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New Feature: Copy Your Quizzes


Have you ever made an amazing quiz, and wanted to make a sequel with all the same settings and style? Now is your time. You can copy any of your own quizzes whether they are a draft, contributed or published. All you have to do is navigate to your game management dashboard, look for copy icon (right next to the edit game link), and you can start happily cloning quizzes all day long.

Just remember: Game play data, ratings and favorites are not copied along for the ride, but all other info, including answer data, and map marker locations, will be preserved in the new quiz.

Who’s Talking to North Korea?

kim and peeps

North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, has been found. Kim had not been seen in the public eye since September 3rd, raising speculations about his whereabouts and well-being. During his absence, he missed two important events, both of which he was expected to attend. In the recently released pictures, Kim is seen walking with a cane, but looking happy and healthy. However, since only still photographs were released, it’s tough to tell if the 31-year-old was having trouble walking.

Kim has been the head of the government of North Korea since 2012, and since he assumed leadership, their standing in the international community has not changed all that much, and there are 32 countries that refuse to have diplomatic ties to the country. Play the quiz below to see if you can figure out who they are.

Sporcle Map Updates

As you might have noticed, the internet is a constantly changing beast. Well, Sporcle is jumping on that bandwagon with some of our nearest and dearest. Starting today, we put into motion a process that will change (for the better!) many of the oldest map quizzes on the site.

We’re going from ‘eek!’ to ‘chic’, and starting with the worst offender of them all. Today the former Capitals of Europe map was replaced after 6 ½ years of existence.


We can bet you’ve already played that quiz (maybe even more than once), as it has over 1.19 million plays. If you haven’t taken a peek at our new look, now’s your chance!

Be on the lookout for other map games to receive the same treatment in the near future. Bye bye, old maps! Hello, beautiful…


New Game Pages Are Here: Features & Frequently Asked Questions

game-page-example1It’s here! We warned you about it just a few days ago, and we’ve just released the krak…err…new game page. There are tons of changes to the new page, and we wanted to highlight just a few of the new features as well as answer some common questions we’ve received. Without futher ado, let’s move on to some of the highlights.

New Features

  • ‘Challenge Your Friends on Facebook’ Option.
  • New Facebook Share buttons
  • Random Category & Subcategory link on each game.
  • Improved look and feel for embedded pictures & videos.
  • Updated ‘Popular Games’ today section
  • Restored the Hide Comments button.
  • Reduced time before the ‘give up’ button appears. Now 7 seconds instead of 17.
  • More room for game notes, including the ability to add HTML to a game note. (Tags accepted:<br><b><h1><h2><h3><h4><i><li><ol><strong><u><ul>)

Frequently Asked Questions

The game pages seemed fine, why’d you change everything?

We wrote out a few reasons for changing the game pages in our preview post from earlier this week. The short answer is that we wanted you see the most important pieces of the game page first, and to do that we had to make some major changes.

Where’s the link to the comments?

The comments link is now at the top of the page right next the number of game plays, and the rating. Clicking that link will open the comments section. You can also click the show comments link at the bottom of the page.

Where did the game notes go?

All game notes are currently displayed under ‘How to Play’. We’ve increased the number of characters that can be added to that section, and you can use limited HTML when creating games.

What are those little icons next to the ‘How to Play’ section?

We’ve simplified our game instructions and now they’re visual icons. Hovering your mouse over the icon will give you an explanation of what each of them does.

Why can’t I leave a note when I nominate a quiz?

The feature where you could leave a note along with your quiz nomination wasn’t used all that often, and many people thought it was a requirement. We’ve simplified the nominating process so now all you have to do is click the button. We hope this encourages more people to nominate the quizzes the love.

A quiz I made looks terrible in the new game format, what do I do?

Please report the quiz using the ‘Other’ designation and let us know what’s wrong. We’ll get it fixed.

Brace Yourself: A New Game Page is Coming

Despite today being April 1st, this is not an April Fool’s day joke. We promise!


The classic game page is not long for this world.

Very soon we’re going to be making a huge update to your old friend the Sporcle game page. That’s right, we said it. Everything you know is about to change.

We know that big changes on a site don’t always go over well (We’re looking at you Facebook!) but in this case we’ve spent a lot of time putting ourselves in your shoes (nice shoes, btw) and doing our best to figure out how to take the game page from “Eh, it’s fine” to “!!!!”.

We know it can be really jarring when a site you like updates its look and feel, so this post is all about giving you a look behind the scenes before we release this thing into the wild. Check out our top 4 reasons below to get an idea of why the heck we’re doing what we’re doing.

