Top 5 Comments of the Week (03/20)

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1. From: Parts of a Circle

oli_by: Who was the roundest knight of the ‘Knights of the round table’? Sir Cumference of course. How did he get so round? He at too much pi…Happy pi day everyone!

2. From: 5-Letter Country Match-Up

PomonaI can’t believe I guessed Nauru before Italy, India, or China. Wow, I have spent a lot of time on Sporcle.

3. From: SNL Celebrity Impressions

ashbeekI guessed Justin Bieber for Ellen and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

4. From: Common ‘Other’ Language per State

mimsy137In a moment of weakness, I nearly typed in Canadian.

5. From: ‘S’ TV Shows by Picture II

WyattsTorchThat awkward moment when “Flipper” doesn’t apply, so you try “Slipper” out of desperation.

Top 5 Comments of the Week (03/13)

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1. From: Musicians by Lego

rockgolf: Only in Legoland can Iron Maiden look like New Kids on the Block with Aaron Carter sitting in.

2. From: Asia (Redux)

armadillokingI didn’t realize why United Arab Empire was wrong for about five minutes. That decoy was too good.

3. From: Asia (Redux)

Pander88uk“Don’t click any non-Asian real countries… they’re bound to use that trick”.. *clicks Australia*.

4. From: Images that End in ‘B’

WyattsTorchI spent at least two minutes trying to come up with the name for Marley’s hat.

5. From: Click the Batman Villain

Scout_Number_4They might not be real Batman villains, but you don’t want to be around if The Tinkler takes on The Space Heater.

Top 5 Comments of the Week (03/06)

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1. From: Sitcoms by T-Shirt

stormyclouds: Wow…..Archer t-shirt has not aged well.

2. From: 30 Facts that Start with ‘P’

armadillokingOf course, the exercise pioneer Joseph Pushup.

3. From: Famous TV Couples

ExcalWhen I got to JD from Scrubs, my first instinct was to look for Chris Turk.

4. From: Jenny’s Phone Number

koopa08What’s the area code? I’m not from around here.

5. From: Movie by Famous One-Liner

CanadianBaconAn Inigo Montoya quote over one by Vizzini?? Inconceivable!!

Top 5 Comments of the Week (02/27)

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1. From: Odd But True Facts II

SynonymToast: It’s true that vaccinations don’t work on trumpets, but it didn’t count as correct.

2. From: Odd But True Facts II

aerodynamic:I kept incorrectly guessing syphilis and thinking, “Dang it, why can’t I get syphilis?”

3. From: Follow That Line: Mitch Hedberg

frenchfry1527I haven’t slept for ten days. Because that would be too long.

4. From: 2 Steps from Dangle

Limerick_ManWith my cat, one day I dangled
A piece of yarn til it got tangled
I laughed as she scratched
Til I saw it attached
To my priciest sweater, now mangled

5. From: Ending with ‘A’ Blitz

armadillokingA US president whose name ends with A? Hmm, I don’t know, better start at the beginning…

Top 5 Comments of the Week (02/20)

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1. From: Geography Humor

cardiff_martian: “My wife has gone to the West Indies”. “Jamaica?” “No, she wanted to go”. It had to be done. There just might be someone out there who hasn’t heard that before.

2. From: Most Visited Websites (2014)

chriskotx:Yawn: I just woke up from a ten-year nap. So what happened to AOL and MySpace?

3. From: Geography Humor

Fools_Overture…did you hear about the lonely chess grandmaster who went to Prague? – He was looking for a Czech mate!

4. From: ‘P’ Countries on a Map

Honest_John3 hours and 6 new comments in and no one has claimed that Palestine is not a country yet. Must be some kind of record.

5. From: Things Cut in Half

mcsheffreyI was confused by the label of “Atom” until I thought about it for a few seconds. Well done!

Top 5 Comments of the Week (02/13)

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1. From: Absent Letter Countries II

HeGotGames: The 3.1% of people who got Apan but not Yrgyzstan, welcome to Sporcle.

2. From: Bugs Bunny or Joseph Stalin?

ImpromptuJ Hmmm…I KNEW I should have taken that left turn at Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky!.

3. From: Music Fan Nickname Match

hazzbeard I’ve always thought they should be called “Bruno Martians”

4. From: 5-Letter Movies Slideshow

Anti_SpiralI saw this in a movie about a bus that had to SPEED around the city, keeping its SPEED over fifty, and if its SPEED dropped, the bus would explode! I think it was called “The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down”.

5. From: General Knowledge Grab Bag II

Lostxanadu*salutes* General Knowledge

Top Comments of the Week (02/06)

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1. From: US President or Not?

Den: Dewey was too president! I’ve got the headline right here!

2. From: Finish the Children’s Game

Remember_snoodI knew I was gonna be Sorry if I played this. I had a lot of Trouble with it. But it was worth the Risk

3. From: Sports in Motion

theBCIHow exactly do you win at parkour? Not fall down and have to go to the ER?

4. From: Months in Alphabetical Order

tim0786Completely counter-intuitive to type “July, June.”

5. From: 25 Compound Words Visualized II

plumsirenNighthorse? Nighthorses? Moonhorse? Darkhorse? I KNOW THAT’S A HORSE!!!

Top Comments of the Week (01/30)

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1. From: Passable General Knowledge Trivia

DixonMason: I once bought a girlfriend ruby earrings because her birthday was in July. Years later it would go on to help me with this Sporcle quiz.

2. From: Miss Universe 2014 National Costumes

boothedukeAs a Canadian, I’ll be over here, facepalming.

3. From: Cheesy Motivational Quotes

hustwitUnless life gives you lemons, water and sugar, your lemonade is going to be pretty bad.

4. From: Field of Dreams Messages

Sneuticles“Don’t make Waterworld.”

5. From: Miscellaneous Trios III

jefe_Freud’s Parts of the Psychic Apparatus? That’s easy, the Id, the Ed, and the SuperFacepalm.

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Top Comments of the Week (12/5)

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1. From: Movies: Click Before the Colon

PlatypusInPlaid: It is a universal constant that putting “Herbie” in front of any of these is hilarious. Herbie: First Blood Part II. Herbie: Vampire Hunter. Herbie: Impossible.

2. From: Anything but Europe

JoeFdSpent too long laughing at some of the wrong answers instead of clicking the right ones

3. From: Movie Title Sorting Challenge

EastlygodI rather embarrassingly clicked on Beverly Hills for critter – I am ashamed to say I remembered Chihuahua before Cop. And didn’t look at the year…

4. From: -Stan Country Borders

declan88Tempted to call this your STANdard quiz, but inSTANtly found it outSTANding. I underSTANd that these puns are not STANdup worthy, so I’ll go stand over in the diSTANce now.

5. From: Anything but Europe

mimsy137The world would be a better place if there were a country named Bananarama.