Curator Picks: Geography

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Jun 27th
Slideshow - Worlds Widest Waterfalls
kenneycan milc world
Jun 27th
Country Outline and Flag Match
Cutthroat milc border
Jun 26th
Clickable European History
durhamfan kfastic continent
Jun 26th
FIFA World Cup South American Host Cities
smac17 guilherme_4 South America
Jun 26th
Old Oceanian countries
Aztlan_Historian guilherme_4 oceania
Jun 25th
Where is Obama?
evanmurph 31415926535 city
Jun 25th
Fictional Character Brexit Vote
Flick mrsmith United Kingdom
Jun 24th
'P' Position Geography
t_brown6512 Yacht country
Jun 23rd
Closest Capitals to the Great Pyramids
longboard 31415926535 city
Jun 23rd
Countries by last letter 'N' (map)
xant_spectro milc world
Jun 22nd
most popular countries with travel warning
scorpionfan kfastic continent
Jun 21st
Largest Former Yugoslav Cities
Markovic 31415926535 city
Jun 21st
Find the 'A' Capitals (Picture Click)
teedslaststand milc capital
Jun 20th
English Counties' Largest Alliterative Settlements
Cryptus mrsmith United Kingdom
Jun 20th
Countries are thieves! (Europe)
Nose markassonne Europe
Jun 20th
Flag Selection: Africa
jyrops markassonne africa
Jun 20th
Find the Oceanic Capitals With 'A'
timmylemoine1 guilherme_4 oceania
Jun 20th
Completely Hidden Countries of South America
teedslaststand guilherme_4 South America
Jun 20th
Quiz Mountain: Geography
bhenderson79 milc world
Jun 19th
2 Borders Away: Germany
Sidney_Hando milc border
Jun 19th
Cities and States Match (clickable)
michaelgeorgebar 31415926535 city
Jun 18th
Densely Populated Countries (Geese)
Irgendwas_mit_F Yacht country
Jun 18th
Capital and Country by Abbreviation
awesomeness365 kfastic continent
Jun 17th
Sort cities in Western Europe
nyaneve 31415926535 city
Jun 16th
Countries By First & Last Letter
tomschmo milc world
Jun 15th
Quick Pick: Irish Landmarks
Flick Yacht country
Jun 15th
U.S. Metro Nicknames
Jordan117 31415926535 city
Jun 15th
European Capitals by Bordering Country Capitals
anthonvanderneut markassonne Europe
Jun 15th
Let's draw the African borders
kfastic markassonne africa
Jun 14th
Seas around Europe (Map Click)
archieblok kfastic continent
Jun 14th
What Did I Type? (Capital Cities)
chaosBEE milc capital
Jun 13th
Date Switching Countries
Pastor_Maldonado guilherme_4 oceania
Jun 13th
Popular people on Wikipedia born in Argentina
Irgendwas_mit_F guilherme_4 South America
Jun 13th
Locate European Cities
Pasi97 31415926535 city
Jun 13th
Biggest Countries A-Z (Picture Click)
eon milc world
Jun 13th
More populated neighbor
gazzso milc border
Jun 12th
Lonely Countries
gabrielhippo Yacht country
Jun 11th
Eastern Time Zone - 2 Biggest Cities
Sonicebh 31415926535 city
Jun 10th
Quick Pick: Gods by Continent
NJSB kfastic continent
Jun 9th
London Borough Border Blitz
eon 31415926535 city
Jun 9th
Click Which 'ABC Country'
tim_parr Yacht country
Jun 9th
Which Country Is Larger: Population Density
australiantiger milc world
Jun 8th
India 25 Most Populous Cities on a Map
Rayhunter 31415926535 city
Jun 7th
Copa America 2015 Premier League Players
smac17 guilherme_4 South America
Jun 7th
Capitals far of Wellington
xyz_ guilherme_4 oceania
Jun 7th
Find the European Capitals Ending With a Vowel
timmylemoine1 milc capital
Jun 6th
Portuguese-Speaking African Countries Map
bareodin2 Yacht country
Jun 6th
Endemic Animals
Purple_Parrot kfastic continent
Jun 6th
Country by unique island
NO_r_WAY milc world
Jun 5th
Countries by Number of Neighbors (blitz)
atakdog milc border