New Badge Alert Email


Ever forget to earn badges? 

We release a new round of badges each week (on Tuesdays.) But if you’re like us, you already have too many things to keep track of. That’s why we put together the new badge alert email.

No more checking your badge page, scouring the Sporcle blog, or missing the release of a new holiday badge. Start earning badges right away, just by checking your email.

How do I sign up?

You may have already received one of these emails in your inbox. If you haven’t, go to your email settings, and make sure to check the box under Badges that says “ .”

Note: If you’re getting this email, but don’t want to be, go to your email settings and uncheck the box. 


New Badges: Homepage Hero, Movie Marathon, and Goal-Oriented

Our goal is to have you marathon your way into being a Sporcle hero. 

HomepageHero_2Homepage Hero: We’re always looking for great quizzes to publish. Thanks to you, we’re in no short supply! This badge recognizes quizmakers who’ve had 10 games published to the Sporcle homepage.

MovieMarathon_2Movie Marathon: Time to break out the popcorn. If you consider yourself a movie maven, earn this badge by playing at least 25 games in the Movies category in one day.

WorldCup_1Goal Oriented: Just in time for the World Cup! Make it your goal to come out on top by playing 25 World Cup games.


As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: All That Jazz, Fab Four, and Simple Science

Our three newest badges are here just in time for summer! 

1000Entertainment3All That Jazz: If all of your friends consult you for all of their pop culture questions – on everything from celebrity selfies to cereal mascots – then this badge is for you. Just play 1000 total games in Entertainment.

FabFour_1Fab Four: Here at Sporcle, we came together and created this new badge. All you need is love, and maybe a little help from your friends, to play 25 total Beatles games and earn this badge.

SimpleScience_1Simple Science: We’re going back to the basics for this badge. Can you score 100% on Planets from the Sun, Simple Machines, and Prime Numbers?


As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: HAL 9000, Lip Service, and Child of the 90′s

Have you seen our most recent badges? We’ve got three new ones for you to check out.

HAL90001397081334HAL 9000: The ultimate showdown between man and computer. Can you win 100 challenges against the Sporcle computer?


CategoryBadge1397081414Lip Service: It’s time to prove your polyglot prowess by playing 1000 games in Language. You better get started – that’s a lot of words to type.


Childofthe90s1397081532Child of the 90′s: Feeling nostalgic? Take a trip down memory lane and play 1990s Blitz, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Theme, ’90s Video Games, Alanis Morissette ‘Irony’, and Faces on TIME (1990s).

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: Beaker Breaker, Time Bandit, and Wonder Women

Pssssst! Have you heard about our three newest badges?

CategoryBadge1389659253Beaker Breaker: We would tell you a chemistry joke, but all the good ones argon. Luckily, you can satisfy your science cravings by playing 1000 total games in Science to get this badge.

PercentonGamesBadge1391019087Wonder Women: You may not have a Golden Lasso of Truth or unbreakable silver bracelets, but earning this badge will make you feel like a superhero anyways. All you have to do is get 50% or better on Forty Famous Women, Female Firsts, and Women in the Bible.

TimeBandit1391019050Time Bandit: What time is it? Time to test your knowledge by playing Who was the Doctor?, Bill and Ted History, and Back to the Future Quotes.


As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: Brand Junkie, Outback & Shaken, Not Stirred

Give a warm welcome to our newest set of badges! 

BrandJunkieBrand Junkie: How well do you know your brand logos? Get 100% on Corporate Logos, Corporate Logos II, and Corporate Logos III, and this badge is all yours.


OutbackOutback: Need a vacation? Take a mental trip to the land down under and score at least 50% on Australian States, Australian Capitals, and Australian Animals. Best of luck, mate.


ShakenNotStirredShaken, Not Stirred: Though you may never be able to catch the elusive James Bond, you can certainly master all the trivia about him. Show off your extensive knowledge about the original international man of mystery by playing 25 James Bond games.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: Capitals, Logic, Harry Potter and more

The badges just keep coming! Make sure to check the badge page for the latest updates.

