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Sporcle Just Got Super-Awesomer

“This quiz is great, but I hate all the scrolling.” - Pretty much everyone

leonardo_mona_lisa_cat_smSo you’ve probably noticed once or twice that some of our quizzes are a little long. In fact, some of our most fun quizzes are those huge guys that you can just settle in, block out twenty minutes and start naming  the top 300 of something. But you know the drill, once you got past the first 50, the dreaded scrolling game started and you had to scroll back and forth to see both the hint and the answer box. Yeah, we’re adults (mostly), we’ll admit it, that wasn’t fun for anyone.

That’s all over today. Now the answer box will scroll right along with you. Check it out on this bad boy. Isn’t that something?

It’s basically like we took the Mona Lisa and added a big fat cat. Super. Awesomer. Yeah, we went there.

Embed! Embed! Embed!

If you’ve got a blog or website, you can now embed Sporcle quizzes in seconds.

You may have seen Sporcle quizzes on websites like ESPN and the Smithsonian. Now you can do it, too! Whatever site you call home–Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress or a personal website–you can now embed Sporcle quizzes directly from Sporcle.com.

Starting today, when you make a classic quiz, share it! It’s as easy as clicking the ‘Embed Game’ option located in the quiz info box. You can also embed all classic published quizzes.

Take a look:

embed quizzes copy







You can even choose whether you’d like a wide or narrow layout:

embed box edit







Puzzle Words for iOS and Android

puzzle wordsPuzzle Words for iPhone, iPod touch, iPod and Android is now available.

SEATTLE — March 19th, 2013 — Sporcle announces Puzzle Words for iOS and Android. The fun and addictive game for the whole family from the gang who brought you Sporcle.com, Badly Drawn Faces, Movies, and Logos.

Puzzle Words is the latest word game from Sporcle that shows you a scrambled picture and all you have to do is guess the word. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but you only have to know one.

Users earn coins as they complete more puzzles and these coins can be exchanged for hints such as revealing a letter, removing letters that aren’t used or unscrambling the image. Users may also buy more coins using in-app purchase.

Puzzle Words is available now through on iTunes, the Google Play Store and Amazon Android Store for FREE


About Sporcle:
Sporcle is a gaming company that offers short trivia and educational games through the Sporcle.com web site and a mobile apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android. The company, founded in 2007 is headquartered in Seattle, WA with offices in San Francisco, CA and Plymouth, MI.

Multi-Column Match Quizzes

A few months ago we introduced a variation of Clickable quizzes that we like to call ‘Matching’. While we were developing these Matching quizzes, we had some ideas about games where you could match more than 2 columns, sort of like the Slot Machine quizzes we’ve featured on the homepage in the past.

It took us some time to iron out the kinks and we allowed the Sporcle Editors to test them out for a week, but today we’re pretty excited to release them to the entire Sporcle community.

How does it work?

In order to enable this format, you must go to the Options tab of a Clickable game. You’ll see a heading titled Matching.

Multi-Column Match Options







Select Multi-Column Match from this section, then decide how many columns you’d like to match (up to 6). You can also choose whether or not a wrong match will count against the total, or if the player will be allowed to guess as many times as they’d like.

Other display options for this type of quiz are similar to other Matching and Clickable quizzes with regards to display order and button size.

Data Tab

Example of the data tab on a multi-column match quiz.

In order to implement this feature we had to change the way you input data for just this kind of quiz. Depending on the number of columns, you need to separate them with slashes individually. For 3 column quiz your data column answers would look like this.

Answer 1/Answer 1/Answer 1

Answer 2/Answer 2/Answer 2

The number of slashes is dependent on the number of match columns, for example, on a quiz with six columns, you need to add six answers on each line in the data tab.

Answer 1/Answer 1/Answer 1/Answer 1/Answer 1/Answer 1

Answer 2/Answer 2/Answer 2/Answer 2/Answer 2/Answer 2

As usual, please let us know if you have any questions about Multi-Column Match at our Feedback Page or Sporcle University.

Badly Drawn Logos Quiz

Badly Drawn Logos Quiz for iPhone, iPod touch & iPod will keep you guessing.

SEATTLE — January 31st, 2012 — Sporcle proudly announces Badly Drawn Logos Quiz for iOS. It’s an addictive and fun experience from the folks who brought you Sporcle.com, Badly Drawn Faces and Badly Drawn Movies

Badly Drawn Logos Quiz is the latest game in the Badly Drawn series that presents people with famous logos and brands all drawn by Sharpy the Narwhal. Guess the company logo and earn fish. Some logos are instantly recognizable and others might be tricky. If a logo proves too tricky, users can feed Sharpy some fish and he will give them a clue; or they can ask their friends for help.

There are over hundreds of logos and brands to guess in Badly Drawn Logos Quiz. Points are achieved for guessing the logos correctly and bonus points are given if they can guess before the image is completely drawn. Scores can be compared on Game Center.

