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New Badges: Luck of the Irish, March Madness & Stork Stalker

Who’s ready for a new round of badges? We’ve got three great ones for you, including a brand new holiday badge. As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

Luck-of-the-irishLuck of the Irish: Feeling lucky? That’s great, because on St. Patrick’s Day the Luck of the Irish badge is on your side.  Just play Kiss Me…I’m Irish!Things That Are Green and The Saint Patrick’s Day Quiz on St. Patrick’s Day.

NoneMarch Madness: The odds of crafting a perfect bracket are one in 4.3 billion, it’s really much easier to just play 33 NCAA D-I Teams quizzes to earn this badge.



Stork Stalker: The idea of a giant stork with a baby rattle sort of freaks us out, but that shouldn’t stop you from playing 25 total Baby Names games to earn this badge. At least we hope so.

New Badges: 10k Tycoon, Overdose & Board to Death

It’s an exciting month, folks! Right on the heels of last week’s release, we have a whole new set of badges. As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

AnimalLover_510k Tycoon: Who doesn’t want to be a tycoon? All you have to do is play 10,000 total games on Sporcle.


HungerGamesOverdose: Have you ever played Sporcle so much you start to feel like you have super powers? Well, you might have a bit of a Sporcle Overdose. Play 25 games in a day to earn this badge.

ReduxBoard to Death: Most of our childhood board game playing ended in a fight with our siblings, but this is a much more peaceful way. Just get 100% on Monopoly (American), Risk, Cluedo (Clue) and Games by Cupcake

New Badges: Animal Lover, Hunger Games and Redux

It’s an exciting month, folks! Right on the heels of last week’s release, we have a whole new set of badges. As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

AnimalLover_5Animal Lover: Who doesn’t love animals? Especially when they’re emoting so many feelings. Get 50% or better on Happy AnimalsSad Animals, and Angry Animals, and you’re practically Doctor Doolittle.

HungerGamesDistrict 12 Tribute: Ready for the cinematic premiere of Catching Fire? We sure are. Play 25 Hunger Games quizzes as you channel your HG enthusiasm. And if you want even more fun, check out our Hunger Games app!

ReduxRedux Redux: The point of a redux quiz is to go over classic knowledge in a more fun way (hint: minefield!). Whether you can name all 197 countries of the world or not, you probably have a chance at clicking all 197 countries. Get 100% on Countries of the World (Redux)Capitals of the World (Redux), and US Presidents (Redux) and you’ve officially reduxed the redux.

New Badges: Doctor Who, Common Words, and History

Did someone say…badges?? You heard right! As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

Doctor WhoThe Doctor: For those Sporclers who double as Whovians, we have a special badge for you. Coming out just in time for the 50th Anniversary, this badge celebrates all great Doctor Who trivia. Play 50 Doctor Who games, and your profile will be graced by the Tardis.

WordDecimatorWord Decimator: Some people release anger with a punching bag. But we’ve found it’s better to use your words. Get 100% on Commonest English Words and you can channel your renewed focus into building the destroyed words into functional sentences.

History HotshotHistory Hotshot: It’s said that those who don’t read history are doomed to repeat it. Here’s your chance to learn some history! Play 1,000 History games and you can join the ranks of Sporcle’s History Hotshots.

New Badges: Trendsetter, Halloween & Premier League

New Badges! As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

Referral_6Trendsetter: Ever told someone about Sporcle? Of course. We’d have to agree that it’s a pretty fun way to spend time on the Internet. Refer 5 users to Sporcle, and you’re officially a Trivia Trendsetter. Want to give credit to the user who first told you about Sporcle? Go to your profile settings and fill in the ‘Referred by’ field.

Halloween_4Trick or Treat: It’s that time of year! Time for costumes and candy and fall festivities. Play Famous Faces by Carved Pumpkin, Candy!!! and A Halloween Murder Mystery on Halloween and you’ve got the badge.  For those of you still trying to come up with a costume–Sporcle globe, anyone?

PremierLeague_3Alan Shearer: Named after the long-time English striker, this badge is the ultimate achievement for Premier League fans.  Shearer scored 260 goals during his time in the Premier League.  All you have to do is play 260 Premier League games.

New Badges: Broadway, TV, and Sporcle MD

New Badges! As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

MusicalMavenMusical Maven: Start spreading the news….a Sporcle Broadway badge has arrived! Play 25 total Broadway games and you may be nominated for a Sporcle-Tony.

