New Badges: Game, Set, Match: Sporcle, Badge of Good Hope, and Big Gulp


If someone commends you on your Game, Set, Match: Sporcle! badge, is it considered a backhanded compliment?

Crazy Eights Badge IconGame, Set, Match: Sporcle!: Don’t think you can ace these quizzes just because you can ace opponents on the court. It’ll be harder than that, twinkletoes. Play 40 Tennis quizzes for this badge.

Axis and Allies Badge IconBadge of Good Hope: Call it what you want; it’ll take a lot more than just some ‘good hope’ to earn this badge. 50% or better on Provinces of South Africa on a Map, Country Quiz: South Africa, and Capitals of South Africa will earn this one.

Niftier Fiftier Badge IconBig Gulp: 7-11′s largest size holds 128 ounces–nearly 380% the volume of an average adult stomach. The badge’s namesake only holds around 100%, which is the score you’ll need to get on 7-11 Countries to earn this badge on July 11th.

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New Badges: When Sporcle Met Badges, Gold Standard, and Sporcle Book Club


At Sporcle, our favorite type of clubbing is book clubbing. We’re not the best at dancing, but we’re certainly the most well-read.

Crazy Eights Badge IconWhen Sporcle Met Badges: Romance, comedy and trivia? I’ll have what she’s having! Score 50% or better on AFI Top 50 Romantic Comedies, 10-to-1: Romantic Comedies by Actress, and Romantic Comedy Movie Posters for this one.

Axis and Allies Badge IconGold Standard: You’ve seen the Millennium. You’ve seen the 10K Tycoon. You’ve even seen the Silver Platter. Well there’s a new gold standard in quiz plays, and here it is. All you have to do is play 50,000 quizzes to get it.

Niftier Fiftier Badge IconSporcle Book Club: A Sporcle book club? What a novel idea! Join and you’ll have this badge book, line and sinker. Play a quiz in the Literature category 30 days in a row to earn this badge.

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New Badges: Unwind Time, Anime Everyday, and Cherry on Top


Unwind Time? Treat yo self. Anime Everyday? Treat yo self. Cherry on Top? Treat yo self!

Crazy Eights Badge IconUnwind Time: Nothing says “treat yo self” like kicking your feet up and playing a few of your favorite quizzes. Play 15 quizzes between 8-10pm in one day to earn this badge. You deserve it.

Axis and Allies Badge IconAnime Everyday: If you really want senpai to notice you, you’d better be wearing this badge. 25 Anime quizzes will earn you not only the badge, but senpai’s affections.

Niftier Fiftier Badge IconCherry on Top: If you’re a flan of sweet things, doughnut delay to play s’more quizzes–you’ll want this badge a waffle lot. Score 50% or more on Desserts, Desserts by Picture (A-Z), and British Desserts for this one.

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New Badges: Crazy Eights, Axis and Allies, and Niftier Fiftier


Badgier. Bloggier. Postier. The naming scheme doesn’t work for everything, but dang it, we tried.

Crazy Eights Badge IconCrazy Eights: Six may be afraid of Seven, but that’s a total misjudgement. The real psychos are obviously the Eights. Play 25 8-minute quizzes in one day to earn this badge.

Axis and Allies Badge IconAxis and Allies: The name ‘The Allies’ is a pretty good bit of branding – it sounds so friendly. It also comes off way better than synonymous options ‘The Associates’, ‘The Colleagues’, or ‘The Peeps’. Play 25 World War II quizzes for this one.

Niftier Fiftier Badge IconNiftier Fiftier: The Nifty Fifty badge is great and all, but this one’s shiny. Score 100% on Find the US States – No Outlines Minefield to get this even niftier, even fiftier badge.

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New Badges: Off to See the Wizard, Click it to Pick it, and Start Your Engines


If we knew the Great Wizard of Oz was giving out Sporcle badges, we wouldn’t have asked for the race car. 

Off to See the Wizard: Good thing Dorothy didn’t fall asleep hungry–a Jello brick road would be much harder to follow. Score 100% on Wizard of Oz WishesWizard of Oz Cast, Over the Rainbow Lyrics and Follow That Line: The Wizard of Oz.

OhThankHeaven2011_2 (1)Click it to Pick it: Sure, it doesn’t sound quite as catchy as “Minute to Win It” but it also requires less exercise. Stretch out your clicking finger and play 25 Picture Click quizzes in one day for this one.

