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Sporcle’s Best of 2013

bestof20132013 has been an incredible year for Sporcle. We reached 1 billion games played, published over 3,000 new quizzes, and now have over over 400,000 contributed games. We also released four brand new apps, and have continued rolling out Sporcle Live to new locations.

In this post, we’re highlighting our most popular quizzes, comments and blog posts from 2013.

Top Quizzes

Here’s a list of the most played games on Sporcle in 2013. We’ve broken them down into 13 minefield and 13 non-minefield games. Check ‘em out:

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One Billion Happened…Now What?

billionth-play banner

Thanks to everyone who joined us on the road to One Billion! We loved all the positive energy and good wishes you shared.

Wondering about the contests? Don’t worry, we didn’t forget. It takes time to compile the results, and then to notify the winners.

We’ll be announcing all of the contest winners at once–which is also when we’ll publish the winning entry from the quiz contest.

So sit back, relax, and play some more quizzes.

Here’s some favorites from the past few weeks:
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Oscar Week Day 5: The Envelope, Please…

We made it through Oscar Week!

We don’t know about you, but we’ve never felt so prepared for the Academy Awards. There’s been so many ways to join in the Oscar excitement: brushing up on Oscar trivia by getting the Oscar Obsessed badge, displaying creative genius in the Oscar Week Photoshop, and creating more great quizzes in the Oscar Week Quiz Contest.

Now it’s our turn to present some awards. The envelope, please…

Oscar Week Quiz Contest

The winner is: Stanford008 with:

Most Common Words: Oscar Edition

Oscar Week Photoshop Contest

The winner is: BanjoZebra!

We’d like to thank all of our entrants and everyone who played and enjoyed Oscar Week on Sporcle this year. We’ll see you next year!

Oscar Week Day 4: Oscar Moments

It’s Thursday of Oscar Week! When Sunday rolls around, we hope you’ll be filled to the brim with Oscar fun.

One of the best parts of the actual Oscars event is getting to see your favorite stars interacting with a live audience. (Never mind the fact that you’re still watching them on a TV screen.) Whether the stars are presenting or receiving awards, or just smiling and clapping in the audience, they give us performances that are sometimes as entertaining as the films themselves.

And don’t forget, you can still earn the Oscar Obsessed badge, and submit an entry for the Oscar Week Photoshop Contest and the Oscar Week Quiz Contest.

Here’s a few past Oscar moments to get you excited for this year:
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Oscar Week Day 3: Quiz Contest

It’s Day 3 of Oscar Week! Thanks for having some fun with us as we celebrate the best movies and the best movie trivia.

On Monday, we encouraged you to earn the Oscar Obsessed badge, and yesterday we announced the Oscar Week Photoshop Contest. Today it’s your chance to create some Oscar diversions of your own.

Oscar Week Quiz Contest

The rules:

  1. Create an Oscar-themed quiz (the term ‘Oscar’ can be used loosely)
  2. Contribute the quiz and make sure it’s public
  3. Post a link to the quiz in the comment section of this blog post

We’ll add all entries to the bottom of this post, and encourage other users to nominate their favorite quizzes. The most nominated quiz at the end of the week will be featured on the Sporcle homepage on Friday afternoon.

Additional Rules: The quiz must be new, and there’s only one entry allowed per person. We’ll announce the winner on Friday.

For information about how to create quizzes, check out our FAQ page.

You can also get ideas from all the great quiz contests that have been taking place on Sporcle University.

Here’s the entries that have been submitted so far:

 Famous Oscars  The Oscar Web
 Oscar-Winning Canadians  Most Common Words–Oscar Speeches
 ‘Out-Billed’ Oscar Winners  Oscar Hosts (images)
 Any Acting Oscar  2013 Best Picture Noms by Critical Contest
 Oscar Plus Ones  Oscar Hosts by Best Picture
 Missing Word: Oscar Supporting Actor Movies (2013)  Best Picture Runners Up: ’90s
 Best Oscar Nominated French People  Oscar Winners’ Roles in Other Genres of Film
 SPORCLE in Oscars  
 Oscar Winning Portrayals of Real People  


Oscar Week Day 2: Photoshop Contest

Thanks for joining us for Day 2 as we celebrate the Oscars! Movie trivia is such an important part of Sporcle, and so we’ve taken this week to celebrate the movies, directors and actors who bring them to life.