SofaSpudSofa Spud: Consider yourself a channel surfer? Start surfing the Sporcle Television category and you’ll earn a badge in no time. All it takes is playing 1,000 Television games.

SporcleMDSporcle MD: The Doctor is in, at least here at Sporcle. Get 100% on 3 Letter Body PartsHead-to-Toe BlitzThings In People,Human Body Systems, and Human Bones. Next step is the MCAT.

New Badges: Back to Sporcle, Shiver Me Timbers! and Worst. Badge. Ever.

New Badges! As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

Back to SporcleBack to Sporcle: Celebrate Back to Sporcle week the best way there is: By playing Sporcle quizzes. Play 25 total games during Back to Sporcle week (September 16th – 20th)

Shiver Me Timbers!Shiver Me Timbers!: This badge is only for the most scurvy of SpAARRRRcle sea dogs. Play A Pirate’s Favorite Quiz, Pirates Close-Up and Stupid Pirate Jokes on Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19th).

WorstWorst. Badge. Every day Sporcle brings you the best we’ve got, but to earn this badge you have to play some of the worst. Get 100% on Space Bar Challenge II, Things Meat Loaf Won’t Do For Love and Lightswitch Settings in order to count yourself among the Worst. Sporclers. Ever.

New Badges: LOTR, Minefield, and Century Club

New Badges! As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

RingbearerRing-Bearer: When it comes to Lord of the Rings’ trivia, there’s one badge to rule them all. Play 25 total Lord of the Rings games and you’ve achieved Sporcle-ring-bearer status.

KaboomKABOOM!: This badge is not for the faint of heart. Get 100% on Most Populous Nations MinefieldEye Numbing Numbers, and Smallest-to-Largest Minefield and the only ‘KABOOM!’ you’ll be hearing is the sonic boom from your celebratory fist pump.

CenturyClubCentury Club: Want to join Sporcle’s newest (and coolest) club? All you have to do is play at least one game for one hundred consecutive days. Get started today.

New Badges: Pokémon, Canada, and Odds and Ends

New badges have arrived! Make sure to check the badge page for the latest updates.

PokemonMasterPokémon Master: If you’re a big fan of those little Japanese pocket monsters, Sporcle has the badge for you. Whether you’re the first generation or beyond, anyone can become a Sporcle Pokémon Master. Just play 25 total Pokémon games and the badge is yours.

BlameCanadaBlame Canada: Get 50% or better on Country Quiz: CanadaCanadian Provinces,Canada Populous MetrosO Canada Lyrics, and NHL Teams of Canada and you’ve proven you know a thing or two about that large country north of the United States.

OddsandEndsOdds and Ends: We can’t think of a better way to spend your spare minutes than in our Miscellaneous section, a veritable flea market of random trivia. Play 1000 total games in Miscellaneous and you’ll earn a badge for your effort. As if the knowledge itself wasn’t reward enough.

If you have feedback or ideas for future badges, write to us at feedback@sporcle.com

New Badges: Capitals, Logic, Harry Potter and more

The badges just keep coming! Make sure to check the badge page for the latest updates.

Here’s your new goals to earn:


Capital Punishment: This badge is, obviously, a play on words because who doesn’t love reciting the capitals of the world? Get 100% on Capitals of EuropeAfricaNorth AmericaSouth AmericaAsia, and Oceania and you’re prepared for any capital quiz that comes your way.

MindBenderMind Bender: Love Logic quizzes? Of course you do. Get 100% on Country Trivia Logic PuzzleTrue or False Logic, and Say No to Tic-Tac-Toe! to join the ranks of logic puzzle experts.

DeansListDean’s List: Looking to add extra prestige to your Sporcle resume? Set your sights on this new badge. Get an Editor Pick in each category, and you’ve officially made the Sporcle Dean’s List.


Sorting Hat: If the number of Harry Potter quizzes on Sporcle is any indication, Sporclers are big fans of the series. Play 25 total Harry Potter games and you’ll be awarded the Sorting Hat badge. Celebratory butter beer, anyone?


Juke Box: Your classic Sporcle music education starts here. Even if you decide to just major in the Beatles, Sporcle has you covered. Play 1000 total games in Music and you should be ready with the perfect song for any occasion.


Stars and Stripes: It’s time for fireworks, barbecues, and celebrating American independence. Play US Independence DayOriginal 13 Colonies, and Grand Old Flag on July 4th, and your Sporcle profile can sport the stars and stripes, too.