New Badges: Animal Farm, Sporcle Siesta, and It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

Fall is quickly approaching, bring in the new season with these badges.

livestock badgeAnimal Farm: Old McSporcle had a farm, but we produce quizzes instead of crops. Get 50% or more on World Sheep PopulationTop Beef, Pork, & Poultry Producers, and World Turkey Population.

sporcle siestaSporcle Siesta: We always feel sleepy in the early afternoon. We sometimes just need some time to take a nap. To earn this badge, play 15 quizzes between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. in one day.

zelda badgeIt’s Dangerous to Go Alone: Link needs your help to save Princess Zelda. Take a trip to Hyrule, grab a sword or two, and get ready to fight Ganon. Play 25 quizzes tagged Legend of Zelda to receive this badge.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

Join the Sporcle Intelligence Agency

1Welcome to the Sporcle Intelligence Agency (the SIA)!

We are looking for new recruits, but we have to test you out to see if you have what it takes to become a full agent here.

We have heard rumblings about an impending terror attack by some supervillain. The problem is we aren’t sure what supervillain is behind this or what his or her plan of attack is. Thankfully, all the supervillains are pretty chummy. We believe if you can find enough special items to bribe other supervillains, they’ll reveal enough information to help you figure out who is behind this terror attack and enough details about the attack to stop it.

We have created 10 challenges for you, each of which will give you an item with which you can bribe a famous supervillain to help you in your quest. Every weekday for two weeks, another challenge will be available to you, and the challenges will get progressively harder. Eventually, once all the challenges are released to you, on Tuesday, September 29th, we will give you a chance to start interviewing supervillains and see if you can make any progress getting information out of them.

It is unlikely that those supervillians will directly tell you who is behind the terrorist plot, but figuring out who is behind that is essential. Once you have that name, we have an incredibly powerful supercomputer at the SIA that can help you out. If you can provide the name of the suspected supervillian to our supercomputer, it should be able to give you enough information about possible terror attacks, that combined with any information you’ve bribed from the other supervillains, we will together be able to thwart this attack.

Good luck, recruits!


Schedule of Morning EDT Releases [Links to each challenge will appear here as time goes on.]
SIA Answer Confirmer
Monday, September 14th – 1st Challenge – Three Shots
Tuesday, September 15th – 2nd Challenge – Candy Crush
Wednesday, September 16th – 3rd Challenge – Boys on the Side
Thursday, September 17th – 4th Challenge – Two Heads Are Better Than One
Friday, September 18th – 5th Challenge – Before or After
Monday, September 21st – 6th Challenge – Entertaining Standards
Tuesday, September 22nd – 7th Challenge – Curds! Curds! Curds!
Wednesday, September 23rd – 8th Challenge – Sets Missing One
Thursday, September 24th – 9th Challenge – Double Visions
Friday, September 25th – 10th Challenge – Land and Sea Adventure
Tuesday, September 29th – Supervillains and Supercomputer

SIA Puzzle Hunt: Hint Giver
Unrelated Teaser quiz promoting this event
The Blog Post about the Teaser

Top Comments of the Week (09/11)

Check out our favorite witty commenters below:

1. From: Letters Minefield: 3 Categories

LSophiaI choose to believe that P for Pawn also stands for P for Pluto. In my happy, imaginary world, Pluto is still a planet, no matter what Neil de Grasse Tyson says. ;)

Of course, in my happy, imaginary world, there are also unicorns. And world peace. And plenty of dark chocolate and coffee for everyone.

2. From: Finish the Famous ‘Last Words’

crouchingdomoEven though it means I got it wrong, I’m actually glad that Salvador Dali didn’t spend his last moments frantically wondering where his kitten was.

3. From: 1-10 Letter U Words

fishhead81I’m not sure that’s quite what ubiquitous means. The definition, to me, seems to be that of omnipresent.

4. From: Letters Minefield: 3 Categories

msuspartan1981You mean H as in Horsey is not a valid chess piece initial?

5. From: Three Images: Guess the Movie II

podpodSeeing miners and rockets always makes me think of another movie..OK I guess Armageddon outta here.

Largest Country of the World per Letter Minefield: The Sporcle Featured Quiz of the Week

We think all our featured quizzes are great, but once a week we find a quiz published within the last 7 days that went the extra mile.

This week’s quiz is Largest Country of the World per Letter Minefield by Sporcle User Mateo56.

What’s the Quiz About?

Tiptoe very carefully with this Geography minefield. You’ll have to enter the largest country by area (sq km) for every letter of the alphabet. The good news is, you can take your time – you’ll have a whole 9 minutes to complete the quiz. The bad news is, a single wrong guess will end it all. So here’s a little tip from us: Greenland is not included in Denmark’s total land area.

