New Badges: 2 Minute Drill, Body Language, and Blueprint Boss

Can you figure out the blueprints to earn these new badges?

e5dPi2INheJvRT8ZgMqUQMuFqOmLkALlRflwnVpMlvU2 Minute Drill: In 2 minutes, you can do lots of things: brush your teeth, check your horoscope, or even play a Sporcle quiz. To get this badge, play 15 2 minute quizzes in 1 day.

BodyLanguageBody Language: Everyone played ‘doctor’ when they were kids, now you can see how much you actually know about your body. Play 25 quizzes tagged anatomy to earn this badge.

6FDLCAHTjAgUXnkV0YquKpjNoFKdQEWF4PfSiAvc38kBlueprint Boss: We don’t know much about reading blueprints, good thing we’re not architects. Get 50% or more on The Sporcle Viewfinder, Tallest Building Cities (US), and 12 Silhouettes of Famous Buildings to receive this badge.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: Hit the Books, The Original Sporcler, and Spelling Bee

It’s almost time to head back to school, see if you’re ready for the new school year and earn these badges.

HitTheBooks2Hit the Books: College is all about meeting new people, learning new things, and beer pong. To get this badge, you’ll need 100% on Are You Smarter Than A College Student? I, II, III, IV, and V.

2007SporcleThe Original Sporcler: Sporcle has come a long way since it was first created. It’s time to go back to basics with the quizzes that started it all. Play 22 quizzes that were published in 2007 to receive this badge.

SpellingBeeSpelling Bee: The only way to make spelling bees more terrifying is to add a minefield to them. To win the Sporcle Spelling Bee, get 100% on Commonly Misspelled Words I, II, and III.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

Top Comments of the Week (08/07)

Check out our favorite witty commenters below:

1. From: Comically Obvious Brand Knock-offs

kbw3141592: See, they’re McDonald’s… I’m McDowell’s. They got the Golden Arches, mine is the Golden Arcs. They got the Big Mac, I got the Big Mick. We both got two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions, but their buns have sesame seeds. My buns have no seeds.

2. From: Passable General Knowledge Trivia III

CottlestonPieI too am outraged this quiz featured questions that I did not know the answers to.

3. From: Separated Large Cities (USA) II

EstoniaI saw Taco and my mind just wandered away.

4. From: Easier ‘C’ Images II

sgodwinImages that start with C4? I expected this to be much more explosive! :)

5. From: International Websites

hodgetigerOf course there’s an amazon in Brazil……..!

New Badges: Badge of the Pharaohs, Classic Schmassic, and Bazinga!

We think these badges are… Zazzy.

EgyptBadgeBadge of the Pharaohs: We can sum up what we know about Egypt in 3 words: pyramid, Nile, and mummy. To earn this badge, get 50% on Country Quiz: Egypt, Governorates of Egypt, and Nile River Countries.

ClassicSchamssicClassic Schmassic: Time to get back to the classics. Get your fingers ready to type, you could have quite a few quizzes to play. Play 1,000 Classic quizzes and receive this badge.

Bazinga2Bazinga!: Holy crap on a cracker, there’s a badge for The Big Bang Theory. To get it, take a seat on the couch (as long as you’re not in Sheldon’s spot) and play 25 quizzes tagged The Big Bang Theory.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

[Note: There was an error when the Classic Schmassic badge was released. We are re-publishing it, and the new badge will award credit for past plays correctly. We apologize for the confusion or inconvenience.]

Top Comments of the Week (07/31)

Check out our favorite witty commenters below:

1. From: Out of Shape NFL Logos

maverick2014: It seems wrong that the Patriots logo is puffy rather than under-inflated.

2. From: Who Said It: God or Kanye?

space_cadet72“Yo, Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’ma let you finish, but Beyoncé had one of the best videos of all time!” -John 14:36

3. From: Rhymes With Sun

campfiresongsongI might have only got 18 out of 19, but at least I can still honestly say that I missed “none”.

4. From: Countries Not Invaded by Britain on a Map

DerekH22 countries not invaded by Britain – but the day is yet young…

5. From: US States Without Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

msuspartan1981Don’t feel too badly for New England, as they have Dunkin Donuts on every corner.

