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The Source of Your Sporcle Addiction?

Since the recent publications of books like The Zombie Survival Guide and World War Z, zombies (and zombie trivia) have certainly been in vogue. In 2010 Seattle hosted a Zombie-con, which included everything from guest appearances by Bruce Campbell to a vintage zombie prom. Zombie films have exploded in popularity, and these days zombies come in all forms: some are altered by nuclear radiation, others are the classic risen from the grave type, and still others are monsters effected by poisons, evil spirits, what have you. It’s able to be fun because it’s not really possible…right? What if zombies could be a real threat, what if there really were a mind controlling parasite or virus that would manipulate its host’s behavior to its own ends? What if science suddenly becomes a lot more like science fiction?

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Ratings Feature

Hello Sporcleites,

We finally finished the rating feature, so you can now show your pleasure (or displeasure) with each and every Sporcle quiz. You’ll now see the following down at the bottom of each game page by the comments:


It is hopefully pretty self explanatory, but the orange filled Sporcle balls denote the average rating, and, if you choose to rate a game, your rating will be the one with the black circle around it. You can change your rating at any time by clicking a different rating, but obviously, only one rating per person per game.

You’ll also notice the start of a way to see the ‘highest rated’ quizzes at Sporcle. On the category list, you can now choose By Rating to see the games ordered by rating. Right now, all we have is site wide, but as people start to rate games, we’ll have a way to look at rating by week, month, all time, etc. We also hope to add a way to your stats page to show games you’ve rated, so stay tuned for that.

If there are any other suggestions along this line, please feel free to let us know. We aim to please.