How do you Sporcle?

From Minute Morsels to the Countries of the World, Sporclers know we have a variety of trivia to choose from. For Darryl, Sporcle is more than that.

In his blog post, Darryl explains that being prepared for Jeopardy! is about ‘beating the clock.’ He credits his 6-weeks of preparation to Sporcle’s variety of quizzes and our timers.

“Sporcle, Sporcle, Sporcle. I cannot stress that enough. Sporcle quizzes get you into the Jeopardy! mindset better than anything else.”

Although it’s pre-recorded, SporcleHQ wishes Darryl the best of luck on Thursday!

So, we’d like to know, how do you use Sporcle? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, or in the comments below.



2 Comments on How do you Sporcle?

  1. Sporcle is the best way to prepare for any trivia game that includes lists of any sort. The pace is fast and memory retention is a must. I cannot stress enough how important Sporcle is while preparing for any advanced trivia competition.