New Badges: Vince Lombadgi, What Rhymes with Badge?, and Keep Calm and Sporcle On

Tadge? Sadge? It’s trickier to rhyme with than you’d expect.

Vince Lombadgi Bade IconVince Lombadgi: A championship game, arena concert, and advertising spectacle all in one. To win the Vince Lombadgi, get 50% or more on NFL Super Bowl Winners, NFL Super Bowl MVPs, and NFL Super Bowl Halftime Shows.

Rhyme Time Badge IconWhat Rhymes with Badge?: If you need a rhyme for a children’s book, just make one up! If you need a rhyme for a Sporcle quiz… well, you actually have to know them. Play 25 quizzes with the Rhyme tag for this badge.

Keep Calm and Sporcle On Badge IconKeep Calm and Sporcle On: Get your zen on and earn this badge by scoring 50% or more on Keep Calm and Go to the Movies, Keep Calm and Watch TV, and Keep Calm and Play Video Games.

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New Badges: Missing Word-O-Rama, From the Vault, and Badges, According to the Onion

Report: Mankind’s Knowledge Of TV Trivia Doubling Every Three Years

Missing Word-O-Rama Badge IconMissing Word-O-Rama: Movie titles, song lyrics, famous names… they all need you. They’re looking for their other half (or third or fourth,  as the case may be). You complete them. For this badge, play 200 missing word quizzes.

From the Vault: If you can’t bear the stampede scene in The Lion King, refer to forks as ‘dinglehoppers’, and have a strong opinion on the blue vs. pink dress issue, this is a shoo-in. Get 100% on Disney Animated Movies for this badge.

Badges, According to the Onion Badge IconBadges, According to the Onion: Crying over an onion is a physical reaction; crying over the Onion is a mental thing. Get over 50% on Everything, According to the Onion, Onion Story or Real Story?, and Follow That Onion Headline for this.

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New Badges: Euro-Trip, Bring the Action, and Click Bait

Quiz free or die hard.

Euro-Trip: Europe’s got a lot going for it, with some of the richest and happiest countries in the world. On the other hand, there’s spotty Netflix availability, so that’s kinda rough. Play 100 quizzes with the Europe tag to earn this badge.

Bring the Action: A witty tagline, a flashy poster, and a stone-faced lead with a weapon in hand. All you need to sell an action film. For this one, get 50% or more on Action Movies by TaglineAction Movie Posters, and Actor By Action Role.

Click Bait: Go ahead and disconnect your keyboard for this badge; it’s time for the mouse to be star of the show. To earn this badge, flex your fingers and play 25 Clickable quizzes in one day.

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New Badges: The Linguist, Gimme Shelter, and Mr. Manager

They’re not buttons, Michael, they’re badges.

The Linguist: This one goes out to the word nerds and polyglots alike. To earn The Linguist, brush up on your conjugations and have 5 quizzes published in the Language category.

Gimme Shelter: If you score a spot at a Rolling Stones gig, check the crowd; you might spot some famous faces. Martin Scorsese, Elton John, Cara Delevingne, and Johnny Depp are all fans. Get 100% on Rolling Stones Albums for this badge.

Mr. Manager: Hop-ons, cornballers, loose seals… that’s why you always leave a note. For this badge, get 50% or more on Ann Veal’s Nicknames, Arrested Development Opening, and Follow That Line: Arrested Development.

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New Badges: Bern Baby Bern, Badgevertising, and Mad Scientist

Nikola Tesla fell in love with a pigeon once, but that’s more Sad Scientist.

Bern Baby Bern Badge IconBern Baby Bern: Switzerland is known for peace, prosperity, and chocolate. No wonder they’re the happiest country in the world. Get 50% or more on Country Quiz: Switzerland, Cantons of Switzerland, and Swiss Borders to earn this badge.

Badgevertising Badge IconBadgevertising: Apply directly to the brain cells. Side effects may include: jingle humming, better game show scores, and food cravings. Play 25 quizzes with the Slogans tag to earn this badge.

Mad Scientist Badge IconMad Scientist: There’s plenty of scientific madness to go around – brain transplants, atomic power, radioactivity. Who knows what’s next? Super Science Bunker, Super Science Bunker II, and Super Science Bunker III.

