New Badges: August Rush, Climb the Ladder, and Order of Merlin, First Class

Time to take your O.W.L.s in Sporcle, let’s see if you can earn an O.

AugustRushAugust Rush: August concludes our monthly badges, try not to rush your way through it. Win 150 challenges against the Sporcle Computer or other users to get this badge.

ClimbTheLadder2Climb the Ladder: Word Ladders are just like real ladders, you climb them one step at a time. To earn this badge, get 100% on 25 published Word Ladder quizzes.

OrderOfMerlinFirstClass2Order of Merlin, First Class: Of course all these characters are in your head, but why does that mean they’re not real? Get 100% on Harry Potter Top 200 and you just might get your face on a chocolate frog card.

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New Badges: War Games, Religious Pilgrimage, and Font-tastic!

Make sure to wear sunscreen, these badges are hot.

WarGames_2War Games: Time to join the Sporcle army and fight to get this badge. You’ll have to play 50 total War quizzes to earn your stripes and receive your War Games badge.

Fonttastic_2Font-tastic!: Lucky for you, we voted against using Comic Sans on Sporcle. To get your Font-tastic! badge, you’ll have to get 100% on Fabulous Fonts and Fabulous Fonts II.

ReligiousPilgrimageReligious Pilgrimage: Praying won’t help you get this badge (but who knows, it may help you get a higher score). Play 25 total Religion quizzes in one day to complete your journey for this badge.

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New Badges: Foodamental, Elite Trendsetter, and Señor Badge

A quiz a day keeps the doctor away. Stay healthy by getting these badges.

foodamentalFoodamental: You’ll have to eat all your food groups (yes, even vegetables) to be truly foodamental. Play 100 quizzes that are tagged ‘food‘ and you’ll receive this badge. Just try not to get too hungry on the way.

EliteTrendsetterElite Trendsetter: Everything spread by word of mouth, even badges. You can get this badge by referring 15 people to Sporcle (Go to your profile to credit the Sporcle user who referred you).

senor_badgeSeñor Badge: Mexico has given us lots of things, from mariachi music to piñatas. Join the fiesta by getting more than 50% on States of Mexico, Country Quiz: Mexico and Populous Mexican Cities.

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New Badges: Shark Bait, Bastille Day, and Concentration Frustration

Time to sink or swim with these new badges.

SharkBaitShark Bait: Whether it’s Jaws, Bruce, or Katy Perry’s left shark, sharks can be kind of scary. Conquer your fears and earn this badge; you’ll need to get 50% or more on Shark Attack!, Shark Week, and Shark Anatomy.

LeQuatorzeJuilletBastille Day: The storming of the Bastille happened almost 226 years ago, in 1789. To commemorate this event, get this badge by playing French History Match-Up, Bastille Day, and Countries of the French Empire on July 14.

ConcentrationFrustrationConcentration Frustration: Try not to pull out your hair or bang your head on the wall, this badge may be a little bit infuriating. Get 100% on Clickable Concentration, and you’ll receive this badge.

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New Badges: World Builder, Top of the Charts, and Give it a Try, July

Build up your badge count with these new badges.

WorldBuilder3World Builder: The world is kind of like a puzzle, with each country as its own puzzle piece. We need your help to put the world back together again. Get your World Builder badge by having 5 Geography quizzes published.

TopOfTheChartsTop of the Charts: You don’t have to be as talented as Beyoncé to make it to the top of the charts. Just play 50 Billboard quizzes and you’ll have your own claim to fame. Feel free to sing along while you play, though.

GiveItATryJuly2Give it a Try, July: During the summer, we like to take it slower. It’s summer, everyone deserves a bit of rest and relaxation. To get the July badge, all you have to do is play 250 quizzes and get more than 50% on them during July.

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New Badges: Sunday Funday, Techie, and The Pontiff-icator

What a lovely day for more badges.

s9FpWrmtBtVad8PBWFvPhCfLnyPwARakZ-9iyhthXxwSunday Funday: If you like clowning around, or if you just like clowns, then we have a badge for you! Spend some time goofing off on Sunday – if you play 15 Just For Fun quizzes, this badge is your reward.

