The Latest Sporcle Mobile App: Version 3.3

sporcle3Editor’s Note: The new Sporcle App for iOS marks a significant change from previous versions. Sporcle founder Matt Ramme wrote the following note to explain some of the changes included in the latest update.

With this release, we have hopefully fixed one of the major complaints with our new update, which is that playing games offline is more difficult.

With this update we have given you the opportunity to pick which categories and topics you’d like to have downloaded completely to your phone.  On the Options screen, you can go to the ‘Play Offline’ menu, and turn on downloading for each category you care about. Once selected, all the available games for that category will be playable without an internet connection.

A word to the wise regarding using this new feature.  Your updates WILL take longer.  This is because we have to download all of the data for every game, instead of just the title of it.  For those who want this feature though, it’s worth it so that Sporcle can help you pass the time on your train or bus ride every morning.  Offline downloading is OFF by default however, so we can keep performance and waiting times speedy for those who can use the app with a network connection.

Now we keep moving forward, as we march towards making this the flat out best trivia app on your phone or tablet.  Future updates will include improving the iPad game flow, more themes, plus access to even more games from the website, and more!

Please keep giving the reviews, and tell us your thoughts, concerns and suggestions either through the feedback button on the Options screen, or the review system.  We read them all and they help inform us as to the most important features for you.


Your Sporcle founder and update writer extraordinaire, Matt Ramme


The Latest Sporcle Mobile App: Version 3.2

sporcle3Editor’s Note: The new Sporcle App for iOS marks a significant change from previous versions. Sporcle founder Matt Ramme wrote the following note to explain some of the changes included in the latest update.

Thank you once again for your candid and thoughtful feedback and reviews.  You are the most important asset to the Sporcle App, and we strive to give you the very best experience, and also to make this app the best trivia app in the store.

To that end, we’ve decided to make a change in both the paid/upgraded and free versions.

Paid/Upgraded experience: We’ve removed tokens from the main game play experience. All games are unlocked, and you no longer need tokens to play any game.  Furthermore, playing a game will earn you a token, which you will be able to use for new and exciting features now and in the future.

Free experience: Instead of receiving one token per day, you will earn one token for each game you play.

What new and exciting features will paid/upgraded users put their coins toward? The first is Themes.  Not a fan of the default orange theme?  Pick one of the other two themes available (with more to come in future releases) to customize your playing experience.  The theme picking dialog is found under the paintbrush icon on the Options tab.

We also moved the answer entry box to be attached to the keyboard.  This was where it was in the old version of the app, and many users said they preferred it there, so we put it back.

The next big task for us is to improve the offline experience.  Since we provided access to so much more content with this new version, we couldn’t download all of the data for every game every time there were new games, or the app would respond very slowly.  We think we have a solution which will not adversely impact performance for users with an internet connection, but will allow those that play offline a way to continue to do that.  That change will be part of the next update, so stay tuned.

As always, continue to leave us reviews (we of course love the 5* ones, but we pay attention to the 1* reviews just as much, in hopes of making you a 5* next time).

Your ever benevolent and faithful Sporcle founder, Matt Ramme.

The Latest Sporcle Mobile App: Update Coming!

sporcle3Editor’s Note: The new Sporcle App for iOS marks a significant change from previous versions. Sporcle founder Matt Ramme wrote the following note to explain some of the fixes that will be coming with the latest update.

First off, thank you to everybody for all the feedback, both positive and negative. We are working hard to address all of the concerns brought up, and we will continue to do so as quickly as possible.

I would like to apologize for the removal of the no-timer option in the last update.  That was an unintended consequence of no longer using Apple’s settings app for our preferences. The no-timer feature is back with this update, and the ability to turn it on and off will be in the options tab.

In regards to the tokens we introduced into this new update–we have read your comments and believe we have come to solution that will address your thoughts and concerns. That change will be part of the next update, so stay tuned for more details.

We also made some changes in regards to how games are downloaded to your device. We realize now that the new version made playing Sporcle in a network free environment more difficult. In subsequent updates we will be making changes and improvements which will allow you to more easily download games for offline play.

Please continue to give us feedback both with reviews and through the feedback inside the app (click ‘Feedback’ on the Options screen). We will continue to make updates and improvements, and your rational and thoughtful responses will help guide our path.

