New Badges: Projection Room, Borderly Love, and Growing Pains

If being neighborly is good, being borderly is even better.

Slideshow Badge IconProjection Room:  Slideshows are useful when it comes to vacation photos, school presentations, and meetings. But why watch a slideshow when you could play through one? Play 25 Slideshow quizzes in one day to get this badge.

Borderly Love Badge IconBorderly Love: It’s always good to know your neighbors, just in case you need to borrow 10,000 cups of sugar. Show your Borderly Love and play 50 quizzes with the Border tag for this badge.

Growing Pains Badge IconGrowing Pains: Pluto may not be the smallest planet anymore, but it’s still got the biggest heart. Get 100% on Smallest-to-Largest PlanetsShortest-to-Longest Minefield, and Youngest to Oldest Minefield.

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New Badges: Animation Nation, Badgio Italiano, and Give Thanks

No turkeys were harmed in the making of these badges.

Animation Nation BadgeAnimation Nation:  This badge can transform any time of day into Saturday morning – cereal not included. Earn this badge by getting your nostalgia on and playing 100 quizzes with the Cartoon tag.

Badgio Italiano IconBadgio Italiano: Italians must be fans of the ‘happy little accidents’ approach; if the Tower of Pisa were straight, it never would’ve become such a tourist site. For this, get 50% or more on Regions of Italy, Cities of Italy, and Country Quiz: Italy.

Give Thanks Badge IconGive Thanks: Even if you’re too stuffed with pie to move, you can still stretch your brain. To earn this, play Thanksgiving Dinner Logic PuzzleMacy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Balloons, and Thanksgiving Dinner States on Thanksgiving.

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New Badges: Live from New York, Eighteenth Hole, and Alphabet Danger Zone

FORE! Badges! Okay, there’s three badges, but you get the idea.

Live from New York:  Saturday Night Live – the show that launched 1000 careers. To earn this badge get 50% or better on SNL Hosts, Most Seasons on SNL, Original SNL Cast, and SNL Celebrity Impressions.

Eighteenth Hole Badge IconEighteenth Hole: Break out your visor and your plaid pants, because there’s a extra-long round of golf ahead. Power right past 18 and play 25 Golf quizzes to earn this badge.

Alphabet Danger Zone Badge IconAlphabet Danger Zone: A might be popular, but X and Z have style. Get 100% on Letters Minefield: US States, Letters Minefield: Countries of Europe, Letters Minefield: Elements, and Letters Minefield: Days and Months for this badge.

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New Badges: Country Club, The Historian, and 007

Hungary for badges?

Country Club Icon - Club SandwichCountry Club: Technically, bacon, tomato, and toasted bread aren’t countries yet. Until a visionary soul remedies this situation, you should just stick to Turkey. For this badge, lettuce play 197 quizzes with the Country tag.

The Historian Icon - ColiseumThe Historian: They say history is written by the victors, but somehow there’s still no bestseller on The Great Emu War of 1932. We’re waiting, emus. In the meantime, earn this badge by playing 25 History quizzes in one day.

Bond Badge - Bond Silhouette on Green Background007: To marathon of all the Bond films, you’d need over 50 hours… and you wouldn’t even get a badge after all that. It’d be a lot easier to celebrate the new movie by getting 100% on James Bond Movies for the 007 badge.

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New Badges: Rapid Fire, Sinister Cinema, and Hail to the Chief

Heeeere’s badges!

Rapid Fire: Sprints – now with 100% less running. To earn this badge, get warmed up and speed through these quizzes. Get 100% on 30 in 60:State Capitals, 30 in 60:Music Artists, 30 in 60:TV Characters, and 30 in 60:Classic Novels.

Sinister Cinema: Everyone’s entitled to one good scare, and with this badge you can get yours any time of year. Use your horror expertise and get 50% or better on Horror Movies Taglines, Horror Movie Posters, and Alfred Hitchcock Movies.