TheComposer_2 (1)Start Your Engines: NASCAR sounds fun until you realize it doesn’t stand for “Now A Sporcle Challenge About Racing.”  Bummer. Earn this badge by playing 25 quizzes in the Auto Racing category.

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New Badges: Large and in Charge, Oh Thank Heaven, 2011, and The Composer


Sure, the best performing single of 2011 was Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”. But if you want to really feel the spirit of 2011, throw on “Friday” by Rebecca Black.

Large and in Charge:  Bigger isn’t always better, but in cases of geography, it usually doesn’t hurt. Show that you can be large and in charge and score 100% on Largest Countries by Continent and 10 Most Populous Countries in Order.

OhThankHeaven2011_2 (1)Oh Thank Heaven, 2011: Flashback or throwback? It mostly depends on whether you want to thank heaven for 2011, or thank heaven that it’s long gone. Play 100 quizzes from 2011 to earn this one.

TheComposer_2 (1)The Composer: Being a music composer seems to consist of banging on the piano and looking surly in your portraits. Being a quiz composer has gotta be more fun. Get this badge by having 5 of your quizzes published in the Music category.

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New Badges: Duke Silver, Root for the Home Team, and Fury Road


Alter egos are all about the disguises. And if there’s one thing we’ve learned from comic books, a pair of glasses is all you need.

Duke Silver:  Burt Macklin and Duke Silver taught us that the best things happen under an alter ego. We wouldn’t recommend putting “King Sporcle IV” on any legal documents though. Play 25 Parks and Recreation quizzes to earn this badge.

Root for the Home Team: Honestly, we’re all really just there for the Cracker Jacks and garlic fries anyway. Earn 100%  on NBA Teams on a MapNFL Teams on a Map, MLB Teams on a Map and NHL Teams on a Map for this one.

Fury Road Badge IconFury RoadSome badges you’re given. Some badges you earn. For this badge, you are made worthy through sweet Sporcle victories.  Win a challenge 25 days in a row to land this trophy.

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New Badges: Math Magician, Badge-dad, and Double Feature


Having a bunch of numbers in your hat is great for a math magic act, but those pointy corners definitely aren’t comfortable for day-to-day wear.

Math Magician Badge IconMath Magician: Any sufficiently advanced mathematics is indistinguishable from magic. And once you start adding letters and Latin, it starts looking like spell-work anyway. Earn this badge by scoring 100% on Simple Math Minefield (1-100).

Badge-dad Badge IconBadge-dad: If Mesopotamia is the cradle of civilization, Iraq’s history is humanity’s baby pictures. It’d still be weird to carry around in your wallet though. Earn 50% or more on Iraq’s BordersProvinces of Iraq, and Country Quiz: Iraq for this one.

Double Feature Badge IconDouble Feature: Even if you don’t know the latest box-office flicks, you can always just enter the movies you loved in the ’80s and ’90s with a “2″ after them. That’ll get a surprising number of hits. Play 50 box office quizzes to get this badge.

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New Badges: Triple Crown, Is It Lunchtime Yet?, and Coming Up Next


The Triple Globe: Getting all three newly released badges the week they come out.

Triple Crown Badge Icon Triple Crown: One crown is enough for most people, but thoroughbred horses and popes go for a little extra. At least with the horses, the crowns are metaphorical. Score 100% on Triple Crown Winners to earn your own.

Is It Lunchtime Yet? Badge IconIs It Lunchtime Yet?: They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but lunch usually comes with a break from work, and that seems pretty important too. To get this badge, play 15 quizzes between 10AM and noon.

Coming Up Next Badge IconComing Up Next: Don’t touch that dial, we’ll be right back! Earn 50% or more on Narrated TV Show IntrosTV Show by Theme Lyric, and TV Shows by Opening Sequence to get this badge.

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New Badges: Red, Red Wine, Map Time, Record Collector


From box to bottle and from Bieber to Beethoven – there’s something for everyone.

Red, Red, Wine Badge IconRed, Red Wine: Practice your swirling, sniffing, and sipping for this one. You can earn your wine legs by scoring 50% or more on Wine Producing Countries, Wine Regions of France on a Map, and Red Wine or Not?.

maphatbadgeMap Time: Mapping at work will probably get you in significantly less trouble than napping at work, and it’s almost as refreshing. Play 25 map quizzes in one day to get this badge.

Record Collector Badge IconRecord Collector: Play all the quizzes for this badge backwards and you might find a secret message! Or at the very least, gibberish that sort of sounds like a secret message. Get this badge by playing 25 Album quizzes.

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