New Header on Mobile Web

mobile_web_3Sporcle released an updated header to, our mobile compatible version of the site. Check out the new included features!

1. Create Account & Login 

It’s as simple as clicking ‘Login’ in the top right-hand corner of the page. Follow the instructions from there.

2. Search

Search has a bigger text input field, and is easily accessible by clicking ‘Search’ in the header.

categories-33. Categories

Click the menu in the top left corner of the page, and the list of categories will appear. Get to your favorite category with speed and simplicity.


What’s the Teaser Quiz All About?


Today we published a quiz called “Teaser.” This blog post is going to lightly spoil what’s going on in that quiz in terms of what the quiz is “teasing.”

No, we’re not teasing anyone’s hair, just teasing a big Sporcle event that is starting next week.

Back in February of 2013, there was the Sporcle Puzzle Hunt. This was the first puzzle hunt ever promoted by Sporcle, and the reward for completing the challenge was a badge. As of today, over 2,000 Sporclers have earned that badge. Due to the popularity of that event, Sporcle asked me to create another hunt for the site. However, this time the hunt has a theme (which you’ll learn all about on Monday). The theme was the brainchild of Minshkins.

Once again the hunt will have a variety of puzzles spanning a variety of topics and types of Sporcle quizzes; each subsequent quiz will be a bit more difficult than the previous one. So, starting on Monday, September 14th, there will be a new puzzle every weekday for two weeks. Then, the hunt will culminate on Tuesday, September 29th when the final 2 quizzes that make up the metapuzzle will be revealed, along with a ‘Shiny New Badge’ to be earned upon completing the hunt.

We all hope you’re excited and ready for this new challenge that will start soon!

SproutCM (Chris)

P.S.  There are also a number of smaller non-badge involved mini puzzle hunts I’ve made in the same vein if you want more practice before the upcoming hunt. The first two being my annual Holiday hunts I made for all my friends as gifts.

Reindeer Games

Holiday Movie Puzzle Hunt

Parks and Rec Hunt

New Badges: Pro Bowler, Everything but the Kitchen Sink, and Rio de Badgeiro

From the NFL to Brazil, the badges this week cover everything but the kitchen sink.

w7OP3ho_-VXe-YKCahGk9WvaLjRylMuntVJ7jQrywGMPro Bowler: Get ready to join the pros. To get this badge, earn 100% on NFL Career Passing Yard Leaders, NFL Career TD Leaders, NFL Career Rushing Leaders, and NFL Career Receiving Yards Leaders.

kitchen sinkEverything but the Kitchen Sink: Our miscellaneous quizzes can be about almost anything. From Baby Names to Food to College, there’s something there for everyone. Play 25 Miscellaneous quizzes in one day and receive this badge.

brazil badgeRio de Badgeiro: Brazil is both the 5th most populated country and the 5th largest by area. See what else you can learn when you earn this badge. Get 50% or more on States of Brazil, Country Quiz: Brazil, and Cities of Brazil.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

Top Comments of the Week (09/04)

Check out our favorite witty commenters below:

1. From: Avoid the ‘I’ US States

ElisDaddyMississippi was a bad choice.

2. From: Tiny Almost Useless Trivia VII

armadillokingVerily this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it’s my very good honour to meet you and you may call me V.

3. From: 2013 Movies Slideshow II

SteelyMattWow…all this quiz did was remind me what a terrible year 2013 was for movies.

4. From: ‘Smelly Cat’ Lyrics

mhershfieldSorry Ross those are all the verses we have.

5. From: 5-Star Movie Quotes II

kylestoughtonJust taking this quiz has reminded me how great of an actor Robin Williams was. The rest I had to really think about, but his quotes just jumped off the page as soon as I saw them. He really was a one-of-a-kind actor with such charisma. Rest in Peace.

Avoid the ‘I’ US States: The Sporcle Featured Quiz of the Week

We think all our featured quizzes are great, but once a week we find a quiz published within the last 7 days that went the extra mile.

This week’s quiz is Avoid the ‘I’ US States by Sporcle User colludacris.

What’s the Quiz About?

Think fast! Enter a US state that doesn’t have the letter ‘I’. You only have one minute to trigger all the letters in the alphabet, but it’s easier than you think  - for every state you name, the rest of the letters in the state are triggered too. For example, if you entered ‘Canada’, the letters ‘C’, ‘A’, ‘N,’ and ‘D’ would be triggered (if Canada was a US state, that is). Just don’t try Mississippi, and you’ll be fine.