Battle of the Brains 2013 Recap

Editors Note: The Sporcle Live Battle of the Brains was held on October 26th, 2013. 58 teams competed to win a huge cash prize and bragging rights for the year. Sporcle Live Content Manager Daniel Baker wrote the following recap of the amazing event.

Battle of the Brains Iphone 374Twenty minutes to show time, and the Royal Oak Music Theater was buzzing. Down on the floor, teams described the aura as ‘exciting’, ‘fun’, ‘thrilling’, and ‘sexy’. (Okay, I made that last one up!) Backstage, final preparations were being made: Staff were changing into costumes. Jeff LeDuc, the Master of Ceremonies, was pacing the hallway nervously reviewing his notecards. Another group of staff was crowded into a single room admiring some of the more…interesting drawings left on the green room wall by previous performers. Needless to say, the ancient tradition of  phallic art is alive and well in Royal Oak!

Back upstairs, Motor City Soul was rocking, while fifty-eight teams, ranging from hardcore trivia regulars, to families, friends, and strangers just looking for a good time gathered in their seats. To top it off,  Sporcle Live’s Office Coordinator Leanne Vassallo entertained everyone with a rousing dance performance in the lobby.

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Head’s Up!

Sporcle has a new header!

You may not realize it, but Sporcle is more than just a trivia site. In addition to the games on the site, we also offer a variety of Sporcle apps. And in January, we added Sporcle Live, a live trivia experience brought to local bars and restaurants.

It’s still the same site you know and love, but our homepage will now be the full-service, Sporcle hub.

What’s New?

site navigationSite Navigation

One of the biggest changes is in site navigation. We renamed some headings (i.e. User-Created is now called ‘Discover‘), and each category now shows subcategories based on the general section you’re in. *With all the new info being displayed, a few categories–Gaming, Entertainment, Religion, and Holiday–can now be found under the ‘More’ heading.

sporcle live logoNew Pages

Sporcle Live now has a place on our main site. Check out the Sporcle Live homepage, the Sporcle Live locations page, and more. Also, check out our new Apps page. It lists all the apps available for each device, along with links to product pages.

updated lookUpdated Look

Site regulars have probably already noticed some gradual updates to game pages. This new installment includes a more prominent spot for the Search feature and a new look for the Random Quiz button. There’s some other small style changes throughout the site.

We have awesome users, and we haven’t heard any complaints about the look or feel of the site. Still, we knew it was getting outdated. More often, we focus on developing new features, new badges, and new quiz types. But it’s important to keep the site looking its best, too.

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback! Write to us at

Sporcle Acquires Great Lakes Trivia


It was announced today that the web’s top destination for trivia has acquired one of the country’s top live trivia organizations. Sporcle, Inc., based in Seattle, has acquired Great Lakes Trivia, based in Plymouth, Michigan. The terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Great Lakes Trivia was founded in 2009 and currently hosts over 100 weekly live trivia shows across Michigan and Ohio. Founders Mark Adams and Ryan Lamb will remain with the business as will the entire Great Lakes Trivia staff.

Great Lakes Trivia has awarded over $25,000 annually in cash prizes in their live trivia leagues and hundreds of thousands more in gift cards at partnered venues. They put on the highly publicized event “Battle of the Brains” at the Royal Oak Music Theatre this past September, where $5,000 and a trip to Hawaii were awarded all in one night.

“With Great Lakes Trivia, Sporcle now has the ability to deliver fun through trivia wherever the trivia lover wants it: online, on the go, and through live, social experiences,” said Ali Aydar, Chief Executive Officer of Sporcle. “The Great Lakes Trivia team brings tremendous experience in delivering popular trivia shows and a committed base of bar owners and players. We look forward to enhancing the shows through our existing web and mobile products and moving the live product into new markets.”

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