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Back to Sporcle 2013: Wrap-Up


Thanks for joining us for Back to Sporcle last week! We had a blast reading each Sporcle haiku, seeing so many people earn the Back to Sporcle week badge, following the Reddit quiz contest, and even celebrating Talk Like a Pirate day. We hope you had fun, and that you’ll be a Sporcle regular as we move into fall.

Haiku Contest

Quill-PenWe had an overwhelming turnout as you took poetic fingers to keyboards and shared Sporcle-inspired haiku. The themes ranged from Sporclitis to difficult badges, and from the addicting power of Sporcle to the general praise of knowledge. Oh, and of course Kyrgyzstan. We’ll be posting these on the Sporcle Facebook page over the next few weeks.

Here’s a few of our favorites:

A slip of the mind.
I can’t believe I forgot.
Sorry, Kyrgyzstan.


Know every flag now
But I’m three days late for work
Thanks a lot, Sporcle


Improve your spelling
Expand your knowledge
Scream as the time expires


Reddit Quiz Contest

sporcle redditThanks to everyone who participated in the Reddit quiz contest! We had many great entries, and users offered each other great advice and praise. The winning quiz was BR8NO3epsilon‘s European Countries, Capitals, and Flags. Head over to the Sporcle subreddit to see all the entries.

Where Do You Sporcle? Photo Contest

We had some good entries in the Sporcle photo contest. Thanks to MrChewypoo, amazingjosh, and Droxnar for their submissions. If it’s true that amazingjosh really Sporcled while on a chairlift…well, we’re impressed.



Thanks again to everyone who joined us for Back to Sporcle week! Remember to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for more of the Sporcle content you love. And if you ever have feedback, feel free to write to us at feedback@sporcle.com.

Back to Sporcle Day 4: Photo Contest


Welcome to Day 4 of Back to Sporcle week! Whether you’re just joining us or you’ve been with us the whole week, we hope you’ve found Back to Sporcle fun and helpful.

Throughout the week, many of you have created new accounts. We’ve even received a few requests to add schools to the list of schools for your profile. (If this is you, write to us at feedback@sporcle.com.) There’s been a flurry of poetic activity going on in the comments section of Back to Sporcle Day 2. Join in the fun by submitting your original, Sporcle-inspired haiku. And yesterday we highlighted Sporcle Study Guides–the first-stop for all your study needs.

cameraToday we’re announcing a new contest: ‘Where do you Sporcle?’ Photo Contest!

We have Sporclers around the globe, of all ages and life stages. We’ve heard from users playing Sporcle at home, school, work, and who knows where else. That’s why we want to know, ‘Where do you Sporcle?”


-Take a photo of yourself playing Sporcle on your computer or mobile device. It can be taken in your regular environment, or somewhere more exotic or extreme (Any extreme ironing fans out there??) If you don’t want to include yourself, take a photo of your “Sporcle workspace.”

-Upload your photo(s) in the comments section of this post.

- We’ll pick some of our favorites to feature in Friday’s post, but you can submit photos throughout the weekend.

And don’t forget to earn your Back to Sporcle badge! All you have to do is play 25 quizzes by the end of Friday. Get it while you can!


Back to Sporcle Day 3: Sporcle Study Guides


fall stock photo croppedWelcome to Day 3 of Back to Sporcle week! If you’re just joining us, we started the week talking about ways to become more involved on Sporcle. And yesterday we announced the first-ever Sporcle Haiku contest!

Today we want to talk about Sporcle Study Guides. This is a new section of the site, and we hope you’ll check it out. This section combines some of the most informative and academic Sporcle quizzes in each category.

sporcle study guide screenshotWe’ve heard from users–both students and teachers–about the educational value of Sporcle. Whether studying for a test or just gaining knowledge in a particular subject matter, users can find what they need in Sporcle Study Guides. Instead of having to search for a quiz to help you study for that Spanish or Chemistry test, you can start by checking out the Language or Science Study Guide.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? Search the site to see if there’s a better quiz to fit your needs. You can always create a quiz of your own!

Back to Sporcle Day 2: Haiku Contest

back-to-sporcleFall-1Welcome to Back to Sporcle week! It’s Day 2 of our official kick-off to fall. If you joined us yesterday, we talked about making an account, creating quizzes, and earning badges.

Today, we want to announce our first contest: Sporcle Haiku!

Whether you consider yourself a poet or not, anyone can write a haiku. It’s a form of Japanese poetry consisting of 17 syllables (also known as on or morae). There are three lines, consisting of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.  Haiku is known for juxtaposing (or placing next to each other) two contrasting images. There are numerous tutorials on how to write haiku, for example this one.

