Harry Potter Week (Final Day): Harry Potter Movies

It’s been a pretty fun week at Sporcle HQ, what with re-designing the Harry Potter subcategory page, searching through hundreds of great Harry Potter quizzes, and running a fun photoshop contest that had a bunch of great entries. We saw a lot of positive feedback over the week, so we’re very glad you could enjoy it. We chose walrusboy’s Sporcle crest (see picture at left) as the winner, but we’ve also included some of our other favorite photoshops after the jump.

Today’s featured quiz focuses on the Harry Potter movie series of which the final chapter is premiering today (You might have heard about that.) Many of you  are planning on attending (or have attended) midnight screenings dressed as your favorite HP characters, and today’s quiz: Harry Potter Characters by Actor is a fun variation on our classic Cast of Harry Potter quiz. You can easily study for one quiz by playing the other!

Of course, there are plenty of fun Harry Potter quizzes on Sporcle, so if you think you’ve seen all we have to offer this week, be sure to check out all of our Harry Potter quizzes, and just be study hard like you’re preparing for the O.W.L.s.

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Harry Potter Week on Sporcle (Day 2): A Monster of a Quiz

Glad you could all come back for Day 2 of Harry Potter Week on Sporcle. Today we have one of those quizzes that like the original Harry Potter Top 200 contains trivia you likely can’t find anywhere else outside of Sporcle. One of our editors, Mrchewypoo (yes, he does wish he picked a better name when he signed up for an account) has gone through the painstaking task of counting every single word  in each of the Harry Potter books and compiling it into a list of the top 300 most-used words in Harry Potter. Here’s what he wrote about his research

I have sacrificed a few weeks of my life for you, good reader. Meticulously extracted from digital versions of all seven books (they don’t make it easy, I assure you), I have snipped, sliced, studied, scrutinized and summarized all 1,083,673 words (by my humble count). Did you know that my version of Excel maxes out at 65,000 rows? I recently found that out. Here, I bring you the 300 most written words in the entire Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. I have the data for the remaining 25,096 unique words used in the books (by book, in case that’s interesting to anyone).

So here we are friends, this is one of the most epic of all Harry Potter quizzes on the internet. A giant, Hungarian Horntail-sized behemoth that will likely take you the full 20 minutes to decipher. Are you brave enough to take it on?

If you are, you might want to take on a few of our other giant Harry Potter quizzes including All About Harry Potter, Harry Potter Family Tree or even another one of Mrchewpoo’s creations: Tread Carefully: Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

Finally, we have the full explanation of MrChewyPoo’s madness after the jump.

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