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New Badges: Auld Lang Syne, Page Turner, and Picturebox Schmicturebox

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never played on Sporcle…

HappyNewYear_1Auld Lang Syne: Share a toast for the favorite quizzes you’ve played over this year, then look forward to new quizzes and a new year by earning this badge. To do so, you’ll need to get 50% or better on New Year’s Eve MoviesUS Cities by Fireworks, and Quiz For Hangovers. This is a holiday badge, so you must play the quizzes on New Year’s Eve!

PageTurner_3Page Turner:  This badge is just as exciting as any paperback beach read. To get it, be prepared to burn the midnight oil – play 25 Literature games in one day to earn this badge. It’s kind of like the Sporcle equivalent of reading that exciting book all night.

PictureboxSchimcturebox_1Picturebox Schmicturebox: You’re in this one for the long haul! To earn this badge, you’ll need to play 1000 Picture Box games. All you’ll need is some dedication and a love for image quizzes.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: Sweater Weather, A Festivus for the Rest of Us, and Pixar Perfect

There should be a holiday party every time new badges get released.

SweaterWeather_4Sweater Weather: If you’re like us, then you like snazzy sweaters and knits. Celebrate your love for cold-weather fashion by playing Coldest Countries, Coldest StatesSnow Globes of World Cities and Landmarks, and Frosty Famous Folks. If you get at least 50% on each, you’ll earn this badge.

FestivusForUs_1A Festivus for the Rest of Us: This is a badge about absolutely nothing. To earn it, get 50% on Angry TV Characters, Holiday by Dumb Description, Festivus Facts, and Feats of Strength on December 23rd. Just don’t air any grievances in the comments!

PixarPerfect_3Pixar Perfect: Oh Pixar. You know how to make us laugh, cry, and gasp with wonder at beautiful animation. Now you can use your Pixar knowledge to earn Sporcle badges! Play 25 Pixar quizzes and cash in on your knowledge about cars, bugs, and friendly monsters.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: Happy Holidays, Driver’s Seat, and Lightning Round

Race your way to holiday happiness with this week’s new badges.

HolidayBadge_1Happy Holidays: The other 14 main categories on Sporcle have badges like this, so we figured it was about time to release one in the Holiday category, too. To get it, play 1000 holiday quizzes, then celebrate whichever holiday is your favorite. Ours happens to be National Ding-A-Ling Day.

DriverSeat_2Driver’s Seat: Can you give the hosts from Top Gear a run… er, drive, for their money? Show off your gearhead chops by racing past the competition and getting 100% on Car Logos. If you do, you’ll get this sweet speedometer badge to display on your profile.

BallroomBlitz_1Lightning Round: Stand aside, Road Runner. It’s time for the quick Sporclers to quickly Sporcle their way to another badge. If you want to demonstrate your love of speed games, then play 250 blitz games and collect this badge.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: December to Remember, Almost Useless Trivia, and Date Night

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but Sporcling is so delightful…

December_3December to Remember:  It’s cold and dark outside, but warm and cozy inside. Take advantage of the great indoors as a way to sharpen your quiz taking skills and get 100% on 100 quizzes in December. If you do, you’ll be able to display this badge on your profile.

o57B7WPp8pzhPpE4_CSrdnP9o9GBECWUwBQIOBkpdc8Almost Useless Trivia: Is your head full of knowledge that never gets applied to anything? Prove it! Get 100% on Almost Useless Trivia I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, and VIII. Who knows, you might learn something that’s about as useful as a T-Rex’s arms.

MovieFriday_1Date Night: Whether it’s a night out on the town or a movie night on the couch, date night is a wonderful thing. Display your love for date night by earning this badge - play 25 movie games and 25 restaurants games on a Saturday.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: Das Bädge, Lab Assistant, and Caught ‘Em All

Little known fact: Germanium is not a rock-type Pokemon.

DasBadge_2Das Bädge: Germany is one of the world’s great economic powers, as well as a historical leader in art, philosophy, and other fields. Get to know this country by playing German Cities, Country Quiz: Germany, States of Germany, and German Chancellors. Getting 50% or better on each one will earn you this badge.

Badges_Master_LabAssistantLab Assistant: It doesn’t matter if you were at the top of your chemistry classes in high school, you majored in chemistry in college, or if you just like the idea of strangely shaped beakers and the periodic table. If you like science, this badge is for you. Play 50 Chemistry games to earn it!