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New Badges: Graveyard Shift, Star Struck, and Country Locator

Click your way across the world…

Graveyard Shift Badge IconGraveyard Shift: The perfect badge for night owls and third-shift workers alike. Nocturnal knowledge seekers can earn this badge, by playing 15 quizzes between 3am and 6am.

Star Struck: Give your favorite celebs another the 15 minutes of fame, or take this chance to catch up a hip new crowd. Earn Star Struck by playing 100 Celebrity quizzes.

Country Locator Badge IConCountry Locator: Intrepid explorers welcome. To earn this badge, earn 100% on Find the Countries of… Europe, South America, Africa, Asia, North America, and Oceania.

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New Badges: 12 Days of Sporcle, Worldwide Wednesday, and ‘Tis the Season

4 staff pick quizzes, 3 brand new badges, 2 puzzle hunts, and a brand new stylish hoodie…

12 Days of Sporcle Badge Icon12 Days of Sporcle: Over the 12 Days of Christmas, the singer gets 184 birds. So. Many. Birds. For the 12 Days of Sporcle (starting Dec. 25), play the number of quizzes according to which Day of Christmas it is. (E.g. play 3 quizzes on Dec. 27).

Wordlwide Wednesday Badge IconWorldwide Wednesday: When work gets you weary and worn down, wander the world with us while winning badges. To earn Worldwide Wednesday, play 15 Geography quizzes on a Wednesday.

'Tis the Season Badge Icon‘Tis the Season: Get in the spirit this year with some jolly winter quizzes. Or take the chance to reminisce over Halloween and Talk Like A Pirate Day. Your call. To earn this badge, play 25 Holiday quizzes in one day.

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New Badges: Rain or Shine, Jedi Master, and ’09, So Fine

Much to learn you still have, padawan…

Rain or Shine Badge IconRain or Shine: Brush up on a classic small-talk subject just in time for holiday parties and family gatherings. Earn 50% or more on Cloud Types, Types of Natural Disasters,  and Phenomenal Weather Pictures for this badge.

Jedi Master Badge IconJedi Master: Curiosity leads to knowledge. Knowledge leads to power. Power leads to badges. For this one, get 100% on Follow That Line: Star Wars, Progressively Harder Star Wars Characters, and Star Wars by Number of Lines.

uSuSbKZma8p2HGnOFb508LM8D8jfcEFrY_9O8yii_So’09, So Fine: I’ma let you finish, but 2009 was one of the greatest Sporcle years of all time. Definitely in the top ten, anyway. Play 100 quizzes that were published in 2009 for this badge.

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New Badges: Four Victory, Whole Lotta ’50s Going On, and Letters at Large

This week, on Bounty Hunter: Alphabet Edition…

Four Victory Badge IconFour Victory:  “Four Minutes” is actually a pretty popular name; there’s the Madonna song, the KPop group, and a German film sharing the title. Style points if you can work those in as you play 25 4-minute quizzes in 1 day for this badge.

Whole Lotta 50s Going OnWhole Lotta ’50s Going On: Pop culture would imply that the ’50s were poodle skirts and milkshakes 24/7, but we’re sure some other stuff happened. Get 50% or more on 1950s Match-Up, 1950s Blitz, and Faces on TIME (1950s) for this one.

Letters at Large Badge IconLetters at Large: When letters are on the lam, it’s up to Sporclers to get them in line again. Earn this badge by getting 100% on Absent Letter Countries, Absent Letter Countries II, and Absent Letter Countries III.

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New Badges: Director’s Cut, Lyrical Legacy, and Dinner Party!

The director’s cut of this blog post is actually a short novel.

Director's Cut Badge IconDirector’s Cut:  ‘Director’s Cut’ is usually just code for ‘longer version’, but who doesn’t want an extra 20 minutes of their favorite movie? Play 25 quizzes with the director tag to get this badge.

Lyrical Legacy Badge IconLyrical Legacy: Sing your way through the decades and you’ll be a hit at karaoke no matter the crowd. To earn this badge, score 50% or higher on 1970s Lyric Match, 1980s Lyric Match, 1990s Lyric Match, and 2000s Lyric Match.

Dinner Party! Badge IconDinner Party!: Eating and Sporcling are two pleasures that combine admirably. Just watch out for keyboard crumbs. Show up for the party and earn this badge by playing 15 quizzes between 6-8 pm in one day.

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