Badly Drawn Logos Quiz is available now through the Apple App Store for the amazingly low price of FREE!

About Sporcle:

Sporcle is a gaming company that offers short trivia and educational games through the Sporcle.com web site and a mobile apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Sporcle was founded in 2007 and is based in Seattle and San Francisco.

Visit BadlyDrawn.com for more information.

New Badges: Beer, Film, and Groundhog Day

If you’ve checked your Sporcle profile recently, you may have noticed some new badges!

Here’s the scoop on the latest badges:

Beer Nut: This badge is for those of you out there who know your beer. You know which countries consume the most beer, the origin of each brew, and you can name these off while singing the famous ’96 Bottles of Beer on the Wall’ song.


Film Critic: This badge is for the ultimate Sporcle film geeks. To earn it? You simply must play 1000 Movie quizzes. Three, two, one, ACTION!


Ned Ryerson: This badge is a one-day special, premiering on Saturday, February 2 (aka Groundhog Day.) But while Bill Murray had multiple chances to give Ned Ryerson a warm greeting, you’ll only have 24 hours to play Groundhog Day, ‘I Got You, Babe’ Type-a-Long, and Bill Murray Movies. Now, go buy some life insurance.


 If you have questions or suggestions, write to us at feedback@sporcle.com. Or join the discussion on Sporcle University.

Progress Tracking for Badges

While we’ve slowly rolled out more and more badges over the last few months, we’re also listening to closely to requests for new features around them. With the release of the World Traveler badge, the request was made by many of you for the ability to see just how close you are to getting that badge.

Well, today we released a profile update that allows you to see your progress on that badge, as well as any other that requires multiple plays. All you have to do is hover your mouse over the progress bar to see just how far you have to go. Good luck, and thanks for the great suggestions.

New Badges!

 New badges are here!

After the huge success of the first few rounds of Sporcle badges, 3 new badges have now been unveiled. Read about them below, and be sure to get them while you have the chance!

Feliz Navidad: The holidays are a great time for quality Sporcling. To get the Feliz Navidad badge, you must play Finish the Christmas SongSanta’s Reindeer, and Buddy the Elf Food Groups on Christmas Day. If you miss the 24-hour window of opportunity, you’ll have to wait a whole year to get a second chance.

Social Butterfly: Social butterflies always know the latest news and trends, and social Sporclers are the same way. To get the Social Butterfly badge, you must connect your Sporcle profile to both Facebook and Twitter. It’s simple really, as easy as softly landing on a flower petal.

World Traveler: You might not be able to travel the world by playing Sporcle, but you sure can learn a lot! Play 1000 total games in Geography, and you’ll be considered a World Traveler. At least in the eyes of Sporcle.

If you have questions or suggestions, write to us at feedback@sporcle.com. Or join the discussion on Sporcle University.

Sporcle Matchable Quizzes

We’ve been playing around with a few fun concepts at our Sporcle R&D Labs (aka the line at the local taco truck) and we came up with a fun variation on the Clickable format that has now become a reality: Clickable Matching Games.

So How Does it Work?

If you’ve ever just wanted to be able to match answers in a Sporcle quiz, without the quiz being in a forced order, the Clickable Matching game is going to be your best friend. As you can see, it divides the normal clickable game interface into hint and answer sides. Just click each the pairs that match, and the answer box will turn green (hovering over an answer box will show both matching pairs as yellow).

Matching quizzes also have a default “Study Guide” option that will allow you to guess until you have all the answers correct.

How do I Make a Matching Quiz?

Creating a matching quiz starts off just like creating a Clickable quiz, however, when you get to the Options screen you must select the new matching options:

Selecting the “Match hints with answers’ box enables the matching mode, but the quiz taker can guess as many times as they like. If you’d like them to only be able to guess as many times as there are answers, then you also must select ‘Track incorrect answers”.

Additionally, ‘decoy’ answers can be added by using ‘ee’ in the ‘extra’ column. If you want to add a decoy answer on the left side, just add the decoy to the hint column (and leave the answer column blank). If you’d like the decoy to display on the right, add the decoy to the answer column (and leave the hint column blank).

As a further twist, you can also enable the option to end the quiz on a wrong answer (minefield style).

What’s next?

We’re sure you’re going to have some suggestions and feedback on this new option, but rest assured we have some plans for future iterations of this type of feature, so stay tuned!

Sporcle Embedded Quiz Updates

If you’ve been with us a while you may be aware that we’ve long had an embedded quiz feature. The only problem we had is that you had to have the ability to upload a file to your website in order to get the embed to work and that wasn’t quite compatible with many popular blogging platforms like Blogger and Tumblr.

Well, good news everybody, we’ve now worked around the technical issues and we no longer require you upload a ‘helper file’ in order to embed your quiz.

Want to start embedding quizzes now? Just head on to our Embed Center to get started. Let us know if you have any issues.