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Custom Answer Field Colors

Color: it’s a beautiful thing. Imagine if our world were simply black and white? Or even worse, if Sporcle quizzes were only black and white??

So far, you’ve done a good job of using the color options provided by Sporcle’s quiz creation tools. But in your quest to up the quality of quiz presentation, you’ve been asking for more. For example, why does the entire answer column have to be the same color? We honestly couldn’t think of a reason why not.

Which is why, we’re proud to announce: COLORFUL ANSWERS! As of today, you can choose colors for each individual answer cell. We’re excited to see the ways you’ll find to use this new feature. For more details on how to use this, please see the guide below:

1. Create a new Sporcle quiz, or edit an older one. (Note: This feature is not available for Clickable quizzes)

2. Under the GAME OPTIONS tab, check the box that says “Use extra column for color values”

3. Under the DATA tab, use the “Extra Info” column to fill in the colors that you want each answer cell to have. (Note: Using this feature allows you to only have one or two column quizzes)

Inputting colors:

Enter colors using either HTML color names or HEX values. This helpful list is a great reference. Both color names and HEX values will work, and the values do not have to be consistent for the whole quiz.  Have fun creating mixtures to find the perfect color to go with your quiz.

Your finished quiz could look something like this!

As always, write us at feedback@sporcle.com with any questions or concerns you have. Have fun with this new feature!


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  1. Love the new feature. I found there are 140 “words” that can be used for specific colors in HTML and my name links to a quiz that lists them all with each cell in the color of the name.

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