Gosh, I’m So Thankful!

thanksgiving-turkeyHappy Thanksgiving!

Here at Sporcle, we have a lot to be thankful for. We’re thankful for you, our users, who have a thirst for knowledge, unbelievable creativity, and fun-loving attitudes. We’re also thankful for the Sporcle Live team that joined us a year ago, gathering people in restaurants and bars around the country with great live trivia contests.  And, of course, we’re thankful for our friends and families, who journey through life with us.

What about you? Post a comment sharing something you’re thankful for. 


Puzzle Words for iOS and Android

puzzle wordsPuzzle Words for iPhone, iPod touch, iPod and Android is now available.

SEATTLE — March 19th, 2013 — Sporcle announces Puzzle Words for iOS and Android. The fun and addictive game for the whole family from the gang who brought you Sporcle.com, Badly Drawn Faces, Movies, and Logos.

Puzzle Words is the latest word game from Sporcle that shows you a scrambled picture and all you have to do is guess the word. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but you only have to know one.

Users earn coins as they complete more puzzles and these coins can be exchanged for hints such as revealing a letter, removing letters that aren’t used or unscrambling the image. Users may also buy more coins using in-app purchase.

Puzzle Words is available now through on iTunes, the Google Play Store and Amazon Android Store for FREE


About Sporcle:
Sporcle is a gaming company that offers short trivia and educational games through the Sporcle.com web site and a mobile apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Android. The company, founded in 2007 is headquartered in Seattle, WA with offices in San Francisco, CA and Plymouth, MI.

Sporcle “Countries of the World” Geography Standard

Editors’ Note: Portions of this post were written by longtime Sporcler Hejman prior to our decision to add Palestine to ‘Countries of the World’. We appreciate this and his many other contributions to Sporcle over the years.

What is a country?

When you were a kid sitting in a classroom staring at the map on the wall, you might have gotten the idea that the world had a certain permanence. We certainly did.  The thing was attached to the wall…with bolts. It’d be pretty hard to change something with that kind of solid mounting.  Of course, the real world couldn’t be further from the truth. Borders, boundaries, place names and our knowledge of the planet changes every day, and so can our definition of what makes a country.

Trivia is much the same way. It may seem that when you have a set of answers that are either right or wrong, there should be some kind of permanence there, or at least some kind of cut and dry way for determining them. Unfortunately, the ambiguity that springs forth from everyday life also bleeds into trivia and directly into a question like “What determines a country?”

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Sporcle on Google Hangout

We know that Sporclers love our challenge feature, and one thing a lot of people have been requesting is a way to play live with their friends in real-time. We listened to your requests, and now we have something very exciting to announce. We’ve created a Google Hangout app that allows you to play Sporcle against your friends and family across the world. All you need to get started is a Google+ account. If you already have one, just click the big red button below:

Start a Hangout

If at any time you feel lost, we’ve included detailed instructions after the jump.

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800 Million Plays and Counting…

Earlier today we crossed the 800 million game play mark. That’s an incredible number, and we want to thank all of our users for getting us here. In fact to adequately explain just how incredible it is, Hejman, a Sporcle moderator, emailed us the following facts to mark the occasion:

800 Million plays comes out to:

  • 2.56 plays for every American
  • 12.85 plays for every Briton
  • 34.87 plays for every Australian
  • 22.97 plays for every Canadian
  • 146.05 plays for every citizen of Kyrgyzstan
  • Each game on Sporcle has been played an average of 2,806 times. (Thanks to Bazmerelda for this one)
  • Since Sporcle’s inception in July 2007, there have been an average of 18,200+ quizzes played per hour, which is equivalent to just over 300 quizzes per minute or 5 quizzes every second. In the time it just took you to read this comment, there have been 50 quizzes completed. (Thanks to Brandon Anderson in the comments)

If you happen to find any more amazing facts about this impressive Sporcle achievement, please add them in the comments. Thanks again everyone, we’re extremely proud and humbled by just how many diversions we’ve caused.

Flerovium, Livermorium and You

The time has finally come. Sporcle has updated all of our science quizzes, including the classic Periodic Table, to honor and welcome two new elemental friends. Elements 114 and 116 have officially become flerovium and livermorium. The symbols for the new elements are Fl and Lv. Flerovium is named after the Russian physicist Georgy Flyorov, for whom the Flerov Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions is named. On the other hand, Livermorium is named after the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where much of this research is done. The Lawrence Livermore national lab already has the element lawrencium named after it, whereas Livermore is actually the name of the town. This is the first time in a long time that there has been a gap in the periodic table, as neither elements 113 nor 115 have yet been synthesized and reconfirmed. Of course, this just means we could yet have a Sporclium in the periodic table.

For those of you who are wondering just how an element is names, it goes like this: First a set of researchers (either in Germany, the US or Russia) creates a new element. Then, another set of researchers must recreate this experiment to confirm the results. The original group then has the right to name the element. They suggest a name to IUPAC (the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) who meets to see if they agree with the suggestions. Then after a period of 6 months, if no one has any complaints, the names are officially adopted.

