New Badges: Border Guard, Paris, je t’aime, and The Cardiologist

Warning: this week’s badges may induce wanderlust, Paris syndrome, or hemophobia.

Border Patrol Badge IconBorder Guard: Out of context, borders are just squiggly lines. Get 100% on Russia’s Borders, Iran’s Borders, Germany’s Borders, Brazil’s Borders and Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Borders to earn this badge.

Paris je t'aimeParis, je t’aime: This badge pairs well with Bordeaux, Beaujolais, and Rhône wines. To get this one, score 50% or more on Tour of Paris Landmarks, Paris in Films, and International Paris Métro Stations.

CardiologistThe Cardiologist: You can’t stop for directions in the middle of the tricuspid valve, so you better know where you’re going… just in case of a Magic School Bus situation. Earn this badge by getting 100% on the Heart Stopping Challenge.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

12 Things You Could Do Before the 2020 ‘Leap Day’ Badge

Opportunities like this only come once every 4 years. There are some of you out there who won’t get the Hey, it’s Leap Day! badge this February 29th. And that’s okay. There are plenty of things you can do to bide your time until your next chance for the badge. Here are some of our personal suggestions:

1. Get your Master’s degree.

Apparently, some employers aren’t accepting PhDs from Sporcle University. It’s not an “accredited university” they say. Well this is your chance to prove to them you have what it takes.

2. Potty train a child

We didn’t say these were all FUN things.

3. Learn a foreign language

Some languages are more difficult than others, but chances are you can get yourself around a country pretty well with 4 years of language study.

4. Listen to André 3000 say “alright” 9,660,255 times

If you thought Matthew McConaughey was the only king of “alright, alright, alright” you’d be al-wrong. André 3000 makes a strong challenge in the 2003 Hit of the Year “Hey Ya!”. If you listened to this song constantly for 4 years, you’d have been serenaded with 9,660,255 alrights.

5. Walk halfway to the moon

Supposing there was a road from Earth to the moon, you could make it 49.16% of the way there before getting another chance to earn your Leap Year Badge.

6.  Forge a 1/206,515,384,615,385 scale model of the Death Star entirely from your blood

Who doesn’t want a little Death Star made from their own bodily fluids? Unlike the unrealistic suggestions on this list (looking at you, potty training) we think you guys might actually do this one, so here’s the math:

365 days in a year × 4 years ÷ 56 days between donations × 1 pint per donation = 26 pints of blood. There’s about 250mg of iron in a pint, so that leaves you with 6.5 g of iron.

The Death Star has a volume of 17.16 quadrillion cubic meters. Given a 1:9 ratio of outside:inside volume, that would require 1.71 Quadrillion cubic meters of iron. That’s approximately 13,423,499,999,999,999,082,496 g of iron. With your 6.5 g, your scale model would be 1/206,515,384,615,385 the size of the real thing.

Pinterest tutorial coming soon.

Afraid of needles? You can also watch the entire new set of Star Wars movies. Episode IX is slated to come out in 2019, so you’ll even have an extra year for making your own movie: Darth Vader’s Dance-Off.

7. Print out 143,671,981 pictures of Kanye West’s face

Here’s your chance to love Kanye almost as much as he loves himself. The fastest printer, according to Guinness World Records, is able to print 500 pages in 7 min. 19 sec. Find a good picture of ‘Ye, set the printer to 143,671,981 copies and you’ll soon be able to swan dive into your ever-growing pool of Kanyes.

8. Make the trek from Hobbiton to Mordor 7.89 times

It took Frodo and company 185 days to reach Mordor. Hobbits have tiny legs, so we’re confident you could make it in even less time.

If that sounds like too much effort, you can also read about Frodo and Sam‘s journey 50 times.

9. Run out of time on the Countries of the World quiz 140,133 times.

That said, by the time you hit 3,092 plays you should probably have them all memorized.

