‘Suck for Luck’ on Sporcle

Andrew Luck will obviously play for Sporcle in 2012.

One of the most important stories in the NFL this year has nothing to do with which teams will win enough games to make the playoffs or have best chance of winning the Super Bowl. In fact, this post doesn’t have anything to do with winning at all. It has to do with which team will lose enough games to be given the first overall pick in the 2012 draft.

Though it seems unlikely that a whole team of players would conspire to purposely lose games, fans of the league’s current basement dwellers across the country have been pushing their teams to “Suck for Luck”–Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck. Luck is considered by many draft watchers to be the most promising pro quarterback prospect since Peyton Manning or even John Elway, and will certainly be the first quarterback taken in the draft unless injury strikes. Coincidentally since most of the teams with poor records can blame their situation on the lack of an elite quarterback, the incentive to receive the NFL #1 draft pick is sky high.

Even the Indianapolis Colts, who are 0-8 this year while Manning sits on the sidelines due to injury, are said to be considering trading the one of the greatest quarterbacks in league history to make room for Luck should they “win” the first pick.
All of this illustrates the importance of having a premier quarterback to having success in the NFL. While college teams have been able to achieve success without a star signal-caller in many cases, it’s proven too difficult for most teams who lack at the position to achieve postseason glory. One only needs to compare the list of Super Bowl winning QB’s and their losing counterparts. Or you can take a look at how many quarterbacks have tried to lead the Chicago Bears or New York Jets to glory and failed. The list of Super Bowl MVPs is also dominated by quarterbacks.

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