New Badges: Triple Crown, Is It Lunchtime Yet?, and Coming Up Next


The Triple Globe: Getting all three newly released badges the week they come out.

Triple Crown Badge Icon Triple Crown: One crown is enough for most people, but thoroughbred horses and popes go for a little extra. At least with the horses, the crowns are metaphorical. Score 100% on Triple Crown Winners to earn your own.

Is It Lunchtime Yet? Badge IconIs It Lunchtime Yet?: They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but lunch usually comes with a break from work, and that seems pretty important too. To get this badge, play 15 quizzes between 10AM and noon.

Coming Up Next Badge IconComing Up Next: Don’t touch that dial, we’ll be right back! Earn 50% or more on Narrated TV Show IntrosTV Show by Theme Lyric, and TV Shows by Opening Sequence to get this badge.

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New Badges: Red, Red Wine, Map Time, Record Collector


From box to bottle and from Bieber to Beethoven – there’s something for everyone.

Red, Red, Wine Badge IconRed, Red Wine: Practice your swirling, sniffing, and sipping for this one. You can earn your wine legs by scoring 50% or more on Wine Producing Countries, Wine Regions of France on a Map, and Red Wine or Not?.

maphatbadgeMap Time: Mapping at work will probably get you in significantly less trouble than napping at work, and it’s almost as refreshing. Play 25 map quizzes in one day to get this badge.

Record Collector Badge IconRecord Collector: Play all the quizzes for this badge backwards and you might find a secret message! Or at the very least, gibberish that sort of sounds like a secret message. Get this badge by playing 25 Album quizzes.

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New Badges: Coast to Coast, Silly Sixes, and Badge of the Century


O Beautiful for spacious maps, and orange ladders of words, for minefield sorting galleries…

Coast to Coast Badge IconCoast to Coast: From sea to shining sea… and then some, because Alaska and Hawaii just have to complicate things. Earn this one by getting 100% on US Cities: North to South and US Cities: West to East.

Silly Sixes Badge IconSilly Sixes: This badge might be more formally known as hexa-preposterous, but what’s in a name? It’s pretty much six of one thing, half a dozen of another. Play 25 6-minute quizzes in one day to get this badge.

LOSTBADGEBadge of the Century: For this badge, play 1 history quiz a day for the next century. It’ll be like a family heirloom! Just kidding. Playing 25 Century quizzes will show off your history knowledge and earn you this badge.

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New Badges: Listen Up!, Cinco de Mayo, and Late Nite


Abbreviations like ‘Nite’ aren’t really saving you many letters in the long run – it’s all  about style.

Listen Up Badge IconListen Up!: There’s always that one friend that skips a song or changes the radio station every ten seconds when they’ve got control over the music. They’ve really been preparing you for this badge. Earn this one by playing 25 Clip quizzes.

Cinco de Mayo Badge IconCinco de Mayo: Holidays that are named after their own date are so convenient; they’re basically impossible to forget. On May 5, earn 50% or more on Mexican Food, Beers of Mexico, and Cinco de Mayo to earn this badge.

Late Nite Badge IconLate Nite: Why count sheep when you can just tire your brain out with Sporcle quizzes? Play 15 quizzes between 10:00pm and midnight in one day to earn this badge. Plus, if you have that “taking a test” nightmare, you’ll actually nail it.

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New Badges: Think Greek, Greatly Stately, and Stay Classic


Style points if your Classic quizzes this week tackle classic rock, classical music, or Classical Greece.

Think Greek Badge IconThink Greek: Greece brought us the Olympics, the Hippocratic Oath, and the marathon. Say thanks by earning this badge – just get 50% or more on Country Quiz: Greece, Largest Islands of Greece, and Most Populous Cities in Greece.

Greatly Stately Badge IconGreatly Stately: Ohio, how are you? Iowa-s going to make some state puns, but I’m afraid Illinois you. Anyway, the Maine idea here: Play 250 State quizzes to show off your stately skill.

Stay Classic Badge IconStay Classic: The new, hip thing may be fun for a while, but there’s nothing quite like going back to the originals. Play 25 Classic quizzes in one day to earn this badge.

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New Badges: Best 2 Out of 3, Space Cadet, and Loco Logos


Is it even possible to be good at rock, paper, scissors without cheating?