CaughtEmAll_1Caught ‘Em All: If you want to be the very best, like no one ever was, then you’re going to have to give it your all. If you want to prove your worth as a Pokémon trainer, get 100% on 151 Original Pokémon, then display this badge along your collection of gym badges. You’ll be a Pokémon Master in no time!

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: Bite My Shiny Metal Badge, Breaking Badge, and Remote Controlled

Time to barricade yourself in with Netflix and snacks, because TV themed badges are here!

Futurama_1Bite My Shiny Metal Badge: Good news, everyone! You don’t have to deliver anything today! Instead, earn this badge by playing 25 Futurama games, thereby proving your worth as a Planetary Express employee.

BreakingBadge_3Breaking Badge: Pay tribute to Walter White and his schemes by getting 100% on Breaking Bad: Dead or Alive? and the Breaking Bad Criteria Quiz. We’d prefer it if you didn’t use your Sporcling knowledge to start a drug manufacturing business, though.

TV_Overdose_2Remote Controlled: You know those days when you turn on the Food Network just to see what’s on for the next five minutes, and then end up watching Iron Chef for the next three hours? This little badge is our version of that. Earn it by playing 25 games in Television in a single day.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: The Great One, Frequent Flyer, and Adroit Olympian

Fly high with these new badges – whether it’s with a slap shot, an itch to travel, or an ancient Greek god.

TheGreatOneThe Great One: Calling all hockey fans…this is the badge you’ve been asking for! Wayne Gretzky is the only professional hockey player in history to have scored 215 points in one season. You might never make it into the NHL, but you can show your love of the sport by playing 215 NHL games and earning this badge.

FrequentFlyer_1Frequent Flyer: Travel a lot? We have a badge for you! Demonstrate your airport savvy by earning this badge – all you’ll need to do is get 50% on JFK International Destinations, Nonstop from the US to Paris, Countries with the Most Airports, and Which Flight is Longer?.

Mythology_3Adroit Olympian: We like mythological stories that involve people getting turned into trees and Zeus throwing lightning bolts everywhere. If you’re like us and ancient myths and creation stories float your boat, then pick up this badge by playing 25 games in the Mythology subcategory.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: Monster Mash, Newfangled November, and The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog

Rabbits and monsters and new games, oh my!

MonsterMash_1Monster Mash: It’s the time of the year when scary movies and monsters abound. In order to survive, you’ll want to know what you’re dealing with. Get 50% on Movie Monster Mania, Zombieland Rules, and Click the Vampire in order to collect this badge.

New_vember_3Newfangled November: Time to take a chance on some new games! For this badge, step out on a limb and play 200 games you haven’t played before in the month of November. They can be published or unpublished; they just need to be new to you. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find a new favorite quiz!

MontyPython_3The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog: First shalt thou log on to Sporcle, then shalt thou play twenty-five Monty Python quizzes, no more, no less. Twenty-five shall be the number thou shalt play, and the number of the playing shall be twenty-five. Twenty-six shalt thou not play, neither play thou twenty-four, excepting that thou then proceed to twenty-five. Twenty-seven is right out.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: Beyond Thunderdome, Postmaster General, and Taco Tuesday

New badges incoming!

BeyondThunderdome_2Beyond Thunderdome: Here’s the deal. You want to earn this badge, you’ll have to take on all comers. Time to make like Mad Max and win 500 challenges against other users.

PostmasterGeneral_1Postmaster General: Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays Sporclers from playing quizzes. You can show your dedication to badge earning (and the postal service) by getting 50% or better on Street Suffixes, which will earn you this badge.

TacoTuesday_2Taco Tuesday: Would you rather have badges or tacos? We figured, why not both? Play 15 food quizzes on a Tuesday to earn this badge, then reward yourself with delicious food.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

New Badges: Remember Remember, Everything is Awesome, and Quick Draw

We want either Morgan Freeman or Hugo Weaving to narrate these badge options for us.

8bXuNgMqkUH8eHitRv-oGEXdKWqG6hezLN1wKsYqIF0Remember, Remember: Time to get out the Guy Fawkes masks and start the bonfires. To earn this badge, rebel against oppression and score 75% or better on the V for Vendetta Opening Monologue on November 5th.

LegoBadge_1Everything is Awesome: The easy part about getting this badge? Getting 50% or better on Lego Landmarks, Movies by Lego and Gaming with Legos. The hard part? Getting the “Everything is Awesome” song out of your head.

QuickDraw_3Quick Draw: You’ve got to be speedy if you’ve set your sights on this badge. Earn it by scoring 100% on Drawing a Blank 1, Drawing a Blank 2, and Drawing a Blank 3. Bull’s-eye!

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.