A Little Housekeeping

Hey everyone, for those of you in the US, you’re probably like us at Sporcle and looking forward to the three-day weekend. We just have a few small updates before all the parades and fireworks.

  • We posted an extra plus-sized Word Ladder today. There are plenty of word ladders that Sporclers have made that just seem a little too long for the daily dose. We’re going to see if we can feature them on the home page on Fridays throughout the summer.
  • You might have seen that we updated the front page a little bit today. We gave it a few nips and some tucks and we think the right hand-bar is a lot cleaner. Even though we’ve condensed the Activity Feed a bit, it’s way easier to see, and we’re happier looking at it already. Let us know if you like it (or even if you don’t)
  • We added a bunch of new sharing links to the blog, similar to the sharing you might see on quiz pages. We figure that if you like our blog, you just might want to share.

That’s about it, just remember, whatever you get up to this weekend, stay safe, and if it gets too hot out there, just remember to apply Sporcle liberally.



2 Comments on A Little Housekeeping

  1. I like the updates, but when are we going to get some forums to discuss quizzes and quiz ideas and such? The comments sections can be fun but they’re not always conducive to constructive conversation.