4 Reasons Why We’re Changing the Game Page

1.  We wanted you to see the things that are most important.

When we began working on this project we realized that many of the most interesting elements of a game were not at the top of the page. They were actually hidden, below the game and out of sight. We’re now moving the most important pieces above the play game button, right where you can see them.

2. We wanted to make sharing easier.

You might have noticed that we’ve changed our sharing buttons on more than one occasion.  We want to make sharing quizzes as easy as possibly without looking messy and cluttered. Once we release the new page, sharing will be much more simple.

3. We wanted to make Sporcle even more interactive.

Some of the new features involve making it easier to challenge and find your friends on Facebook, and we needed to find a place to highlight this unique way of playing Sporcle across sites.

4. We wanted a fresh start.

When you make small tweaks and updates to a page, you end up with a page that’s a strange mixture of design elements (basically what we have now). If we were going to make the significant improvements to these pages to make it a better experience for everyone (for exclamation points, at least), we needed to start from scratch.

When the new page comes out, you’ll see dozens of small tweaks that we would have never been able to make if we’d attempted small tweaks over time. We’ll have a full recap when we release this thing to the wild, so stay tuned.

So without further ado, here’s a small preview of the new game page:


The rest of the page will revealed soon. As per usual, please let us know any thoughts you have in the comments section.

Congrats to Sproutcm on 568 Publishes!

sproutcmJust like Babe Ruth’s sacred home run record, Ben’s published game record of of 567 publishes seemed unbreakable, a pie-in-the-sky record that seemed destined to stand forever (or a really long time, at least). However, today Sproutcm has hit the lofty goal of 568 publishes, and is now the most published user on Sporcle.

Congrats Sproutcm, you’ve earned it. Here’s to hundreds more!

Sproutcm by the numbers:

568 games published (and counting)
Over 2,000 games created
Over 38 million Sproutcm quizzes played by other Sporclers
Over 6,000 favorites from Sporclers

Sporcle’s Best of 2013

bestof20132013 has been an incredible year for Sporcle. We reached 1 billion games played, published over 3,000 new quizzes, and now have over over 400,000 contributed games. We also released four brand new apps, and have continued rolling out Sporcle Live to new locations.

In this post, we’re highlighting our most popular quizzes, comments and blog posts from 2013.

Top Quizzes

Here’s a list of the most played games on Sporcle in 2013. We’ve broken them down into 13 minefield and 13 non-minefield games. Check ‘em out:

Read more

New Capitals on Sporcle: Kyiv and Tirana

tirana 1

For capitals, we generally stick to the CIA World Factbook where we use the name and spelling for our capitals that is used by that site. In auditing some of our data recently, we came across a couple mis-named capitals, and decided to make a change. In general, you won’t notice, but we thought we’d give you a little overview.

1. Tirane is now Tirana

We’ve been displaying the Albanian capital  as ‘Tirane’ on many of our quizzes. Tiranë is the spelling in Albanian, but it is more commonly internationally known as Tirana, and so going forward we will display Tirana and accept Tirane as an alternate.

2. Kiev is now Kyiv. 

We’re way behind times on this one. After their independence in 1991, Ukraine officially announced the official transliteration of their capital as Kyiv all the way back in 1991. It took the US Government until 2006 to update their official guides, and now in 2013 (barely squeaking in), Sporcle has decided to recognize Ukraine’s request. Glad we could get on that so quickly.

It’s Cabo…Cabo Verde

So much trouble for such a little country.

So much trouble for such a little country.

The issue actually didn’t come to light until Sporcler @kickyandfun tweeted us the link to a December 12th National Geographic article that discussed some of the issues that mapmakers have with changing geography. One thing we at Sporcle are very familiar with is the fact that geography is always changing. We’ve dealt with changing flags, new countries and wrestled with the very idea of what a country is. In the trivia world, answers are always right or wrong, but in the the real world it’s never that easy.


We love it when we get to create a situation room.

So why the change? According to National Geographic, the islands were originally named Cabo Verde by Portuguese explorers and were reverted to the anglicized name sometime over the last century. In essence, since Cabo Verde is one of only 8 Portuguese speaking countries in the world, changing the name to their common language is a no-brainer. The other added benefit is that Cabo Verde is *so* much more fun to say. It just rolls off the tongue.

Now comes the tricky part.  Sporcle has over 2,000 quizzes that reference Cape Verde in either the hints or the answers, as well as 136 unique published quizzes. Our priority, of course, is the published quizzes, but eventually we expect every quiz on Sporcle to bear the Cabo Verde name.  It’s gonna take some work.