On Monday, we encouraged you to earn the Oscar Obsessed badge. Today, we’re announcing the start of Oscar Week Photoshop Contest. This is your chance to showcase your creativity and sense of humor.  And maybe even get your work published to the Sporcle Facebook page!

If Photoshop isn’t your thing (or even if it is), check back tomorrow for details about the Oscar Week Quiz Contest. Both contests will be open for the entire week, so you can take your time and enjoy the creative process. The Academy declined the opportunity to judge the entries, but Sporcle Admin is up to the task.  Get the details below:

Oscar Week Photoshop Contest

We’ve done Photoshop contests in the past, and we’re always super impressed with the designs you create. The theme this time around is SPORCLE AT THE MOVIES, and the door’s wide open for anything that falls in that category.

The rules:

    • Create an image that includes the Sporcle logo
    • Connect your image to the contest theme (Sporcle at the Movies)
    • Paste your entry in the comment section (If you have problems commenting send us a note)
    • Use this source image to get started (or this one, if you’re just thinking about just using the globe.)

Prize: We’ll publish the winning image as the cover of our Facebook* page.  The previous winning design stayed as our cover photo for most of the fall season, and we received so many compliments on it! Check out past Photoshop contests for examplesideas, and even more ideas. Or send us a message if you have any other questions.

*The dimensions for a Facebook cover photo are 815 pixels wide and 315 pixels tall. You don’t have to use these dimensions, but we may end up re-formatting your image slightly if we do make it our Facebook cover.

Welcome to Oscar Week on Sporcle

Welcome to Sporcle’s Oscar Week!

Movie trivia is an important part of Sporcle, so much so that we decided to celebrate the Oscars all week long. Sporcle Oscar Week is a great way to celebrate Hollywood’s greatest films, along with the directors and actors who bring them to life. There’s never a shortage of statistics and fun facts when it comes to the film industry. But the Oscars add an extra layer of flavor, matching up the past year’s films against each other, and naming a select few the ‘Best.’

We’re not here to debate the winners and losers–we’ll leave that up to you and your friends–but we are here to remind you of all the great Oscar diversions we have on Sporcle.

The Badge

One way to brush up on your Oscar trivia is by earning one of Sporcle’s newest badges: Oscar Obsessed. If you don’t think you’re obsessed now, just wait till you’ve achieved the badge. Not only do you have to play some of our top Oscar quizzes–Best Pictures Oscar Winners (1970-Present), Most Oscars Movies, and Most Oscar Nominations–but you have to get 50% on each quiz. This badge is the beginning of the journey to becoming an Oscar expert.

The Quizzes

If you enjoyed the Oscar Obsessed quizzes, check out the Oscar trivia homepage, along with the Oscar quizzes that will be published throughout the week. Or if you just want some basic Movies Quizzes, be sure to spend some time on the Movies category homepage. Not only does this page include all published movies quizzes, but it also features the most recent Editor Picks.

The Contests

Check the blog each day to hear about different contests we’ll be running throughout the week. Oscar Week isn’t just about featuring great quizzes, it’s also about featuring YOU! Participation is key to making this week as fun as possible. So join in the Oscar spirit, and join with Sporcle as we countdown to the 85th Academy Awards.

But wait, there’s more…

If all that wasn’t enough, here are some more great Oscar quizzes to get you started:

Best Picture Bonanza Best Picture by Character
Movie Makeup Oscar Winner Connections
Every Single Best Actor Nominee Disney Oscar Songs – First Verses
Oscar Categories Oscar Hosts
Bad Review? Best Picture! The Only Oscar…

Next week: Back to Sporcle!

Get ready for BACK TO SPORCLE! 