Quill-PenThe rules:

- Write an original haiku related in some way to Sporcle

- Post your username and haiku in the comments section of this post

- The winning poems will be posted on the Sporcle Facebook page
Read more

Back to Sporcle: Day 1


fall-school-busWelcome to Back to Sporcle week!

Many of you are heading back to school, and even if you’re not, the summer days are winding down. The dark arrives sooner each day, and the summer memories are being retold enough times to become lore.

But don’t be too sad–Sporcle is still here! If you’ve taken a break over the summer, we hope you’ll return. Now that you have to spend more time inside anyway, why not check in to see the newest Sporcle quizzes each day?

Here’s some basic ways to become more involved at Sporcle.

Create an Account

Fall is a time of new beginnings. So why not try something new on Sporcle? Maybe you’ve never created account. Set one up, and start tracking your top scores. If you have friends on the site, you can follow one another and see how you match up.

Make a Quiz

Ever wished you could make your own Sporcle quiz?  You can! Check out our FAQ page to get started. And if you have further questions, check out the discussion on Sporcle University. You can always email us at feedback@sporcle.com with any additional quiz-making questions.

Earn a Badge

How’s your badge profile looking? A bit sparse? Now’s the time to get cracking! One badge you should definitely earn is the Back to Sporcle badge. All you have to do is play 25 quizzes throughout the week (ends Friday at midnight.) After you’ve earned a badge, you can share the news on Facebook or Twitter.

We have a great week ahead, so stay tuned to the Sporcle Blog for all the latest info! There will be contests, activities, and so much more.

In the meantime, check out the top Sporcle quizzes from the summer of 2013:

Criteria Countries (Europe) Almost Useless Science Trivia
European Cities: North to South Are You Smarter Than a College Student? XIII
The Classroom: A Logic Puzzle I Spy Challenge
Clickable Concentration Redux Restaurant Logos Close-Up
High School Election Logic Puzzle Misspelled Americas Blitz
Don’t Say the F-Word That Awkward Moment When… (Movies)
Head-to-Toe Blitz Figure out the Disney Lyrics XI
Movie Time II Famous Athlete Logos
Word Cloud Titles Name That Punctuation!
Cheese or Crackers? Popular Song Match (2000s)


Next Week: Back to Sporcle 2013!


It’s time…

The weather is starting to cool off, you’ve noticed a few leaves on the sidewalk and that part of your brain that remembers all 197 countries of the world has started itching. It must be time to get back indoors and start playing some Sporcle quizzes. Every day next week (Monday, Sept 16 through Friday, Sept 20th), we’ll be celebrating your return to trivia with special quizzes, badges and contests.  So check back each day to see what we have in store.

Just looking at this pile of leaves makes you want to solve a logic puzzle, doesn't it?

Just looking at this pile of leaves makes you want to solve a logic puzzle, doesn’t it?


Back to Sporcle Day 5: Thanks everyone!

What a great week! We’re definitely feeling good about moving into fall. We’ve said goodbye to summer, and we’ve said hello to sweater weather. You’ve definitely helped us out with your awesome quizzes and photoshop entries. It just puts us in a good mood to see such dedicated, creative Sporclers.

So, just as a recap, this week had two contests–quiz creation and photoshop–and we also talked about ways to get more from Sporcle and ways to study with Sporcle. We hope that Back to Sporcle week has been fun and informative. And we hope that we’ve inspired you to enjoy the new season and to make Sporcle a part of it.

And now, what you’ve all been waiting for. Contest. Winners. (Drum roll…….)

Back to Sporcle Quiz Contest

Clicktional Schools by Slipkid!

Runners Up!

Sporcle High Schedule Scramble Logic Puzzle by rszbdx

Make It Through School! by needapausebutton

Back to Sporcle Photoshop Contest

Winner! by Maddie Z





Runner up #1 by Mrchewypoo





Runner up #2 by BanjoZebra


Back to Sporcle Day 4: Study with Sporcle

Thanks for sticking with us! It’s been an exciting week so far: We’ve celebrated Back to Sporcle, launched our new app–Badly Drawn Faces–and even celebrated some less-well known holidays like National Mean Girls Day.

Studying: it's a fact of life.

Today is still going to be fun, we promise, but we’re shifting to a more serious subject: school. And when we say school, we mean the school the place where you sit in a desk and take tests.

Tests can be stressful, but they don’t have to be. Not if you know the answers. And it just so happens there are many Sporcle quizzes which cover material that you may find on your tests and quizzes.

We’ve heard from users–both students and teachers–about the educational value of Sporcle. We think this is a great way to use Sporcle, and we want to spread the word!

Here’s a list of categories and quizzes to start you off. Don’t be limited to these, though–search the site to see if there’s a better quiz that fits your study needs. Didn’t find what you wanted? Create a quiz of your own! It’s easy and free. Share the quiz with your study group and help future student-Sporclers.


