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Next week: Back to Sporcle!

Get ready for BACK TO SPORCLE! 

BACK TO SPORCLE is a week to remember all the reasons you love Sporcle. The best quizzes of the summer will be posted on our homepage and Facebook page. Daily blog posts will give you tips and ideas for new ways to use Sporcle. And contests will give you the chance to stretch your creativity for some huge public recognition. We couldn’t be more excited, and we hope you’ll join the fun!

Next week, join us to celebrate fall, the new school year, and Sporcle trivia at its finest.

What to expect:

  • Blog: daily posts, contests, and more!
  • Facebook: top quizzes, polls, and the quirky humor you love
  • Site: an amazing quiz line-up, college leader-board news, and the 10,000th published quiz

Who doesn't love fall???

A Little Housekeeping

Hey everyone, for those of you in the US, you’re probably like us at Sporcle and looking forward to the three-day weekend. We just have a few small updates before all the parades and fireworks.

  • We posted an extra plus-sized Word Ladder today. There are plenty of word ladders that Sporclers have made that just seem a little too long for the daily dose. We’re going to see if we can feature them on the home page on Fridays throughout the summer.
  • You might have seen that we updated the front page a little bit today. We gave it a few nips and some tucks and we think the right hand-bar is a lot cleaner. Even though we’ve condensed the Activity Feed a bit, it’s way easier to see, and we’re happier looking at it already. Let us know if you like it (or even if you don’t)
  • We added a bunch of new sharing links to the blog, similar to the sharing you might see on quiz pages. We figure that if you like our blog, you just might want to share.

That’s about it, just remember, whatever you get up to this weekend, stay safe, and if it gets too hot out there, just remember to apply Sporcle liberally.

Here Comes the Bride

Wannabe Princesses, this is your last hope.

April 29th is a big day for United Kingdom. That’s the day Prince William of Wales is set to marry the lovely Kate Middleton, his long-time college sweetheart. The couple, who have been together for eight years, became engaged this past November in Kenya. England has been in an excited uproar in preparation of the big day, which is proving to be one of the most exciting events to take place since the marriage of Prince Charles to Princess Diana 30 years ago. In fact – according to Reuters – it’s getting 90,000 mentions a day on the Internet (We’re jumping right on that bandwagon).


In this time of war, earthquakes, poverty and disease – it’s nice to have something positive to look forward to, and every where you turn you’re bound to run into gossip, trivia and new facts about the royal wedding. Some stuff is interesting – such as what the royal carriage will look like, who all is attending, what the family is doing etc. Some information isn’t as relevant (but still interesting) like the article I read in the supermarket about the avid fan who knitted a wedding cake for the couple. (at least it won’t spoil?)

It’s a little sad that another Prince is off the market. I love royalty, and will readily admit that as I young girl growing up I harbored secret fantasies about one day becoming a Princess. It’s not in my destiny, so I’m comfortable living vicariously through Kate Middleton. I wish them a long and happy marriage, and eagerly look forward to watching the procession April 29th… through a live stream on Youtube (oh Youtube, where would I be WITHOUT you?!).

And good luck Harry – you’re the last hope for thousands of young girls. My Advice? Double-up on your security.

Extreme Makeover: Category and Tag Page Edition

We didn't even need to enlist the help of Ty Pennington.

You might have noticed some smaller tweaks to the design of our category pages over the last few months, but today we’ve released what we think is a pretty significant upgrade to the way you interact with our 15 category pages, as well as dozens of our most popular tag pages across the site.

If you go to the History category for example, you’ll see a variety of changes, mostly notably, Editor Picks are highlighted much more prominently and we’ve added more information on challenge win leaders in each category. So if you’ve always suspected you were the best of the best at Geography quizzes, you can test yourself against the current leaders. We’ve also highlighted comments that have been voted up the most. Now, if you make a great comment, you might just end up a little more famous on Sporcle.

The updates to the popular tag pages are just as exciting. If you check out any popular tag, like MLB for example, you can see that we’ve updated these tags to look very similar to the category pages, and so they are now in effect full-blown subcategories that have as much information as a regular category. Our editors can now nominate quizzes for an Editor’s Pick in a specific tag as well, so it’s now much easier for our editors to nominate a niche subject and not worry about whether everyone in a category might be a fan. We think this is great for certain tags that user’s have requested we separate out in to their own category in the past. For example, Harry Potter or Premier League Football.

Please let us know at our feedback page if you have any suggestions or comments about the new look.

Quiz Rating Guidelines

Something we get a lot of feedback about here at Sporcle is quiz ratings, and what to do when you believe your quizzes has been unfairly targeted with ratings abuse, or if your account has been blocked, and you’re not sure why.  With over 160 thousand quizzes on the site, ratings are a very important way for the Sporcle staff (and editors) to discover great new quizzes. We’ve had users in the past rate many quizzes a 1 in order to remove it from the ratings chart to give their own quizzes a better shot, and that’s something we don’t tolerate. If we feel you’ve been abusing our ratings policy (outlined below) all of your ratings will be removed and your ability to rate, comment and create quizzes will be blocked. Alternately if you feel like you’re quizzes have been targeted with undue low ratings, please notify us at our feedback page.

To give you a better idea of what we’re looking for in different ratings on a quiz, we’ve compiled a few guidelines that you should follow when rating quizzes.

5- Great quizzes: Well laid out, well constructed, fun and challenging to play. These
quizzes are creative and original or a clever twist on an old idea. The creators of these
quizzes are responsive to user comments. Worthy of a nomination and a front page
4- Good quizzes: A step below the best, these quizzes are still fun to play and well
constructed. Many quizzes in this category are still worthy of a front page appearance.
3- Average quizzes: Education and Entertainment value is undermined by errors in quiz
construction, mistakes in answers or questionable subject matter.
2- Poor quizzes: Significant errors, poor design/layout and poor execution.
1- Abysmal quizzes: No redeeming value. Quizzes are unplayable, based on
inappropriate subject matter, personal information or minutiae. This rating should not be
used to target specific individuals nor to attempt to remove successful quizzes from
leader boards. Misusing this rating may result in the disabling of your Sporcle account.

Ratings Feature

Hello Sporcleites,

We finally finished the rating feature, so you can now show your pleasure (or displeasure) with each and every Sporcle quiz. You’ll now see the following down at the bottom of each game page by the comments:


It is hopefully pretty self explanatory, but the orange filled Sporcle balls denote the average rating, and, if you choose to rate a game, your rating will be the one with the black circle around it. You can change your rating at any time by clicking a different rating, but obviously, only one rating per person per game.

You’ll also notice the start of a way to see the ‘highest rated’ quizzes at Sporcle. On the category list, you can now choose By Rating to see the games ordered by rating. Right now, all we have is site wide, but as people start to rate games, we’ll have a way to look at rating by week, month, all time, etc. We also hope to add a way to your stats page to show games you’ve rated, so stay tuned for that.

If there are any other suggestions along this line, please feel free to let us know. We aim to please.