Add Sporcle to Your Facebook Timeline

Good news, now you can add Sporcle to your Facebook Timeline!

By connecting Facebook to Sporcle, you can include Sporcle activity such as creating games, picking favorites, rating, and playing games on Facebook. To share Sporcle, click the Get Started button at the top of the screen (or go to your settings page and connect to Facebook.)

That’s all there is to it! Sporcle will automatically be added to your Timeline.

If you decide you don’t want to share Sporcle anymore, you can always disable this option by going to your settings page and turning this option off.

Enjoy and happy Sporcling!

What’s Your Vision For A Sporcle T-Shirt? Contest

This contest is now closed. Thanks for your awesome entries!

Asta is waiting for your brilliant ideas.

Your favorite online source for stimulating diversions, is partnering with your favorite online source for awesome T-Shirts. Sporcle is teaming up with T-Shirts.com to bring you the “What’s Your Vision For A Sporcle T-Shirt? Contest.”

Sporcle addicts and T-Shirts.com fans have a lot of shared talents: Creativity, knowledge of pop culture trends, and a knack for making tough decisions under pressure. (There’s still debate over whether it’s more stressful to narrow down your T-Shirts shopping cart, or quickly type that last Sporcle answer as the clock counts down to zero!)

Now is your chance to showcase these talents, by sharing your vision for a Sporcle T-Shirt design! The top 4 submissions will receive a $50 merchandise credit to T-Shirts.com.

How do you enter you ask? Easy! Just comment on this blog post with your idea:

  •  Are you a wordsmith? Great- you can comment with a phrase or saying  that you think should be on the shirt
  • Are you a PhotoShop prodigy? Perfect- comment with an image of your T-Shirt design

Best of luck! Send us your pretty tees pretty please!

This Day in Sporcle History

Today, we’re taking a look back into Sporcle’s ancient history and featuring a few interesting quizzes we’ve featured on December Mondays of old. Let’s check them out, shall we:

2010: We started the holiday season off last year with Finish the Christmas Song. Since it was published it’s been played over 250 thousand times. Ho ho ho!

2009: Back in 2009, we kept it simple by publishing One Syllable Things. We’ve found that talking this one out makes it much easier.

2008: We celebrated our love for Tennis in 2008 by publishing Men’s Tennis Grand Slam. Nowadays it sort of makes us hungry for a Denny’s breakfast…

If you remember any great Sporcle quizzes from Decembers past, be sure to let us know in the comments!

Guest Blogger: The Day I Met Sporcle

Here’s the second entry in a series of several blog posts by guest writers we hope to run in the coming weeks and months. This post was written by Jane Kulow who runs a very informative blog called Dr. StrangeCollege.

I met Sporcle on Thursday, June 4th, 2009…

…And it was sort of like love at first sight. If you can fall in love with a website, that is.

Our sister-in-law sent an email about an upcoming reunion — a family Olympics that has been going for thirty years — and tossed this challenge our way:

“Oh yeah, you might check out this trivia website:  to prep for the trivia section.”

Our family of five immediately jumped down the Sporcle rabbit-hole.

Who knew there were ten three-letter body parts? [Why couldn't I think of 'gum'?]

How many countries in Africa could we name? [I think I got about a dozen on the first try. Had you heard of Sao Tome and Principe?] Even Europe was tough until I learned how to spell Herzegovina.

While our 12 year old son earned a basketball jersey from us by conquering the names of all the countries of the world, I still have a mental block with the islands of Oceania. I know they would be useful in other games (countries ending in U, anyone?), but I haven’t yet devoted the brain-muscle.

Meanwhile, the ever-devious Sporcle-ites came up with the bomb: the game that ends with one wrong answer. I’m not going to say thank you for that.

I will say thank you to Sporcle for developing such a great group activity — whether for our family or for the college competitions or, the newest, online challenges. Often, in this household, one of us will be attempting a game when someone else walks into the home office. The simple phrase, “Got a minute?”, actually means: “Could you please pull your chair over here beside mine right now and help me with this Sporcle quiz?” Not one of us can say no to that, whether or not we have a minute or six minutes to spare.

Besides the fun participation for the family, Sporcle gives each of us an area of expertise. The twelve year old is an NFL Trivia expert and created a few games early on. Our fifteen year old daughter is a maven of current pop culture, design, and every one of the hundreds of books she has read. Our seventeen year old son covers the waterfront of music quizzes in all genres and international soccer. My husband and I dominate (did I say that?) on history and literature trivia as well as pre ’90s pop culture, but we clearly stopped paying attention to prime time television when we had babies.

There’s no going back to prime time TV, either. We’d rather play Sporcle.


Jane Kulow tweets about schools, books, and libraries as @CvlKulow. She’s a Red Sox fan, an avid reader and Jane blogs about the college search / admissions / finance front at DrStrangeCollege.wordpress.com. Her three teens are so glad.