Sporcle on Google Hangout

We know that Sporclers love our challenge feature, and one thing a lot of people have been requesting is a way to play live with their friends in real-time. We listened to your requests, and now we have something very exciting to announce. We’ve created a Google Hangout app that allows you to play Sporcle against your friends and family across the world. All you need to get started is a Google+ account. If you already have one, just click the big red button below:

Start a Hangout

If at any time you feel lost, we’ve included detailed instructions after the jump.

Getting Started

After you click the hangout link, you’ll be taken to the following page to start your Hangout. Invite whichever Circles or friends you’d like to include and click Hang out:











The Sporcle Hangout app needs your permission to be added to your Google+ account. Click Continue to request permission.










On the next screen, click the Allow Access button, and you should automatically redirected to your hangout.










Once you’ve allowed access to the Sporcle app, you’ll see a list of quizzes like the one below. If you’re the first person to enter the hangout, then you’ll automatically be the host, and your screen will look like this:








If you’re the host, you are the only one who can pick the quiz in the hangout. Once you select it, the quiz will not start until everyone in the group hits ‘Play Game’ button. If you want to retire as host, simply refresh your browser, and the next person who entered the hangout will be added as the host.

If you have any further questions, be sure to let us know at our Feedback page.