Choose the Only Four (Music): The Sporcle Featured Quiz of the Week


We think all our featured quizzes are great, but once a week we find a quiz published within the last 7 days that went the extra mile.

This week’s quiz is Choose the Only Four (Music) by Sporcle User AmazingPenguin.

What’s the Quiz About?

Foursomes are all around us, and this quiz proves their importance in the music world. There are 8 categories, each with 4 possible answers, and you need to work your way through them and correctly click the 4 correct words amid the 48 possible answers. From the Fab Four to Music Festivals to Madonna Songs, whatever your level of music knowledge is, there’s something here for you. This quiz is full of catchy songs and famous artists, be ready to have at least 3 different songs in your head.

New Badges: Grand Master, Line by Line & Happy Hour

Time for more badges! This week it’s a chance to learn some things about chess, remember your favorite movies, and enjoy a Sporcle-themed happy hour! 

GrandMasterGrand Master: In chess, there’s always more to learn. Brush up on the basics and add to your chess-knowledge by getting 50% or better on Chessboard SetupChess Trivia Chessboard and World Chess Champions. Your move.

LineByLine2Line by Line: Be it songs, movies or jokes, some dialogue is best heard a second time (or third or fourth.)  This badge is devoted to those who follow the lines. Now go play 50 total Follow That Line quizzes, and report back when you’re finished.

HappyHour2Happy Hour: At Sporcle HQ, happy hour means a trek down to the local brewery. (After earning a badge, of course!) Join in the fun by playing 10 quizzes between 4 PM and 6 PM in one day.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

Top Comments of the Week (07/24)

Check out our favorite witty commenters below:

1. From: Test Your Memory: Countries

Kimbole: Clicked Benin instead of Begin. Must read more carefully.

2. From: Famous Fictional Dogs

crouchingdomoUgh, I know he’s just a cartoon, and I know it’s a still image and not a GIF. But even seeing Scrappy Doo with his stupid little dukes up makes me want to just slap him.

It’s never okay to hit a dog in anger, unless that dog is Scrappy Doo.

3. From: Jigsaw Puzzle Challenge

Limerick_ManOh, jigsaw puzzles are fun
And I am an expert bar none
If the box says “Here’s
For 2-4 Years”
In only 6 months I’ll be done

4. From: Word Hourglass VIII

Marsupial_NinjaJust couldn’t get ‘Bono’ to work for ‘one who puts on airs’.

5. From: Commonly Confused Words

perriconeaIf you need a mnemonic for persecute/prosecute, remember this: Any PERson can PERsecute, but only a PROfessional can PROsecute.

New Badges: August Rush, Climb the Ladder, and Order of Merlin, First Class

Time to take your O.W.L.s in Sporcle, let’s see if you can earn an O.

AugustRushAugust Rush: August concludes our monthly badges, try not to rush your way through it. Win 150 challenges against the Sporcle Computer or other users to get this badge.

ClimbTheLadder2Climb the Ladder: Word Ladders are just like real ladders, you climb them one step at a time. To earn this badge, get 100% on 25 published Word Ladder quizzes.

OrderOfMerlinFirstClass2Order of Merlin, First Class: Of course all these characters are in your head, but why does that mean they’re not real? Get 100% on Harry Potter Top 200 and you just might get your face on a chocolate frog card.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

Criteria Holidays: The Sporcle Featured Quiz of the Week


We think all our featured quizzes are great, but once a week we find a quiz published within the last 7 days that went the extra mile.

This week’s quiz is Criteria Holidays by Sporcle User geshmonkey.

What’s the Quiz About?

Though it’s not exactly the ‘Holiday Season’, we always enjoy a good holiday quiz. This quiz tests your knowledge of all sorts of holidays, from Christmas to Halloween to Eid al-Fitr. It’s a criteria quiz, so you’ll get a list of descriptions (or criteria), and you have to click the holiday that matches ALL of the criteria. As you play, one criteria will disappear until you’re left with just one description and one holiday. It’s a minefield, so if you click in the wrong order, the quiz will end and you’ll have to start all over. Take your time, you have 5 minutes and only 10 holidays to work through, so you should be able to really think about each hint.