Here’s your new goals to earn:


Stars and Stripes: It’s time for fireworks, barbecues, and celebrating American independence. Play US Independence DayOriginal 13 Colonies, and Grand Old Flag on July 4th, and your Sporcle profile can sport the stars and stripes, too.


Capital Punishment: This badge is, obviously, a play on words because who doesn’t love reciting the capitals of the world? Get 100% on Capitals of EuropeAfricaNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAsia, and Oceania and you’re prepared for any capital quiz that comes your way.

MindBenderMind Bender: Love Logic quizzes? Of course you do. Get 100% on Country Trivia Logic PuzzleTrue or False Logic, and Say No to Tic-Tac-Toe! to join the ranks of logic puzzle experts.

DeansListDean’s List: Looking to add extra prestige to your Sporcle resume? Set your sights on this new badge. Get an Editor Pick in each category, and you’ve officially made the Sporcle Dean’s List.


Sorting Hat: If the number of Harry Potter quizzes on Sporcle is any indication, Sporclers are big fans of the series. Play 25 total Harry Potter games and you’ll be awarded the Sorting Hat badge. Celebratory butter beer, anyone?


Juke Box: Your classic Sporcle music education starts here. Even if you decide to just major in the Beatles, Sporcle has you covered. Play 1000 total games in Music and you should be ready with the perfect song for any occasion.

New Badges: Challenges, Star Trek and Math

Believe it or not, there are NEW BADGES! We’re rolling them out fast, so make sure to check the badge page for the latest updates.

Here’s your goals to earn:

thunderdomeThunderdome: Victory is sweet, especially when it comes from an epic Sporcle performance. Win 100 challenges against other users, and this badge is yours. You’ll improve your Challenge record while also getting a badge–how great is that?

trekkieTrekkie: Though you may never get to serve with Starfleet, you can join the ranks of Sporcle Trekkies. Play 25 total Star Trek games, and display your Star Trek pride for all to see.

math master

Math Master: Whether you’re a statician or an artist, all are eligible for the title of Math Master.  Simply get 100% on Minute Math Addition,Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Mixed Operations. You’ll add a badge to your profile and multiply your total awesomeness.

New Badges: Beer, Film, and Groundhog Day

If you’ve checked your Sporcle profile recently, you may have noticed some new badges!

Here’s the scoop on the latest badges:

Beer Nut: This badge is for those of you out there who know your beer. You know which countries consume the most beer, the origin of each brew, and you can name these off while singing the famous ’96 Bottles of Beer on the Wall’ song.


Film Critic: This badge is for the ultimate Sporcle film geeks. To earn it? You simply must play 1000 Movie quizzes. Three, two, one, ACTION!


Ned Ryerson: This badge is a one-day special, premiering on Saturday, February 2 (aka Groundhog Day.) But while Bill Murray had multiple chances to give Ned Ryerson a warm greeting, you’ll only have 24 hours to play Groundhog Day, ‘I Got You, Babe’ Type-a-Long, and Bill Murray Movies. Now, go buy some life insurance.


 If you have questions or suggestions, write to us at Or join the discussion on Sporcle University.

New Badges!

 New badges are here!

After the huge success of the first few rounds of Sporcle badges, 3 new badges have now been unveiled. Read about them below, and be sure to get them while you have the chance!

Feliz Navidad: The holidays are a great time for quality Sporcling. To get the Feliz Navidad badge, you must play Finish the Christmas SongSanta’s Reindeer, and Buddy the Elf Food Groups on Christmas Day. If you miss the 24-hour window of opportunity, you’ll have to wait a whole year to get a second chance.

Social Butterfly: Social butterflies always know the latest news and trends, and social Sporclers are the same way. To get the Social Butterfly badge, you must connect your Sporcle profile to both Facebook and Twitter. It’s simple really, as easy as softly landing on a flower petal.

World Traveler: You might not be able to travel the world by playing Sporcle, but you sure can learn a lot! Play 1000 total games in Geography, and you’ll be considered a World Traveler. At least in the eyes of Sporcle.

If you have questions or suggestions, write to us at Or join the discussion on Sporcle University.