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New Badges!

 New badges are here!

After the huge success of the first few rounds of Sporcle badges, 3 new badges have now been unveiled. Read about them below, and be sure to get them while you have the chance!

Feliz Navidad: The holidays are a great time for quality Sporcling. To get the Feliz Navidad badge, you must play Finish the Christmas SongSanta’s Reindeer, and Buddy the Elf Food Groups on Christmas Day. If you miss the 24-hour window of opportunity, you’ll have to wait a whole year to get a second chance.

Social Butterfly: Social butterflies always know the latest news and trends, and social Sporclers are the same way. To get the Social Butterfly badge, you must connect your Sporcle profile to both Facebook and Twitter. It’s simple really, as easy as softly landing on a flower petal.

World Traveler: You might not be able to travel the world by playing Sporcle, but you sure can learn a lot! Play 1000 total games in Geography, and you’ll be considered a World Traveler. At least in the eyes of Sporcle.

If you have questions or suggestions, write to us at feedback@sporcle.com. Or join the discussion on Sporcle University.

Sporcle Matchable Quizzes

We’ve been playing around with a few fun concepts at our Sporcle R&D Labs (aka the line at the local taco truck) and we came up with a fun variation on the Clickable format that has now become a reality: Clickable Matching Games.

So How Does it Work?

If you’ve ever just wanted to be able to match answers in a Sporcle quiz, without the quiz being in a forced order, the Clickable Matching game is going to be your best friend. As you can see, it divides the normal clickable game interface into hint and answer sides. Just click each the pairs that match, and the answer box will turn green (hovering over an answer box will show both matching pairs as yellow).

Matching quizzes also have a default “Study Guide” option that will allow you to guess until you have all the answers correct.

How do I Make a Matching Quiz?

Creating a matching quiz starts off just like creating a Clickable quiz, however, when you get to the Options screen you must select the new matching options:

Selecting the “Match hints with answers’ box enables the matching mode, but the quiz taker can guess as many times as they like. If you’d like them to only be able to guess as many times as there are answers, then you also must select ‘Track incorrect answers”.

Additionally, ‘decoy’ answers can be added by using ‘ee’ in the ‘extra’ column. If you want to add a decoy answer on the left side, just add the decoy to the hint column (and leave the answer column blank). If you’d like the decoy to display on the right, add the decoy to the answer column (and leave the hint column blank).

As a further twist, you can also enable the option to end the quiz on a wrong answer (minefield style).

What’s next?

We’re sure you’re going to have some suggestions and feedback on this new option, but rest assured we have some plans for future iterations of this type of feature, so stay tuned!

Sporcle Embedded Quiz Updates

If you’ve been with us a while you may be aware that we’ve long had an embedded quiz feature. The only problem we had is that you had to have the ability to upload a file to your website in order to get the embed to work and that wasn’t quite compatible with many popular blogging platforms like Blogger and Tumblr.

Well, good news everybody, we’ve now worked around the technical issues and we no longer require you upload a ‘helper file’ in order to embed your quiz.

Want to start embedding quizzes now? Just head on to our Embed Center to get started. Let us know if you have any issues.

Custom Answer Field Colors

Color: it’s a beautiful thing. Imagine if our world were simply black and white? Or even worse, if Sporcle quizzes were only black and white??

So far, you’ve done a good job of using the color options provided by Sporcle’s quiz creation tools. But in your quest to up the quality of quiz presentation, you’ve been asking for more. For example, why does the entire answer column have to be the same color? We honestly couldn’t think of a reason why not.

Which is why, we’re proud to announce: COLORFUL ANSWERS! As of today, you can choose colors for each individual answer cell. We’re excited to see the ways you’ll find to use this new feature. For more details on how to use this, please see the guide below:

1. Create a new Sporcle quiz, or edit an older one. (Note: This feature is not available for Clickable quizzes)

2. Under the GAME OPTIONS tab, check the box that says “Use extra column for color values”

3. Under the DATA tab, use the “Extra Info” column to fill in the colors that you want each answer cell to have. (Note: Using this feature allows you to only have one or two column quizzes)

Inputting colors:

Enter colors using either HTML color names or HEX values. This helpful list is a great reference. Both color names and HEX values will work, and the values do not have to be consistent for the whole quiz.  Have fun creating mixtures to find the perfect color to go with your quiz.

Your finished quiz could look something like this!

As always, write us at feedback@sporcle.com with any questions or concerns you have. Have fun with this new feature!


New Sporcle Leaderboards

You may have noticed that a few days ago we made some big changes to our user leaderboards. In the past, our leaderboards only tracked quiz creators, and you could see some challenge leader data on subcategory pages. We’ve now consolidated them all into one section. In these new leaderboards, we include leaders in players, challengers and contributors sliced and diced in a variety of ways.

Not sure if you’ve made a leaderboard or not? Just go to your user profile to see exactly where you’re ranked (See current quizmaster leader Sproutcm, for example).

As always, if there’s a leaderboard or a suggestion you have, please contact us through our Feedback page.

