Curator Picks: Just For Fun

Games from various subcategories, hand-picked by our Curator team
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Jan 30th
Sherlock Typing Challenge
Jan 29th
Word Ladder: Feathered Toon
Flickrer2121word ladder
Jan 29th
Pictorial Mini Word Ladders II
braverobotrer2121word ladder
Jan 28th
Follow that Line: Frasier (Series 1)
TheCleveronePuzzgalFollow That Line
Jan 28th
Follow that line: Miller's crossing (Coen brothers)
frederikvbPuzzgalFollow That Line
Jan 28th
Missing Word: Gary Oldman A-Z
NJSBzalkon2004missing word
Jan 25th
Letter Grid Logic Puzzle (A-Y)
Jan 25th
Missing Word: It's-a Me, Mario!
Chenchillazalkon2004missing word
Jan 25th
Centenarian or Not (Clickable)
BeerHoundDesertSpartanThis or That
Jan 25th
Gaming Odd-One-Out
SpacemaniacDesertSpartanThis or That
Jan 25th
Pokemon Typing Challenge (Gen IV)
Jan 24th
Missing Word: George Harrison
guilherme_4zalkon2004missing word
Jan 23rd
Kyrgyzstan's Neighbors A-Z
Jan 23rd
Follow That Line: House of Cards (Clickable)
MrChewypooPuzzgalFollow That Line
Jan 22nd
Word Ladder: The Mentalist
zaphenathrer2121word ladder
Jan 21st
Missing Last Word: Songs (A)
carambazalkon2004missing word
Jan 20th
These Jokes Make Us Sick Too!
FlickJoeBetaWord Play
Jan 18th
Rodgers and Hammerstein Typing Challenge
Jan 18th
Follow That Line: On Her Majesty's Secret Service
Tom007PuzzgalFollow That Line
Jan 18th
60 Second Blitz: 'I'-Less Europe
Jan 17th
Click a Comma
FustyDesertSpartanThis or That
Jan 16th
Logical Numbers 7: A Logic Puzzle
Jan 16th
Missing Word: Desserts
NJSBzalkon2004missing word
Jan 16th
Follow That Line: Jingo
pjansPuzzgalFollow That Line
Jan 16th
Follow that line: One, Two, Three
MoMosMoProblemsPuzzgalFollow That Line
Jan 15th
Mega Word Ladder: Find the Shakespeare quote
JamesJonathanrer2121word ladder
Jan 15th
Life Before the Computer
braverobotJoeBetaWord Play
Jan 12th
Seven Dwarfs Logic Puzzle
Jan 11th
Follow That Line: 7th Heaven
taylorswift12PuzzgalFollow That Line
Jan 11th
Follow That Line: Dragon Ball Z Abridged
wildebeestPuzzgalFollow That Line
Jan 11th
Typing Challenge: Car Makes
Jan 10th
♠ ♣ ♦ ♥
bazmereldaDesertSpartanThis or That
Jan 8th
Sneaky Synonyms Blitz III
Jan 8th
Word Ladder: Presidential Portrait Artist
NJSBrer2121word ladder
Jan 8th
Follow That Line: Gossip Girl S2
breezy22PuzzgalFollow That Line
Jan 8th
Follow that Line: Night Watch
pjansPuzzgalFollow That Line
Jan 7th
Word Ladder: Big Burgers
Purple_Parrotrer2121word ladder
Jan 7th
Missing Word: 'B' History Figures
khandszalkon2004missing word
Jan 6th
Will & Grace Logic Puzzle
Jan 5th
Least Populous US State per letter Minefield
Jan 4th
Solve this Crossword and Win WW2!
rockgolfJoeBetaWord Play