10. Complete 227 marathons… in the body of a tortoise

The giant tortoise is excruciatingly slow. With 4 years, though, you could walk 227.36 tortoise marathons.

11. Serve the prison sentence for liberating 5,888 garden gnomes

In 1997, three men from the Garden Gnome Liberation Front were arrested under possession of 184 stolen garden gnomes. They were given prison sentences of 1-2 months for their actions. Given a prison sentence of 1.5 months per 184 gnomes, you could serve the sentence for liberating 5,888 gnomes in your 4 years of waiting.

12. Make 105,120 cups of guacamole

According to Alton Brown, the best guac takes 1 hr 20 minutes to make. It has an hour of downtime, but since we haven’t let you sleep in any of the other calculations, you can sleep between guac batches. Each batch makes about 4 cups of guac. We *hope* that 105,120 cups of guac will hold you over for a while.

If you don’t need 105,120 cups of guacamole, of course, there’s an easier option: get your Leap Day badge this year! Mark your calendar now or spend the next 4 years kicking yourself in your badge-less behind.

New Badges: Time Warp, Fun, Fun, Fun, and Editor Pick

Editor positions are a BYOP kind of thing (bring your own pickaxe).

Time Warp Badge IconTime Warp: Time can stretch and jump when you’re experiencing a really good piece of media… or a really bad one. To earn this badge, get 100% on TV Time, Song Time, and Movie Time.

Fun, Fun, Fun: A cat with a ball of yarn, a dog with a stick, and a Sporcler with a quiz – fun can be simple. Play 25 Just For Fun quizzes in one day to get this badge. It’ll be fun.

Editor Pick Badge IconEditor Pick: These quiz-mines are chock-full of golden games! Luckily, our editors are trained to mine ‘em out. Earn this badge by receiving an Editor Pick on one of your quizzes.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

Meet the Staff: Reid Weber


Name: Reid Weber (reidzor)

Position: iOS Developer

Originally from: St. Paul, Minnesota

Worked at Sporcle since: March 2015

Here at Sporcle: Reid builds the Sporcle Flagship app for iPhone and iPad. Basically, he stares at code all day and plays around with iPads.

About: Reid describes himself as a mix between a “total geek and a total jock.” As he puts it, “I like football and I like Pokémon.” He’s a big Seattle sports fan who loves the University of Washington Huskies, the Seahawks, and the Mariners.

He also enjoys going to see live music and playing music with his friends (he plays the bass guitar.) And when he was in middle school, he and some friends formed a cover band that continued through their high school years. They had weekly gigs, played at anniversaries and birthday parties, and it sounds like they were pretty well organized for a bunch of adolescents.

Favorites: On the quiz front, Reid’s favorites include Literary Characters Sorting Blitz, 151 Original Pokémon and Word Ladders. Some of his favorite movies are The Lion King, The Matrix, and–more recently–Interstellar.

Strange Fact: Reid was 10 1/2 pounds when he was born. On a similar subject, he shares a birthday with Bill Gates.

Best part about working at Sporcle: In his words, “I love how [Sporcle] is both oddly fast-paced and laid-back.” He describes how the team likes to get things done fast but also likes to tinker. There’s always people asking “what if we tried it this way” and continually working to improve the product. 

Anything else? “Sporcle’s better on mobile.”

New Badges: What a Cartostrophe!, Arcade Addict, and Hey, it’s Leap Day!

Pre-Caesar, they had an extra month every two years, which just sounds messy.

What a Cartostrophe!: It’s a worldwide roll call – from ‘A’ to ‘OQYZ’. We’d say Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, but that actually doesn’t cover a lot of ground. To earn this badge, get 100% on all the featured A-Z World Map quizzes.

ArcadeAddict (1)Arcade Addict: Button mashing is great for many games; not so much for Minesweeper. Earn 50% or more on Classic Microsoft Games SlideshowClassic Arcade Games Slideshow, and 20 Classic Fighting Games for this badge.