Best 2 Out of 3 Badge IconBest 2 Out of 3: You have to take it on faith that paper beats rock. Maybe the rock is claustrophobic. Maybe the rock is solar powered. Maybe the paper is sandpaper. Anyway, earn this badge by getting 100% on Click-Paper-Scissors.

Space Cadet Badge IconSpace Cadet: Put the word ‘space’ in front of anything cool and it’s instant sci-fi gold. Other options include ‘Star’ and ‘Earth’. Get 50% or more on Sci-Fi Movies by Tagline, Greatest Sci-Fi Movies, and Sci-Fi Movie Posters for this badge.

Loco Logos Badge IconLoco Logos: Logos are designed to be memorable, so if you do poorly on these quizzes, you have someone else you can blame. Play 100 Logo quizzes to earn this badge.

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New Badges: Gangsta’s Paradise, When in 2010, and Not Like the Others

Some of the rappers you’ll see this week have a Shakespeare-sized vocabulary already.

Gangsta's Paradise Badge IconGangsta’s Paradise: Pop in a mixtape and earn this badge by getting 50% or more on Rappers By Birth Name, Rap Music Artists Slideshow, and Rap Lyrics in More Scholarly Language.

When In 2010 Badge IconWhen in 2010: 2010 was the beginning of the end for those year-themed New Years glasses. You can still try with the two-thousand-teens, but it’s just not the same. Play 100 quizzes created in 2010 to earn this badge.

Not Like The Others Bagde IconNot Like the Others: We’re hoping we don’t have to update these quizzes too often… but who knows with presidents anymore? To earn this badge, get 100% on Anything but ElementsAnyone but US Presidents, and Anything but Europe.

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New Badges: Who Are You?, Shoot for the Stars, and Jack of All Trades

Jack of all trades, master of trivia.

Who Are You? Badge IconWho Are You?: They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but these quizzes show that you can paint a portrait with just three. Earn this badge by getting 50% or more on Guess Who in 3 Words and Guess Who in 3 Words II.

Shoot for the Stars Badge IconShoot for the Stars: If you wish to make a badge from scratch, you must first invent the universe. Truthfully, we went with a pre-made universe for this one, but you can’t tell the difference. Get this one by playing 25 Astronomy quizzes.

Jack of All Trades Badge IconJack of All Trades: The spork may seem like the least practical of Swiss army attachments, but you never know when you’ll run into a utensil shortage. To earn this badge, get 5 Miscellaneous quizzes published.

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New Badges: Lucky Number 7, Swallowed the Dictionary, and Loose Change

This week, learn sesquipedalian expression options for every colloquy and repartee.

Lucky Number 7: Your lucky number can say a lot; 7 is for those who like the classics. It’s also fit for dad joke connoisseurs, Harry Potter fans, gamblers, and now Sporclers! Play 25 7 Minute quizzes in 1 day to earn this badge.

Swallowed the Dictionary: When you’re cramming for a test, it may become tempting to take “you are what you eat” at face value. We suggest earning this badge instead. Get this one by playing 100 Vocabulary quizzes.

Loose Change: It’s odd that the usual interpretation of a “pool of money” involves coins. It’d be much easier to dive into paper. Get 50% or more on People on US Currency, World Currency Match, and Euro Replaced Currencies for this badge.

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New Badges: Camera Roll, Ides of March, and Oh, the Places You’ll Sporcle

If there’s a wocket in your pocket, you really should watch out for yorcles in your Sporcle.

Camera Roll Badge IconCamera Roll: For a true camera roll experience, set your computer monitor up to invert the colors and play in film negative. Play 25 Picture Box quizzes in 1 day to earn this badge.

Ides of March Badge IconIdes of March: March 15 is one of the only days of the year with an ominous alter-ego. Earn this badge by playing Historical Murder Match-Up, In Plain English: Julius Caesar, and Emperors of Rome all on the Ides of March. Et tu, Sporcle?

Oh the Places You'll Sporcle Badge IconOh, the Places You’ll Sporcle!: Author, illustrator, and honorary doctor: Dr. Seuss was certainly a man of many hats. And many pen names – which makes this badge a bit trickier. Score 100% on Dr. Seuss Books to earn this one.

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