Sporcle at The Hunger Games

The stars of The Hunger Games recently completed a tour promoting the upcoming film. The last stop was in Seattle, the site of Sporcle HQ. As fans of the series, we decided to send our Senior Hunger Games Correspondent, Kate Janzen, to cover the event. She returned with the following tale.

The events began at midnight when my three hearty companions and I left for the local mall. The plan was to park, sleep in the car, and wake up in time to get in line with the first 100 people, who were given Hunger Games VIP wristbands. Everything went smoothly until about 2:30am, when we were asked to move the car, and realized, despite the website saying the line up would start at 7am, people had already started lining up. We moved the car and got in line as fast as possible. Thus began the four and a half hour wait.

Although four hours seems like a long time, we were able to entertain ourselves through most of it. I spoke to four lucky individuals at the front of the line named Katie, Miranda, Kevin, and Ellie. They arrived at 5pm the night before to get in line but were forced to move around until about 12am where they were finally allowed to stand across the street from the Microsoft store, where the event was being held.

Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson

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