprilli hockeystix3 year
Oct 8th
Restaurants by Decade (Ice Cream)
myitbos Purple_Parrot decade
Oct 7th
Pick the Middle One: US Presidents
kfastic jar514 US Presidents
Oct 6th
A Glossary Of Architecture
babymonkee Aprilli art
Oct 6th
21st Century UK Prime Ministers (Clickable)
beforever Cutthroat century
Oct 1st
English History Years Ending '1'
Cortez hockeystix3 year
Oct 1st
Which Happened First - 1960s
jar514 Purple_Parrot decade
Sep 30th
World War II Battle Maps
gatorade879 Scuba_Steve war
Sep 30th
'L' British history
Cortez Scout_Number_4 nation