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Dec 9th
Coats of Arms - Africa
kfastic gazzso Africa
Dec 9th
Color Click - Slovak Flag
Scuadrado kfastic Europe
Dec 8th
Counties in the Los Angeles Metro Area (Picture Click)
hkthom 31415926535 city
Dec 8th
South America: From North to South
Cutthroat Sergey7890 continent
Dec 8th
World 2+1 Facts: Countries
gazzso milc world
Dec 6th
☢ Armageddon! ☢ -- Populous South America
geshmonkey 31415926535 city
Dec 6th
Capitals of the World (with Highlighted Map)
teedslaststand milc capital
Dec 5th
Flags. Missing Colors
Flick Tr4pD00r flags
Dec 5th
Countries that resemble Hong Kong
Zenithim Tr4pD00r Asia
Dec 5th
European Country by Largest L-Z City
braverobot Sergey7890 continent
Dec 5th
Hidden Neighbors of Hungary
markassonne kfastic Europe
Dec 5th
Blended Nations: A New Word Order
MrChewypoo milc world
Dec 4th
Island by country border
NO_r_WAY milc border
Dec 4th
Cities According to Wikipedia
hockeystix3 31415926535 city
Dec 3rd
Word Ladder: Brazilian States
sproutcm guilherme_4 South America
Dec 3rd
Countries by Capitals: Oceania
PrincessMartell guilherme_4 oceania
Dec 3rd
Cities Carried by Trump in 2016
chriskotx 31415926535 city
Dec 2nd
Africa's Top Internet Users (2015)
Acntx gazzso Africa
Dec 1st
Nicknamed Cities of USA (Picture Click)
Cutthroat 31415926535 city
Dec 1st
Largest 5-Letter Cities by Continent
viator_mundi Sergey7890 continent
Dec 1st
NOT a European capital (decoy click)
thirdreel kfastic Europe
Dec 1st
Country length matching first letter position
stratus milc world
Nov 30th
'F' in the UK
aero_zeppelin mrsmith United Kingdom
Nov 29th
Ma- World Capitals
Tr4pD00r milc capital
Nov 28th
Cities on hand drawn map: Utah
Daan_Jellyfish 31415926535 city
Nov 28th
5-Letter Border Challenge
Headers2304 Sergey7890 continent
Nov 28th
Former Countries Locator Map (Europe)
Aztlan_Historian kfastic Europe
Nov 28th
Former Countries Locator Map
Aztlan_Historian milc world
Nov 28th
Flags: Country by Their Subdivisions II
guilherme_4 Tr4pD00r flags
Nov 28th
Japan by Sporcle Category
pecheneg Tr4pD00r Asia
Nov 27th
Click the Tropical Countries (Picture Click)
teedslaststand soljaris Topography
Nov 27th
Road Trip Around The World
Rauy10 milc border
Nov 26th
Languages of Canada (Cities)
thebronze 31415926535 city
Nov 26th
Mexico by Sporcle Category
pecheneg rolftheoaf North America
Nov 26th
Google maps - 10 largest S American cities
unicornglitter guilherme_4 South America
Nov 26th
Anything but Fiji
Pastor_Maldonado guilherme_4 oceania
Nov 26th
Find the Countries of Europe - No Outlines Minefield
31415926535 Sergey7890 continent
Nov 25th
Color Click - Seychellois Flag
Scuadrado gazzso Africa
Nov 24th
Cities With the Most Jews
Benjid 31415926535 city
Nov 24th
Outnumbered on Thanksgiving in the USA
Alcas rolftheoaf North America
Nov 24th
Google Maps' Visible Countries - Algeria
NotQuentin milc world
Nov 24th
Quick Pick: European Country Nicknames
PrincessMartell kfastic Europe
Nov 23rd
More Vowels European Countries
alinrotundu Sergey7890 continent
Nov 22nd
10 Largest Cities of France by Population (clickable)
ruuub 31415926535 city
Nov 22nd
Color Click - Lithuanian Flag
Scuadrado Tr4pD00r flags
Nov 21st
Find Africa's Capitals Starting With a Vowel
timmylemoine1 gazzso Africa
Nov 21st
Historical Flags of Asia
Prussian_Fool Tr4pD00r Asia
Nov 21st
Closest Countries to Germany
NarwhalNukeYT kfastic Europe
Nov 20th
Countries w/Highest % of Continent (Pop.)
nthe Sergey7890 continent
Nov 20th
Belgian towns/cities, French or Dutch?
banutzu 31415926535 city