Hail to the Chief: If you’ve been to Mt. Rushmore, you’ve got at least 4 guesses ready to go for any of these quizzes. Play 100 US Presidents quizzes to get this badge.


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New Badges: 3-2-1…Badge!, Cap’n Clickable, and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Badge

Navy men, Girl Scouts, and Sporclers all have one thing in common: Badges.

3-2-1...Badge!3-2-1…Badge!: In 3 minutes, you can microwave a bag of popcorn. That means you could have 25 bags of popcorn after you complete this one. To receive this badge, play 25 3 Minute Quizzes in one day.

Cap'n ClickableCap’n Clickable: Life on the Sporcle high seas can be a lot of work… but if you do well enough, you get a fancy hat! Have 5 clickable quizzes published to earn this badge.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden BadgeCrouching Tiger, Hidden Badge: China is number one at a lot of things – population, cabbage production, badminton. Be number one too by getting 50% or more on Country Quiz: China,  Provinces of China, and China’s Borders.


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New Badges: 2008 the Great, Quick Pick, and Early Bird

2008 may have been great, but we think 2015 has been supreme.

2008 the great2008 the Great: 2008 was the year that Obama became president, Michael Phelps won 8 Gold Medals, and Sporcle came out with some of our most iconic quizzes. Play 100 quizzes that were published in 2008 to receive this badge.

quick pickQuick Pick: A little bit of this, and a little bit of that. You won’t have to be all-knowing for these quizzes, just be able to tell fruits from countries. Get 100% on Multi-Category Minefield Blitz I, II, III, IV, and V and earn this badge.

early birdEarly Bird: The early bird catches the worm, but the early worm should have stayed in bed. To earn this badge, you don’t have to get out of bed, as long as you sleep next to your laptop. Just play 10 quizzes between 6 AM and 8 AM in one day.


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New Badges: Dundie Award, Puzzle Hunter II, and Opening Bell

Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica, and Badges. 

office (1)Dundie Award: Everyone deserves an award every once in a while, even if it’s just for having the whitest sneakers. Play 25 The Office quizzes to earn your very own Dundie. 

siaPuzzle Hunter II: This is our second Puzzle Hunt, and it’s sure to stretch your mind. To become part of the Sporcle Intelligence Agency, complete the SIA Puzzle Hunt.

opening bellOpening Bell: Think you know as much as those business bigwigs on Wall Street? Prove it by getting 50% or more on Dow Jones Companies by Ticker Symbol, NASDAQ 100, and Original Fortune 500.

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New Badges: Take Five, You Crack Me Up, and Sporcle MVP

September is Better Breakfast Month. We’re celebrating with a stack of pancakes and some new badges.

take 5Take Five: Five minutes is just enough time to catch your breath and eat a quick snack. What goes great with a snack? A Sporcle quiz, of course! Play 25 quizzes that are 5 minutes long in 1 day to receive this badge.
you crack me upYou Crack Me Up: We all love a good comedy, these are some of the best around. For this badge, get 50% or better on Comedy Movie Posters, Comedy Movies by Tagline, and AFI 100 Years 100 Laughs.
sporclemvpSporcle MVP: Every team has a few players that just go above and beyond the call of duty. Join Sporcle’s pro-league and have 5 quizzes published that are in the sports category to earn this badge.

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New Badges: Animal Farm, Sporcle Siesta, and It’s Dangerous to Go Alone

Fall is quickly approaching, bring in the new season with these badges.

livestock badgeAnimal Farm: Old McSporcle had a farm, but we produce quizzes instead of crops. Get 50% or more on World Sheep PopulationTop Beef, Pork, & Poultry Producers, and World Turkey Population.

sporcle siestaSporcle Siesta: We always feel sleepy in the early afternoon. We sometimes just need some time to take a nap. To earn this badge, play 15 quizzes between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. in one day.

zelda badgeIt’s Dangerous to Go Alone: Link needs your help to save Princess Zelda. Take a trip to Hyrule, grab a sword or two, and get ready to fight Ganon. Play 25 quizzes tagged Legend of Zelda to receive this badge.

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