Your faithful and humble Sporcle founder, Matt Ramme

The Latest Sporcle Mobile App is Here!

sporcle3Editor’s Note: The new Sporcle App for iOS marks a significant change from previous versions. Sporcle founder Matt Ramme wrote the following note outlining the thought process behind the big changes.

We put out the first version of the Sporcle app back in 2010. Apps were still a new thing, and we had wanted to give you a way to play Sporcle that would work better on smaller phones and iPods, while also allowing you to play games even if you didn’t have an internet connection. This app has consistently been in the top 10 of paid trivia apps, and for that we are eternally grateful. It is now time that we give you the Sporcle app you deserve.

The biggest complaint we heard was that there weren’t enough games available on the mobile app in relation to With this update, that is no longer the case. You can search for any game we have ever featured, or use the many lists throughout the app to find the trivia game that perfectly matches your need of the moment.

Now we give YOU the power to decide which games you want to play, instead of being stuck with only the games that downloaded the day you happened to launch the app. Every day, we give you free Sporcle Tokens which are used to unlock any game you want. Once you unlock a game, you can play it as many times you like. Unlike Dragon’s Lair or Dance Dance Revolution, you won’t have to continue to feed Tokens each time you want to play.

The goal here was to give you as much free content in the app as you had before, which was approximately 2-3 games a day for Sporcle, (and only 2 games a week for Sporcle Lite). And now you will get free Tokens every day which will allow you to unlock that many games. The big difference being that you get to pick the games you want, where before you only had access to what was given to you.

Most importantly, this is not the final product. We realized that it has been some time since we updated this app, so we wanted to try to get this new version out as soon as possible. We believe the stability and performance of this version is so much better than the previous versions, not to mention things like 4” screen support, that we felt it was wrong to wait until we had every single new enhancement in place before letting you have it. So expect to see a lot of updates and improvements coming in the next few months. New features, new game types, and more! Obviously we will also continue to use your feedback to help inform to us what we are doing right and wrong. Our goal always has been to give you the best trivia experience possible, and with your help, we intend to do just that.

With warmest of regards,
Matt Ramme, founder of Sporcle, and the rest of the Sporcle team.

Founder’s Message

A Message from Matt Ramme
Founder, Sporcle

When I started Sporcle 6 years ago, I could never have expected that so many people would end up playing these quick trivia and puzzle games.  What started as a better way to remember the U.S. Presidents has become a totally new way to play trivia on the web.  In the process, it has spawned the collective creativity of millions of people all around the world.

So today we have reached a billion games played.  Since we know the average game takes about 3 1/2 minutes to play, that means Sporclers have spent nearly 3 million days playing Sporcle games.  That’s 8,200 years of naming presidents, countries, and things Meatloaf wouldn’t do for love.

I started Sporcle as a way to improve my Jeopardy and crossword skills and ended up learning so much more than that.  Hopefully that is an experience a lot of users have…stumbling upon some new tidbit of knowledge or learning something about the world they didn’t know, such as which countries have the most chickens.

We here at Sporcle have been blessed with the best community on the internet, and we have a blast every day seeing what Sporclers come up with.  You’ve taken our love of trivia and focus on quality, and helped create nearly a half million quizzes on every topic imaginable, even 19th Century Composers from Finland.

We love hearing from Sporclers about the fun times they’ve had trying to come up with that one last answer, or finding themselves pulled down a rabbit hole into quizzes they didn’t even know they had an interest in.

We’ve gotten so many great emails over the years, I wanted to share just a few:

“Sporcle truly feels like the perfect combination of entertainment and education that I have been craving my entire life”

“My 13 year old son, Oliver, who has Aspergers Syndrome has been on (Sporcle) all week and is now up to about 95 on the Periodic Table quiz as well as being an expert on Kings/Queens, countries in Asia and Europe. To quote him ‘I really love this sort of thing. It’s the best website ever’”

“Thank you for saving me from many hours of boredom.”

We’re really excited about what’s coming next.  In the coming months, we plan on adding more new game and trivia experiences to the web, and we’re committed to making our mobile experiences the best in the world.  Also, keep an eye out for Sporcle Live, live trivia shows in Michigan, Ohio, Illinois and Minnesota, and eventually coming to a bar or restaurant near you.

We really do love each and every one of you. To those who create games and help make them better and more accurate, and those of you who just come to have fun and maybe learn something in the process, we are humbled and we hope we can continue to meet and exceed your expectations for the next billion games.