BACK TO SPORCLE is a week to remember all the reasons you love Sporcle. The best quizzes of the summer will be posted on our homepage and Facebook page. Daily blog posts will give you tips and ideas for new ways to use Sporcle. And contests will give you the chance to stretch your creativity for some huge public recognition. We couldn’t be more excited, and we hope you’ll join the fun!

Next week, join us to celebrate fall, the new school year, and Sporcle trivia at its finest.

What to expect:

  • Blog: daily posts, contests, and more!
  • Facebook: top quizzes, polls, and the quirky humor you love
  • Site: an amazing quiz line-up, college leader-board news, and the 10,000th published quiz

Who doesn't love fall???

What…is Your Favorite Color?

We associate colors with various circumstances in our lives; white with weddings, green with healthy grass, and a hearty reddish-pink with eating undercooked meat. On this page alone you are looking at at least thirty different colors and shades. And that’s not even including the iPod you have sitting next to you, the Post-It note attached to your monitor reminding you to buy the new Pink Martini CD, or the books you have littering your desk for your American Lit class that you’re avoiding doing homework for right now by Sporcling. (Don’t worry, we won’t tell.)

It’s a widely recognized ‘truth’ that when one is in Kindergarten, all one needs to build a friendship that will last you a lifetime is a mutually held favorite color. All jokes aside, this method of friend sorting may have something behind it after all. Our favorite colors really might say something about us. Recently, color based personality tests have been developed that some are saying are as accurate as more traditional personality tests. These personality tests can show interesting trends, like that CEOs are more likely to prefer magenta than the average citizen.

So just for kicks and giggles, we at Sporcle decided to take a color based personality test. In this test you could score as an Organizer, a Creator, a Doer, a Persuader, or a Researcher. (There may have been other options, but as none of the staff scored them they have been deemed irrelevant.) When the results were in, interesting patterns began to emerge. To begin with, all but two of the full time employees who took the test scored as Creators, while the part timers (aka college students) scored almost uniformly as Organizers. There were a couple of other compelling correlations: in general, those who scored as Organizers were female, while all the Creators were male; and those who scored as a Creator were older than those who scored as Organizers. Colloquially put, our old men are creative and our younger women are organized. (Hopefully the Sporcle staff who read this blog aren’t too sensitive about their age.) Of our two standouts one was an older male Persuader, the other a younger female Researcher. Evidently, this office has a decided lack of Doers…

Ultimately, we all experience color in different ways. This may be due to any number of factors, though it’s been theorized that culture and language provide the dominant lens through which we consider color. Our flag colors–whether they be the red, white, and blue that Americans, the British, and the French are raised to admire or the yellow, black, and red of the Germans and Spanish–instill a sense of patriotism in the observer. And while we in the West currently associate blue with tranquility and strength, according to the Crayola Crayon company the Cherokee Indians associated it with failure and disappointment (which would actually make “feeling blue” make a lot more sense). Some languages have don’t have words for correlating colors to English at all.

These is a truly infinite spectrum of color. We have not yet truly plumbed the depths of how we react to colors, and why we react the way we do. It’s exciting that something so ubiquitous has so much potential for future discovery. Just imagine all the potential blog posts, for example. Finally, if you happen to take the color test above, be sure to share your results in the comments. We’d love to hear about them.

Back to School Week Day 2 – Challenge Your Friends

Back to School Week
Welcome to Sporcle Back to School week day 2. We had a pretty great time yesterday playing some fun games on Facebook and Twitter and featuring some great quizzes throughout the summer. We may have even confounded a few of you with the Literal Musicians Quiz.

Today, however we’re not just focusing on great quizzes, we want you to check out our new and revised challenge page. If you’ve never challenged a friend to a Sporcle quiz, it’s easy. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Find your friends on Sporcle.
  3. Follow them (and make sure they follow you back.)
  4. Let the challenging begin!
Afterwards, you can check out your challenge history and overall challenge ranking at your Sporcle challenge page. You can also play challenges against the Sporcle-bot. If you win enough, you just might make our challenge leaderboards.
If you’re looking for something to challenge your friends with, check out some of our featured summer quizzes after the jump.

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