HJw7RWB5VVUN2TzjWOlysRAq3iKcx8X3CDgEItum9L4Techie: The first step to getting this badge is to get on your computer… which you already are, so you’ve got a head start! Earn this new badge by playing 25 Computer quizzes. Step aside, Bill Gates, the real techies are coming through!

qfW-gVj7sTHeVn661VKq5uZhhN6U6YcIhujD4fmBPxIThe Pontiff-icator: No, we don’t need you to talk a lot or even preach to earn this one. But you will need to earn 100% on Names of Popes. If you manage the feat, you’ll get a sweet hat… in badge form.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: Poetry Party, Shady Business, and The Vanquisher

Time to conquer a whole new group of badges!

PoetryParty_2Poetry Party: A raven may not be like a writing desk, but it sure is a party animal. Whether you like Shakespeare or Silverstein, you can join the fun and play 25 poem quizzes to get this badge.  

0eUlXhNBAmzAKZWZ_ajrt7xEoQKKtEjC5EjV0FZ0JckShady Business: You don’t need to wear shades to earn this badge, but it may help. Get 50% or more on Cartoon Silhouettes, Sports Logo Silhouettes, and Corporate Logo Silhouettes to earn this badge.

TheVanquisher_2The Vanquisher: We came, we saw, we vanquished. Time to defeat some games and if you get 100% on 100 quizzes that you’ve never played before for this badge.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: Poker Face, They Killed Kenny!, and Are You Not Entertained?!

School’s out but Sporcle’s in session. Here are three new badges to begin your summer vacation.

PokerFace_1Poker Face: Grab your four-leaf clovers and don’t break any mirrors because you’ll need lots of luck. Get 100% on Poker Hands: Best to Worst and Speed Poker: 30 Hands in 60 Seconds to earn this badge.


They Killed Kenny!: Oh my God! Trey Parker and Matt Stone have killed Kenny McCormick a grand total of 97 times!  Pay homage to his memory by playing 25 South Park quizzes.


Are You Not Entertained?!: Is this not why you are here? Sporcle is full of entertaining quizzes, all you have to do is play 25 Entertainment quizzes in one day.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: Mumbai-dge, Flag Fiend, and Tune in to June

Summer is here, and so are new badges!

IndiaBadge_1Mumbai-dge: India is the second most populated country on the planet, and the seventh largest by land area. Such a massive, diverse country deserves recognition – celebrate it by playing India’s Borders, Country Quiz: India, and States of India. If you get 50% or better on each quiz, you’ll earn this badge.

3eckIFrHqwsL16_0a9HujHKs2AIG2l6_dRRiLH9CdYQFlag Fiend: Time to let your banner fly! If you like quizzes like Flags of the World, then this is the badge for you. Simply play 50 Flags quizzes, then display this badge as proudly as you would any flag.

bz3LDW9MuSZIT-FurAp1mY52gbU6zqWbg_BqGz0imXMTune in to June: You might want to take on this challenge in shifts. To earn June’s monthly badge, you’ll need to play 50 quizzes between midnight and 6 AM, 50 quizzes between 6 AM and noon, 50 quizzes between noon and 6PM, and 50 quizzes between 6 PM and midnight.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: Yes Prime Minister, Rent’s Due, and Psychedelic ’60s

Badges are a lot like pieces of flair, only we bet Jennifer Aniston would like badges.

YesPrimeMinister_2Yes, Prime Minister: If you like the UK , politics, and history, then do we have a badge for you. To earn it, you’ll need to really know your stuff – get 100% on Prime Ministers of the UK in order to collect on this one.

RentsDue_1Rent’s Due: You know the drill. It’s the first of the month – time to pay your dues… fortunately, we won’t be charging you rent for camping out on the Sporcle homepage. All you’ll need to do to earn this badge is play 50 quizzes on the first of the month.

60sBadge_2Psychedelic ’60s: Countercultural movement, revolution, and rapid change defined the Sixties. Test your knowledge of this turbulent, exhilarating time by taking Faces on TIME (1960s), 1960s Blitz, and What Were You Doing in the ’60s? (Music). If you get 50% or better on each of these quizzes, you’ll earn the badge.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.