Sporcle on Google Hangout

We know that Sporclers love our challenge feature, and one thing a lot of people have been requesting is a way to play live with their friends in real-time. We listened to your requests, and now we have something very exciting to announce. We’ve created a Google Hangout app that allows you to play Sporcle against your friends and family across the world. All you need to get started is a Google+ account. If you already have one, just click the big red button below:

Start a Hangout

If at any time you feel lost, we’ve included detailed instructions after the jump.

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Sporcle Badges

You asked. We delivered. The result? Sporcle Badges.

With Sporcle badges, you have one more way to strut your Sporcle-success. You’ll have new motivation to master the Countries of the World, the U.S. Presidents, or maybe just play a quiz from each category. Each new badge on your profile page is like a public pat on the back, a bonus for all the hard work you’ve done, and simply another reason to love Sporcle.

Badges aren’t only for expert quiz-playing, but they’re also for expert quiz creation. When you get a quiz published on the homepage–get ready for your Published badge. Want the ultimate quiz creation challenge? Set your sights on the Crazy Ivan, awarded when you’ve published a quiz in each category.

Current available badges:

Sporcla Cum Laude – We know you have school pride, and now you can show it with Sporcla Cum Laude. Set a school in your profile and get ready to represent.


Published – What could make the joy of your first published quiz even better? A badge, of course. Have a quiz published on the Sporcle home page and the date will forever be remembered by your badge.


Crazy Ivan – As the name suggests, this badge is reserved for Sporcle radicals. Get a quiz published in each category, and you, Crazy Ivan, will have joined the ranks of elite Sporclers.


Challenger – It’s the simple joys that make our lives sweet–win a challenge against another Sporcle user and this badge will crown you the victor.


Blender – Show off your blender-love by getting at least 9 right (50%) on Blender Settings. Celebrate by making yourself a smoothie.


Quite Presidential – Even if you’re not from the United States, further your political history know-how by learning all the US Presidents. Get 100% on the quiz and start planning your trip to the presidential libraries. Consider Sporcle your honorary sponsor.

Around the World – This Sporcle quiz is as classic as it gets. Get 100% on the Countries of the World and you’ll set yourself up for geo-Sporcle success. Even if you never visit each country on the globe, at least you’ll know it exists.

London Calling – Faithful Brits and Anglophiles around the world, test your knowledge of London with this mix of Sporcle quizzes. We’ll reward your commitment with…you guessed it…a badge.

Sporcle quizzes required for London Calling:

Sampler Platter - The Sampler Platter is awarded to users whose thirst for knowledge has no bounds. Play a quiz from each Sporcle category, and prove that you truly are an all-around trivia-seeker.


Badges will be displayed on your profile page.To see all possible badges, check out the SporcleAdmin profile. We’re starting small, but the possibilities are endless. So don’t get comfortable–more badges will feed your hunger to succeed.

Notes: Backfilling

  • We’re still backfilling to account for your past accomplishments–so if you’re missing a badge that you know you should have, don’t worry.
  • If you’ve achieved a multi-task badge in the past, your badge will show the first date the badge was available.
  • Single task badges will show the actual achievement date.

If you have questions or suggestions, write to us at feedback@sporcle.com. Or join the discussion on Sporcle University. In the meantime, get going! There are badges to be won!  

Hide the Previous/Next Buttons (Clickable)

We’ve been making small tweaks here and there to Clickable quizzes since we released them just a couple of weeks ago. We’ve also had quite a few feature requests, and this new clickable option will hopefully be the first of many more:

Introducing: Hide the Previous/Next Button

This feature functions much like ‘force order and hide the next clue’ in our classic quiz type. The idea is that a user will not be able to movie forward or backward, and will only be able to follow the path that you lay out for them in the quiz. This could be used for Clickable Bunker type quizzes or strange new ideas we haven’t thought of yet.

Please let us know if you have any questions in the Sporcle Blog comments section.

Sporcle’s New Clickable Games

Today we’ve unleashed an entirely new quiz type on Sporcle. The ‘Clickable’ quiz. We’ve long had users ask us for ways to make Sporcle more accessible and we think the new clickable game type will help the poor spellers, poor typers, and mouse enthusiasts among us. Check out the below screenshot below to see what we’re talking about.

This new quiz type features a host of options similar to other quizzes on Sporcle, and allows wrong answer, answer in order, and something we like to call ‘decoy’ answers, where any bonus answer featured in the quiz will be displayed as a ‘decoy’ on the screen. (i.e. Somalia in the example above)

Check out some example games below, and an entire How-To guide after the jump.

Adds up to 11

State Abbr. Button Blitz with Booby Traps

Numbers in Spanish (Clickable)
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Check Out our New Challenge Features

We’ve been making changes to our challenge features over the past few months and now we’ve reached a major milestone in the evolution of Sporcle Challenge with some exciting new features that makes creating and receiving challenges even easier.

If you’ve ever wanted more control over what type of challenges you can receive or want to be able to receive challenges from anyone on Sporcle then you’re going to love this new update. We’ve created the idea of open challenges so that you can challenge any random user from across the site to a random quiz and see how you match up. We’ve also made numerous enhancements to the design so that you can more easily challenge all day long. Check out more detail of all of the new features after the jump.

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