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How to Make an Awesome Slideshow Quiz

slideshowSlideshow quizzes have been out for a couple of months now, and so far we’ve received a few questions about what we look for when publishing one of these quizzes. The post that follows is a series of guidelines that can be followed in order to make the best use of our Slideshow game feature.

1. Consistent Image Sizes

Slideshow quizzes (unlike Picture Box) can include any size images you want, but Slideshows with consistent image sizes are preferred. It’s a much less jarring experience for the user as they click through, and it helps the quiz feel more cohesive. If you must vary the shape of the image to varied sources, make sure that all of your images of a certain shape are the same size (Rectangles as 640×480 & squares at 480×480, for example)

2. Use Larger Images

The maximum image size for a slideshow quiz is 640×480, but while you don’t have to max out the image size for every quiz, try to keep your images above 300×300. If your source images are much smaller, the important thing is to use Rule #1 and make sure they are a consistent size.

3. Animated GIFs

Animated GIFs can be fun, but they may be hard to find and they can vary wildly in size. You’ll want to size them down if you can, as you want to minimize the loading time as much as possible. Anything over 2MB is going to take too long to load for most users.

A good example of this is the TV Intro Quiz, the GIFs are smaller than most Slideshow quizzes, but the size is the same from image to image, and they download quickly. It’s a trade-off, but makes for a well-crafted quiz.

4. Multiple Image Sizes

In certain cases you may be collecting similarly themed images from across the Internet, and you won’t be able to include a consistent image size. The important thing to do in this case is to group similar-sized images together. Check out this Misspelled Signs quiz for an example of how that might work.

5. Forced Order

Be very careful with forced order image quizzes. It can be frustrating for players when they are unable to advance further in a quiz, especially when they feel as though they might know other answers.

6. Advanced Stuff

Bazmerelda made these great example images (below) that demonstrate how to optimize your image size for a quiz with hints. Check out these slides for some visual examples:

Size Examples

Maximum Image Size


640×480 with a question – As you can see, some information is chopped off.


640×396 – Image sits between question and answer boxes.


Image sits above the answer box, but uses all remaining canvas


No question, but image not obscured by answer when revealed.