How to Make a Basic Slideshow Quiz

Note: For advanced tips check out our post ‘How to Make an Awesome Slideshow Quiz‘.

A Slip n' Slideshow is a whole other thing.

A Slip n’ Slideshow is a whole other thing.

So you might have seen some of the new Slideshow quizzes that have been appearing in our Discover area lately? Pretty neat, right? If you’re interested in creating your own Slideshow quiz, or already have access and want to learn some tips and tricks, this is the post you’ve been looking for.

1. How do I get access to creating slideshow quizzes?

Well, it’s pretty darn easy. When you’re in the game creation center, create a new game, and look for the link on the right hand side that says ‘Request Access’. Click “Yes, please” on the pop-up, and you should hear back from Sporcle in the next day or two with further instructions.

2. I have access to Slideshow Games, so how do I make one?

Congrats! It’s actually really simple to create a Slideshow quiz, but the tool works very differently than Classic or Clickable games. View the steps below for complete info and some tips & tricks.

  • Create a New Quiz, and select Slideshow from the ‘Game Type’ dropdown.
  • The Game Info tab is very similar to one you might encounter for Classic/Clickable. Enter the game details here.
  • The Options tab allows you to specify whether or not you force users to answer in order, or if you want them to skip ahead.
  • The Data tab is where things differ from a normal Sporcle quiz. You must add the URL of the image you want to use to the ‘HINT’ column (see example below).
  • example1
  • Images can be any web image format (GIF, JPG, PNG).
  • You may use the ‘Extra Info’ column in the Data tab to display hints or other text.
  • Though you can use any accessible image URL on the web, we strongly recommend that you host your own images on a separate site. Images taken directly from the web are unreliable as sites go down, have issues, or images load too slowly. Image hosting sites like Imgur and Photobucket are free and very dependable, and we’d recommend using those. Sporcle does not provide image hosting.

We’d also love to hear any feedback you have on this brand new tool. It’s still very much in the early stages, so we hope to add some tweaks and new features soon!