Top Comments of the Week (11/20)

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1. From: Complete the Palindrome

Q_PheevrDid you hear about the time an argument on this site was cut short by Christmas decorations? I believe the headline read Tinsel crops Sporcle snit.

2. From: British Cities Typing Challenge

erinpuffI was afraid the last one was going to be Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.

3. From: Movies by Memorabilia

EzrianBashiraxI was at the auction for the Lord of the Rings memorabilia. Turns out that the prop doesn’t actually turn you invisible, and it also turns out that auction house security guards would make excellent linebackers.

4. From: NBA Teams (Redux)

packmanwiscyThe first choice was the Sonics and I clicked on it. No regrets.

5. From: Movie Taglines by Genre

MightyJackWho else thought that the answer to the Benjamin question *had* to be The Curious Case of Benjamin Button?


Top Comments of the Week (11/13)

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1. From: Did Trump Really Tweet It?

EssessNine97This quiz frightens me.

2. From: 25 Ways Not to Spell ‘Hare’

tigeruOne of those was hard.

3. From: Severed Countries

RayaviWhat, there’s no country called Egychelles?

4. From: Foreign-Born Population: Greenland

RangersRangersI like to think that someone in Nuuk is taking this quiz, and is like, “Well I know Jerry’s family is from Italy, so that has to be there…”

5. From: Geography Speed-Picking

OttawaWendyDamn you Fuji! You look a lot like Fiji!

Top Comments of the Week (11/06)

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1. From: Find the US States

smac17Oooh this is new!

2. From: Long One-Word Countries

NY_MOBIt seemed like every country that came to mind had EXACTLY 10 letters.

3. From: Clipped Words III

cslPlease accept “saxamaphone…”

4. From: Celebrities on Halloween

spacerobotI think the real challenge here is how not to get 100%…

5. From: Long One-Word Countries

BestLoserCompensating much, Liechtenstein?


Top Comments of the Week (10/09)

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1. From: Comically Obvious Brand Knock-offs II

oshojThis quiz is significantly better than the similar one I tried on

2. From: ‘P’ Logos

adhairDidn’t accept “Pizza Hat”.

3. From: Figure Out The Lyrics: TV Theme VII

wolfsbroWhy do we always Sporcle? I guess we’ll never know. It’s like a kind of torture to see what you don’t know.

4. From: 16 Famous Rodents

Limerick_ManI once saw a mouse on the screen
Not Mickey or Jerry, I mean
When I say “on TV”
I mean literally
I should keep my apartment more clean

5. From: ‘C’ States

mimsy137There are lots of reasons I might be ashamed of myself. Blanking on the name of a state that starts with the letter “C” is definitely NOT one of them.

Top Comments of the Week (10/02)

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1. From: Progressively Harder NFL Logos

packmanwiscyI’ve never noticed how red those eyes are on the Broncos logo. Must have changed it when Colorado legalized weed.

2. From: Jokes in Reverse

armadillokingThe bartender says, “Sorry, we don’t serve time travelers in here.” A time traveler walks into a bar

3. From: American Money In Your Pocket

mommyrocks2005Liar. None of that’s in my pocket. I’m pretty broke right now.

4. From: Pick-a-Stan

dancastroAny Sporcler worth of the name will agree that Kazakhstan is bigger, but Kyrgyzstan is greater.

5. From: Ticket to Ride Board

mrbinkey04I just drove from Minneapolis to Duluth yesterday. I’m not sure why it took me so long, since they are clearly right next to each other.

Top Comments of the Week (09/18)

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1. From: Sporcle’s Most Forgotten Answers

naqwerty3You know you’ve been on a Sporcle a long time if you don’t even think of entering Kyrgyzstan for “Most Missed” Countries of Asia because who would ever miss Kyrgyzstan on Sporcle?!

2. From: Franchise by Pez Dispenser Set

ArtieArmstrongVery disappointed this quiz didn’t accept “pezidents” for #17.

3. From: Are You Colorblind?

klb75A while back I had the idea of opening a shop with a sign that says “Color Blindness Diagnosis: $10″, but having the sign written using colored dots like the numbers in this quiz. When someone walks in and asks “Am I colorblind?”, I’d just say “No. That’ll be $10″.

4. From: Sporcle’s Most Forgotten Answers

NoisewaterSo the states no one can spell… And Nebraska

5. From: African Country A-Z Blitz

NY_MOBIn a blitz game, it sure would help if I could resist typing countries like “Burkina Faso” and “Ethiopia”, when “Benin” and “Egypt” will do.

Top Comments of the Week (09/11)

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1. From: Letters Minefield: 3 Categories

LSophiaI choose to believe that P for Pawn also stands for P for Pluto. In my happy, imaginary world, Pluto is still a planet, no matter what Neil de Grasse Tyson says. ;)

Of course, in my happy, imaginary world, there are also unicorns. And world peace. And plenty of dark chocolate and coffee for everyone.

2. From: Finish the Famous ‘Last Words’

crouchingdomoEven though it means I got it wrong, I’m actually glad that Salvador Dali didn’t spend his last moments frantically wondering where his kitten was.

3. From: 1-10 Letter U Words

fishhead81I’m not sure that’s quite what ubiquitous means. The definition, to me, seems to be that of omnipresent.

4. From: Letters Minefield: 3 Categories

msuspartan1981You mean H as in Horsey is not a valid chess piece initial?

5. From: Three Images: Guess the Movie II

podpodSeeing miners and rockets always makes me think of another movie..OK I guess Armageddon outta here.

Top Comments of the Week (09/04)

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1. From: Avoid the ‘I’ US States

ElisDaddyMississippi was a bad choice.

2. From: Tiny Almost Useless Trivia VII

armadillokingVerily this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose, so let me simply add that it’s my very good honour to meet you and you may call me V.

3. From: 2013 Movies Slideshow II

SteelyMattWow…all this quiz did was remind me what a terrible year 2013 was for movies.

4. From: ‘Smelly Cat’ Lyrics

mhershfieldSorry Ross those are all the verses we have.

5. From: 5-Star Movie Quotes II

kylestoughtonJust taking this quiz has reminded me how great of an actor Robin Williams was. The rest I had to really think about, but his quotes just jumped off the page as soon as I saw them. He really was a one-of-a-kind actor with such charisma. Rest in Peace.

Top Comments of the Week (08/28)

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1. From: Banned Around the World

GameelaNever in a million years are those CURVY mannequins – they’re sticks! I was frantically typing ‘mini skirts”, ‘short skirts’, ‘skirts’, ‘sleeveless tops’, ‘western clothing’, etc etc…

2. From: Top 10 Richest US Presidents

InsertCleverNameI’m sensing a theme here. Apparently one should work hard, study, and be related to rich, dead people.

3. From: Quickly Click a ‘Quick’

PappaTWhat’s interesting is that by about the halfway point, the letters stop looking like letters. It’s trippy. Am I alone in this?

4. From: Sporcle’s Easiest Religion

crouchingdomoPoor old Deuteronomy. I have to believe it’s left off this list because it’s just so tricky to spell.

5. From: Sporcle’s Easiest Religion

ShepherdBookIt appears that naming a planet after a Roman god greatly increases their popularity.