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Top Comments of the Week (10/10)

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1. From: Any Food but Vegan

Honest_John: I considered becoming a vegan, but could not bear the thought of giving up emu or dogfood.

2. From: Blitz: Does It Contain ‘P’?

performaxI’m glad ‘urinal’ wasn’t one of the choices. Not sure what the correct answer would be.

3. From: Countries Whose Capitals Contain ‘City’

armadillokingIf the country is called Vatican City, shouldn’t the capital be Vatican City City?

4. From: Animals Faster than Usain Bolt

ChileNoseJamA cat might be ABLE to run faster than Bolt, but most of the time it wouldn’t bother. Unless you put some food at the end of the track, it would still be sitting by the starting block licking itself when Bolt had finished.

5. From: 8-Letter Country Per Letter

Honest_JohnNever realised how many seven and nine letter countries there are until I did this quiz.

Top Comments of the Week (09/26)

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1. From: Double M Words

BonnieH: Good grief! All these years I thought it was cumberbund!

2. From: Are You Smarter Than a College Student? XIX

corndogIt took me a while to determine the theme, but I finally got to the bottom of it.

3. From: State Capitals You Can’t Fly To

Q_PheevrAnd then there’s Juneau, which can’t be reached by road.

4. From: Seeing Triple Again

room227I guess booze, butts and guns isn’t what you were going for, but it was the best I could do under the circumstances.

5. From: Two Countries, Same 3-Letter Ending

FaintishGotta love Sporclitis. I get Grenada but not Canada, Bahrain but not Spain, Senegal but not Portugal.

Top Comments of the Week (09/05)

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1. From: Joan Rivers Quotes

2Dfruity: “I want Meryl Streep at my funeral crying in 5 different accents”

2. From: Those Awkward Teen Years

Phil112Hugh Jackman’s awkward years were not awkward in the least.

3. From: Art or Not?

baldorrWell, that’s just like… your opinion, man.

4. From: The Great Elimination Mystery!

armadillokingWith a name like Cad Avver, he probably should have seen this coming.

5. From: Those Awkward Teen Years

roxfan9Kesha looks like Weird Al

Top Comments of the Week (08/08)

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1. From: Finish the Proverb

pianomn: Ahh, my favorite proverb: “Fine words butter no monkey.”

2. From: Summer Camp Logic Puzzle

xhockaAh summer camp, classic. how I miss conducting surgery and learning accountancy round an open fire

3. From: Upside Down US States

jjfCanadians may have an unfair advantage on this quiz.

4. From: Name that Mammal!

DefenestratorIf you look at the Mandrill wrong (as I did) it looks like a bizarre rodent with giant front teeth.

5. From: 20 Largest Fast Food Chains

pervertinasuitLos Pollos Hermanos, no?

Top Comments of the Week (08/01)

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1. From: Name Any…FAST!

campfiresongsong: On second thought, Bosnia and Herzegovina was not the greatest choice.

2. From: Countries With 1% or More of the World’s Population

abard124Kyrgyzstan may only contain 0.0804638529% of the world’s population, but it occupies 100% of my heart.

3. From: Green Logos

theBCIShouldn’t the Starbucks be on all the corners? They are around here…”

4. From: Geography Sorting Blitz

armadillokingNow people are looking at me weird for saying “Mountain, river, island, river” to myself for 3 minutes

5. From: US Presidents Slideshow

JPGunitThere’s Taylor, there’s Tyler, there’s Fillmore and there’s Hayes… There’s William Henry Harrison.. I died in thirty days!

Top Comments of the Week (7/25)

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1. From: Tiny Almost Useless Trivia IV

Woodchucker: Why is determined in quotes? That Owl’s research of Tootsie Pop consumption was highly scientific.

2. From: 30 Maps That’ll Help You Make Sense of the World

MTwhizWhat an incredibly fun and informative quiz! Hey, America may have unpaid maternity leave and a ridiculous measuring system, but at least we gave the world Sporcle. We can be proud of that.

3. From: Famous Family Trees III

dlauthorWish there were a metric to see how many people thought to themselves, “how am I supposed to to know Anne Hathaway’s husband? Is he famous? And when did she have all those kids?”

4. From: Famous Movie Characters

gwynn19I tried “El Duderino”, since I’m not into that whole brevity thing. Didn’t work.

5. From: Every Disney/Pixar Villain

buckeyebobThe secret villain of every Pooh movie is Owl. He’s pompous, he spreads misinformation, and in the end he steals Piglet’s home. He’s basically a feathery Mr. Potter.

Top Comments of the Week (07/18)

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1. From: Northern Countries

padlarf: Typed Chile for fun. Wasn’t that much fun.

2. From: Pun Fun II

corndogI don’t really understand why the picture for the quiz is Obama. I hope this doesn’t set a bad president for future quiz images.

3. From: Homonym Slideshow

mselbyDid I hear something about that picture being of an excavator and not a crane!?

Anyway, I fixed it, but if we’ve learned one thing today, it’s that there isn’t a bird called an excavator and there sure as hell should be.

4. From: Largest Police Departments (U.S.)

leosworkoutplanNo Miami? David Caruso just takes care of it all?

5. From: Heavily-Armed Countries

fnurtTo America’s credit, we do ban lawn darts.

Top Comments of the Week (06/20)

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1. From: US Presidents by One-Word Hints

crouchingdomo: Anybody else see “Tippecanoe” and go looking for Tyler?

2. From: 21 Most Corrupt Countries

pokemonrRussia is not here.

Putin: Ah, Sporcle Admin. Surely my country will not be here.( Slips money under the table)

Sporcle Admin: Yes, of course not.

3. From: ‘Name’ That Profession

jago706The dietitian Les Eaton might have a colleague, Michael Lester O’Level.

4. From: US State Capital Match-Up

dancastroIf someone has difficulties trying to remember which capital (Bismarck or Pierre) belongs to each Dakota, here is a little mnemonic rule. Bismarck is a German name, Pierre is a French one. On the average, Germany is north of France. Therefore, Bismarck is ND, Pierre is SD.

5. From: Disney Animal Character Match-Up

AzraelAccidentally hit Jiminy Chipmunk. Now I wish he were real.

Top Comments of the Week (06/13)

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1. From: Five Stages of Grief

Walking_Fred: First, the admins couldn’t believe that it hadn’t been done before. Then, they got mad they hadn’t thought of it. Next, they tried to think of a better way to do it. Disappointed in their effort, they finally had to publish it today.

2. From: 2014 World Cup Teams

JoshDupuisI’m really rooting for Bosnia but I can’t stand Herzegovina.

3. From: Words That Begin with ‘WR’

mustangoSo in summary, more people got wrong right than write, and more people got wright wrong than right.

4. From: 25 Years of the World Wide Web

Azazello2000 – Half the CDs currently in existence are free trial software CDs that were mailed to you every other day by this now irrelevant company.”

5. From: ‘H’ Pictures by Category

bossfan92For your historian picture alone, you sir win the internet.

Top Comments of the Week (06/06)

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1. From: Pale Movie Characters

MTwhiz: Dang that’s a lot of Depp!

2. From: Call the Grammar Police

BrizzaPeople should have to take this quiz before being allowed onto the rest of the Internet.

3. From: The 22 Countries Britain Has Never Invaded

sconeyjIt smacks of a lack of ambition that we stopped at 175.

4. From: Mindboggling Countries III

tim0786I found the word “magnolia.” I realize it’s not a country, but I thought it was cool.

5. From: The 22 Countries Britain Has Never Invaded

I270Exit1All that, in search of decent food.