Hey, it’s Leap Day!: It might fall on a Monday this year, but it’s an extra Monday and that’s pretty magical. Seize the day and play 29 quizzes on Leap Day to earn this badge.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: Vince Lombadgi, What Rhymes with Badge?, and Keep Calm and Sporcle On

Tadge? Sadge? It’s trickier to rhyme with than you’d expect.

Vince Lombadgi Bade IconVince Lombadgi: A championship game, arena concert, and advertising spectacle all in one. To win the Vince Lombadgi, get 50% or more on NFL Super Bowl Winners, NFL Super Bowl MVPs, and NFL Super Bowl Halftime Shows.

Rhyme Time Badge IconWhat Rhymes with Badge?: If you need a rhyme for a children’s book, just make one up! If you need a rhyme for a Sporcle quiz… well, you actually have to know them. Play 25 quizzes with the Rhyme tag for this badge.

Keep Calm and Sporcle On Badge IconKeep Calm and Sporcle On: Get your zen on and earn this badge by scoring 50% or more on Keep Calm and Go to the Movies, Keep Calm and Watch TV, and Keep Calm and Play Video Games.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

Dr. Sporcle is Changing Your Dose

Dr. Sporcle will see you now

If you can’t resist our Daily Dose quizzes, prepare yourself for a whole new treat!

Introducing a new way to get your Sporcle fix: Quick Pick Quizzes.

Quick Picks recently became a subcategory on Sporcle, and they’ll soon be featured as Daily Dose quizzes. Alongside the usual Word Ladders and Missing Words, one of our favorite Quick Picks will be shown on the front page every day. When we make something front page material, we’re serious about it. The quizzes themselves, though? Not too serious.

Here are the criteria for a Quick Pick Quiz:

•Clickable quiz type
•Time limit of 1:30 mins or less
•20 answers or fewer
•A topic with wide appeal

The ideal Quick Pick should be playable by most people, even without deep knowledge of the subject. These are more about the crazy low time limit than about reasoning through answers.

With a new quiz on the front page every day, these quick quizzes are one the best ways to get yourself published on Sporcle. Check out a Random Quick Pick for some inspiration on your next quiz!

Disclaimer: Doctor Sporcle is not an M.D. and thus isn’t certified to write prescriptions. Any medical advice given here is probably unfounded in science and has a 90% chance of having been written by a narwhal named Sharpy.

New Badges: Missing Word-O-Rama, From the Vault, and Badges, According to the Onion

Report: Mankind’s Knowledge Of TV Trivia Doubling Every Three Years

Missing Word-O-Rama Badge IconMissing Word-O-Rama: Movie titles, song lyrics, famous names… they all need you. They’re looking for their other half (or third or fourth,  as the case may be). You complete them. For this badge, play 200 missing word quizzes.

From the Vault: If you can’t bear the stampede scene in The Lion King, refer to forks as ‘dinglehoppers’, and have a strong opinion on the blue vs. pink dress issue, this is a shoo-in. Get 100% on Disney Animated Movies for this badge.

Badges, According to the Onion Badge IconBadges, According to the Onion: Crying over an onion is a physical reaction; crying over the Onion is a mental thing. Get over 50% on Everything, According to the Onion, Onion Story or Real Story?, and Follow That Onion Headline for this.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

Thank You For Being a Friend

Actress Betty White turned 94 this week, making her older than Kyrgyzstan (1991), the Slinky (1943) and even sliced bread (1928).

White’s career started in the 1940s and doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon. Not unlike her Golden Girls character, she likes to be in on the action. “Retirement is not in my vocabulary,” White said after receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2015 Emmys. The Guinness Book of World Records recognizes Betty White for having the longest TV career of any female entertainer.

Since she’s been acting longer than most of us have been alive, we’ll give you a little refresher of the amazing things she has contributed to the world:

1) Golden Girls

Who knew that a group of four retirement-aged women could steal our hearts as much as they did? White played the part of Rose–the spacey friend with a trove of funny stories.

