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May 28th
Word Ladder: Cliches IV
bowsntoysrer2121word ladder
May 27th
Follow That Line: Hits From 1981
hymietherobotPuzzgalFollow That Line
May 27th
Follow That Line: The Big Bang Theory Season 2
Evil44PuzzgalFollow That Line
May 27th
Purple_ParrotBombaySapphireWord Play
May 27th
Harry Potter Alphabet Soup
May 27th
Saying by Image (Slideshow)
CutthroatBombaySapphireWord Play
May 26th
Professional Wrestling Typing Challenge
May 26th
Missing Word: Bands Known By Letters
DesertSpartanScottmissing word
May 25th
Follow That Line: UHF
johnnytakenPuzzgalFollow That Line
May 25th
MLB 200 Hits in a Season?
chief7575DesertSpartanThis or That
May 24th
Word Ladder: Variations on an Old Saying
iglewrer2121word ladder
May 23rd
Follow that Line: V for Vendetta
potternerd333PuzzgalFollow That Line
May 23rd
Follow that Line: Game of Thrones (season 2)
EmmaGMPuzzgalFollow That Line
May 23rd
Follow That Line: Wonderfalls
ceepeePuzzgalFollow That Line
May 23rd
1-13 Numbers Logic Puzzle
May 23rd
Word Ladder: Baskin Robbins Original Flavors
Purple_Parrotrer2121word ladder
May 22nd
Same-Sound Sign Spelling Slipups (Slideshow)
needapausebuttonBombaySapphireWord Play
May 21st
Word Ladder: Humphrey Bogart
JoeBetarer2121word ladder
May 20th
Follow That Line: A Night in Casablanca
JareevePuzzgalFollow That Line
May 19th
Typing Challenge: I Before E Except After C
May 19th
Follow That Line: Fargo
PuzzgalPuzzgalFollow That Line
May 18th
Jokes in Reverse
Probo11BombaySapphireWord Play
May 17th
Follow That Line: Enchanted
CatStarcatcherPuzzgalFollow That Line
May 17th
Follow the Lord of the Rings Prologue
BoltActionPuzzgalFollow That Line
May 17th
Follow That Line: Portal & Portal 2
inkspill19PuzzgalFollow That Line
May 17th
Xbox or Playstation?
Tom007DesertSpartanThis or That
May 15th
Missing Word: Time Travel Movies A-Z
nopurpleskyScottmissing word
May 14th
Follow That Line: Simpsons Season 10
jakethegoldfishPuzzgalFollow That Line
May 12th
Missing Word: This Day in History (May)
FlickScottmissing word
May 11th
3 Words Missing 1 Letter
ScuadradoBombaySapphireWord Play
May 11th
Missing Word: Pixies Songs (A-Z)
braverobotScottmissing word
May 11th
Follow That Line: Night Vale (Station Management)
UbbiebubbiePuzzgalFollow That Line
May 11th
Removing Words? 2
sproutcmBombaySapphireWord Play
May 10th
Follow that Line: Frasier (Season 3)
TheCleveronePuzzgalFollow That Line
May 10th
Follow that Line: Signs
myitbosPuzzgalFollow That Line
May 9th
Word Ladder: Tom Sawyer
Blackhawks65rer2121word ladder
May 9th
Sex Pistols or The Clash
TypicalSpiderDesertSpartanThis or That
May 6th
Follow That Line: True Lies
youmomoPuzzgalFollow That Line
May 6th
Follow that Line: Unbreakable
myitbosPuzzgalFollow That Line
May 5th
Integer Logic Puzzle
May 5th
Real or Fake: Supreme Court Cases
stephantopDesertSpartanThis or That