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Top Comments of the Week (09/26)

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1. From: Double M Words

BonnieH: Good grief! All these years I thought it was cumberbund!

2. From: Are You Smarter Than a College Student? XIX

corndogIt took me a while to determine the theme, but I finally got to the bottom of it.

3. From: State Capitals You Can’t Fly To

Q_PheevrAnd then there’s Juneau, which can’t be reached by road.

4. From: Seeing Triple Again

room227I guess booze, butts and guns isn’t what you were going for, but it was the best I could do under the circumstances.

5. From: Two Countries, Same 3-Letter Ending

FaintishGotta love Sporclitis. I get Grenada but not Canada, Bahrain but not Spain, Senegal but not Portugal.

Top Comments of the Week (09/05)

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1. From: Joan Rivers Quotes

2Dfruity: “I want Meryl Streep at my funeral crying in 5 different accents”

2. From: Those Awkward Teen Years

Phil112Hugh Jackman’s awkward years were not awkward in the least.

3. From: Art or Not?

baldorrWell, that’s just like… your opinion, man.

4. From: The Great Elimination Mystery!

armadillokingWith a name like Cad Avver, he probably should have seen this coming.

5. From: Those Awkward Teen Years

roxfan9Kesha looks like Weird Al

Top Comments of the Week (08/08)

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1. From: Finish the Proverb

pianomn: Ahh, my favorite proverb: “Fine words butter no monkey.”

2. From: Summer Camp Logic Puzzle

xhockaAh summer camp, classic. how I miss conducting surgery and learning accountancy round an open fire

3. From: Upside Down US States

jjfCanadians may have an unfair advantage on this quiz.

4. From: Name that Mammal!

DefenestratorIf you look at the Mandrill wrong (as I did) it looks like a bizarre rodent with giant front teeth.

5. From: 20 Largest Fast Food Chains

pervertinasuitLos Pollos Hermanos, no?

Top Comments of the Week (08/01)

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1. From: Name Any…FAST!

campfiresongsong: On second thought, Bosnia and Herzegovina was not the greatest choice.

2. From: Countries With 1% or More of the World’s Population

abard124Kyrgyzstan may only contain 0.0804638529% of the world’s population, but it occupies 100% of my heart.

3. From: Green Logos

theBCIShouldn’t the Starbucks be on all the corners? They are around here…”

4. From: Geography Sorting Blitz

armadillokingNow people are looking at me weird for saying “Mountain, river, island, river” to myself for 3 minutes

5. From: US Presidents Slideshow

JPGunitThere’s Taylor, there’s Tyler, there’s Fillmore and there’s Hayes… There’s William Henry Harrison.. I died in thirty days!

Top Comments of the Week (7/25)

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1. From: Tiny Almost Useless Trivia IV

Woodchucker: Why is determined in quotes? That Owl’s research of Tootsie Pop consumption was highly scientific.

2. From: 30 Maps That’ll Help You Make Sense of the World

MTwhizWhat an incredibly fun and informative quiz! Hey, America may have unpaid maternity leave and a ridiculous measuring system, but at least we gave the world Sporcle. We can be proud of that.

3. From: Famous Family Trees III

dlauthorWish there were a metric to see how many people thought to themselves, “how am I supposed to to know Anne Hathaway’s husband? Is he famous? And when did she have all those kids?”

4. From: Famous Movie Characters

gwynn19I tried “El Duderino”, since I’m not into that whole brevity thing. Didn’t work.

5. From: Every Disney/Pixar Villain

buckeyebobThe secret villain of every Pooh movie is Owl. He’s pompous, he spreads misinformation, and in the end he steals Piglet’s home. He’s basically a feathery Mr. Potter.

Top Comments of the Week (07/18)

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1. From: Northern Countries

padlarf: Typed Chile for fun. Wasn’t that much fun.

2. From: Pun Fun II

corndogI don’t really understand why the picture for the quiz is Obama. I hope this doesn’t set a bad president for future quiz images.

3. From: Homonym Slideshow

mselbyDid I hear something about that picture being of an excavator and not a crane!?

Anyway, I fixed it, but if we’ve learned one thing today, it’s that there isn’t a bird called an excavator and there sure as hell should be.

4. From: Largest Police Departments (U.S.)

leosworkoutplanNo Miami? David Caruso just takes care of it all?

5. From: Heavily-Armed Countries

fnurtTo America’s credit, we do ban lawn darts.

Top Comments of the Week (06/20)

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1. From: US Presidents by One-Word Hints

crouchingdomo: Anybody else see “Tippecanoe” and go looking for Tyler?

2. From: 21 Most Corrupt Countries

pokemonrRussia is not here.

Putin: Ah, Sporcle Admin. Surely my country will not be here.( Slips money under the table)

Sporcle Admin: Yes, of course not.

3. From: ‘Name’ That Profession

jago706The dietitian Les Eaton might have a colleague, Michael Lester O’Level.

4. From: US State Capital Match-Up

dancastroIf someone has difficulties trying to remember which capital (Bismarck or Pierre) belongs to each Dakota, here is a little mnemonic rule. Bismarck is a German name, Pierre is a French one. On the average, Germany is north of France. Therefore, Bismarck is ND, Pierre is SD.

5. From: Disney Animal Character Match-Up

AzraelAccidentally hit Jiminy Chipmunk. Now I wish he were real.

Top Comments of the Week (06/13)

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1. From: Five Stages of Grief

Walking_Fred: First, the admins couldn’t believe that it hadn’t been done before. Then, they got mad they hadn’t thought of it. Next, they tried to think of a better way to do it. Disappointed in their effort, they finally had to publish it today.

2. From: 2014 World Cup Teams

JoshDupuisI’m really rooting for Bosnia but I can’t stand Herzegovina.

3. From: Words That Begin with ‘WR’

mustangoSo in summary, more people got wrong right than write, and more people got wright wrong than right.

4. From: 25 Years of the World Wide Web

Azazello2000 – Half the CDs currently in existence are free trial software CDs that were mailed to you every other day by this now irrelevant company.”

5. From: ‘H’ Pictures by Category

bossfan92For your historian picture alone, you sir win the internet.

Top Comments of the Week (06/06)

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1. From: Pale Movie Characters

MTwhiz: Dang that’s a lot of Depp!

2. From: Call the Grammar Police

BrizzaPeople should have to take this quiz before being allowed onto the rest of the Internet.

3. From: The 22 Countries Britain Has Never Invaded

sconeyjIt smacks of a lack of ambition that we stopped at 175.

4. From: Mindboggling Countries III

tim0786I found the word “magnolia.” I realize it’s not a country, but I thought it was cool.

5. From: The 22 Countries Britain Has Never Invaded

I270Exit1All that, in search of decent food.

Top Comments of the Week (05/30)

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1. From: Famous Bills In Sixty Seconds

ZenophileX: I can’t be the only one who thought he was answering the Bill Paxton question, but got the Bill Pullman question right. Or vice versa. Right?

2. From: Same Color or Not?

FlickI was pretty poor guessing the colors, but at least I got the ‘Type (N)ext to continue.’ questions correct…

3. From: ‘G’eography

Woodchuckerooooh Granada and Grenada. That is brilliantly cruel.

4. From: 3 Major Rock Types

uoljHey! A science quiz where the answers actually haven’t changed since I was in school!

5. From: Classic American Food

WoodchuckerI’ve always heard Candied Yams. “Candied Sweet Potatoes” sounds like some awkward phrasing because the word Yams was copyrighted.