The show tackled some serious issues of the time like AIDS, gay marriage and teen pregnancy, but never lost its lighthearted atmosphere. You see, Rose had a knack for finding sticky situations to get herself into. These strange circumstances gave inspiration for many of the TV tropes still seen in shows today.

Golden Girls captured the idea of women living it up regardless of their age, which couldn’t have been more refreshing.


2) Later Roles

Between her roles in the Proposal, Lake Placid and Hot in Cleveland (along with a GREAT many cameos), Betty White established her personal character–an old woman so incredibly witty and fun you’d wonder if she was actually senile.

3) Everything Else

She crushed her appearances on late night talk shows:

And cracked us up on her own Betty White’s Off Their Rockers. 

She gave us perfect excuses for our favorite activities:

And helped us understand that, even at our worst times, we’re not alone.

Happy birthday, Betty! And always remember…

How to Make a Marvelous Picture Click Quiz

By now you’ve definitely noticed our latest quiz type popping up around the site. Picture Click quizzes are a hybrid between Map and Clickable quizzes. And they are awesome! This post is for anyone interested in creating a Picture Click quiz on Sporcle, but who isn’t sure how to get started.

Read through the instructions, contribute a quiz, and you’ll be a Picture Click master before you know it!


Getting Started

First things first, navigate to the Game Creation Center and click the orange ‘Create a New Game’ button. Then enter some basic information about the quiz you’re making.

Game Name:
Start by typing in the name of your quiz. (Don’t worry, you can change this later if you want.)

Similar Games:
If your quiz has already been made by another user, it will display in the ‘Similar Games’ box below.

Game Type:
For ‘Game Type,’ choose ‘Picture Click.’

After selecting your game type click the ‘Create Game’ button.

Once Your Draft is Created:


1. Upload an Image

Now that you’ve created the game, you’ll start off in the ‘Game Info’ tab. Like when making a Map quiz, you’ll notice there is a field for an Image URL near the top.

First, upload the image you’d like to use to a popular image hosting site like FlickrImgur or Photobucket, and paste the URL of the image into this field. Images must be smaller than 400kb in size, and cannot be more than 920 pixels wide.


2. Enter the Data

Before you can start drawing shapes on your image, you must enter all the answers you’d like to use in the data tab.

The data you enter into the ‘Hint’ column will be what you are being asked to click on. The data you enter into the ‘Answer’ column will be what displays when you click the shape on the image.

3. Draw your Shapes

Now that you’ve entered your data, go back to the ‘Game Info’ tab, and click the ‘Edit Map’ link above the Image URL.

On the ‘Edit Map’ page, you’ll see all the answers you entered on the data tab in a box to the left and your image in the middle. Simply drag your answer to a spot on the map, and that’s where it’ll show up when someone guesses it. (Note: All changes are automatically saved on this page.)

When an answer is selected, click the box with ‘Draw Shape Area’ written next to it. You can now begin drawing the shape for the selected answer by moving your cursor over the image and simply  clicking your way around the portion you want quiz players to choose. You’ll notice small, white boxes appear after each click. Once you have made your way entirely around the part of the image you want people to select, click the first white box you placed to enclose the shape. You also can click the ‘Close Shape’ button to do this automatically. The small white boxes can be moved around and adjusted as needed once the image is complete.3

If you are unsatisfied with the shape you drew, you can click the small trash can icon to delete it and start over. Once all shapes have been drawn you can test the game.

Additionally, you can show or hide the answer boxes using the Answers link. If you’d like to line up your answers perfectly on the same line use the Grid option as well as Grid Snap which aligns your answer boxes to the nearest grid row or column. You can toggle through shape visibility by using the Finished Shapes icon.

After that, your quiz is all ready to play, and all that’s left is tweaking a few options so your quiz can be played just how you want it.