Countries of the World Countries of North America
US States Countries of South America
Flags of the World Countries of Oceania
Countries of Europe US Capitals
Countries of Africa Most Populous Cities
Countries of Asia States Abbreviations


Periodic Table Programming Languages
Human Bones Planets of the Solar System
Human Body Systems Animals by Species
Anatomy of the Heart S.I. Units
Amino Acids Astronomical Terms
Computer Acronyms Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs


Minute Math (Addition) Minute Math (Subtraction)
Minute Math (Multiplication) Minute Math (Mixed Operations)
Digits of Pi Perfect Squares
Fraction Frustration Quick Math Challenge
Prime Numbers Roman Numerals
Multiplication Table Percentage Equivalents


US Presidents Prime Ministers of the UK
Original 13 Colonies 200 Year Quiz
Famous Wars World Population 1900
Countries of the Spanish Empire Countries of the British Empire
History by Bobblehead Monarchs of England
The US Declares War Political Terms (US)


Most Spoken Languages Spanish Quizzes
Greek Alphabet French Quizzes
Parts of Speech German Quizzes
Helping Verbs Italian Quizzes
Grammatical Terms Latin Quizzes
Hebrew Alphabet English to Spanish Cognates


Back to Sporcle Day 3: Fall Photoshop Contest

Welcome. It’s Wednesday. Day 3 of Back to Sporcle.

By now, you’ve hopefully figured out that this week is more special than most. It’s BACK TO SPORCLE week. Which means contests, blog posts, and a general party for fall. To say good-bye to summer, we’ve been featuring some of the summer’s top quizzes on Facebook and on our homepage.

And to celebrate fall? We’re using the phrase “sweater weather” as often as possible, posting inspiring pictures of colored leaves, and reminding you that Sporcle can be a part of your cozy nights curled up on the couch.

The Back to Sporcle Quiz Contest has been going so well, we decided to have another contest. This time, it’s Photoshop-style.

Back to Sporcle Photoshop Contest

The rules:

  • Create an image that includes the Sporcle logo
  • The theme is FALL
  • Paste your entry in the comment section (If you have problems commenting send us a note)
  • Use this source image to get started

The prize? We’ll publish the winning image as the cover of our Facebook page. We have high standards, but we know you’ll come through with some amazing entries. Check out past photoshop contests for examples and ideas. Or send us a message if you have any other questions.  Now, go be inspired!


Sweaters. We love them.

Read more

Back to Sporcle Day 2: Get More from Sporcle

Do you love Sporcle? Find out what more you can do than just playing quizzes! 

If you’re just joining us,  we’ve dubbed this week “BACK TO SPORCLE” week. We’re featuring daily blogposts, fun contests, and a review of the summer’s top quizzes. Read earlier blog posts to catch up on what you’ve missed!

We want you to be able to take advantage of all the great things that are part of Sporcle, which is why, today, we’re giving out 5 Basic Tips on how Sporcle can make your life more fun. We all need more fun in our lives, right?

1. Create a Sporcle account

We have thousands of users, but maybe you’re one of those people who just plays the website without keeping track of your scores. What are the advantages of having a profile, you might ask? Once you’ve created an account, you can track your gameplay history (and earn badges!), follow other Sporcle users, and challenge your friends. Also, you can give feedback on quizzes by commenting, favoriting, and rating quizzes.

2. Share some quizzes

Ever finish a quiz and feel a rush of satisfaction, along with smiles and joy? Share your quiz scores, get some bragging rights and let your friends join in the fun. Think of it as a service to those you care about. You have the power to enrich their lives with mentally stimulating diversions. What are you waiting for?

3. Make some Quizzes

We have over 300,000 quizzes available on our site, and only 10,000 or so are published. What does that tell you? It’s not all about the published quizzes. Take a look at our FAQ page for tips on creating quizzes, then give it a try! Share your quiz with friends to get feedback, and don’t hesitate to make adjustments and improvements. Perhaps you could start by participating in the Back to Sporcle quiz contest!

4. Set your School

An underutilized feature by Sporcle users is the option to set your school in your profile. Even if you graduated long ago, you can still represent your high school or college on Sporcle. You can even choose one of the fictional schools represented on the site, such as Hogwarts or Bayside High School. Go to your profile settings, and you’ll see the “school” option.  Later this week, we’ll talk about the importance of setting your school for college rankings which are, quite simply, awesome.

5. Get involved with Sporcle University

Sporcle University is a new Google group which provides a forum for Sporcle users’ discussion. If you want a more behind-the-scenes glimpse into Sporcle–this is the place to go. We’ve already implemented a lot of the suggestions that users have brought to our attention through Sporcle U. This is also a way for you to get to know other users, get advice on quiz creation, join user-led contests and more.

Pumpkins: another reason fall is awesome.