Find Your Friends

Hi all, we recently gave a couple of older features nice new face-lifts. We just re-launched the Invite your Friends and Find your Friends features on Sporcle.

Invite your Friends lets you type in email addresses of your friends and invite them to join you on Sporcle. You can also post to your Facebook wall or send a Tweet. So go ahead and invite as many people as you want.

Sporcle is more fun with friends, but sometimes it may be hard to find the people you know. The Find Your Friends feature can help with that. Find your Friends lets you follow other Sporcle users or connect to your Facebook friends who are also on Sporcle.

We added buttons to these features to your profile page for easy access, try em out!

Spread the word about Sporcle and as always if you have questions, comments, or suggestions, drop us a line anytime!




2 Comments on Find Your Friends

  1. Ok, so once I’m at my friend’s user profile, how do I friend them vs. just follow them? It’s not showing their name as friends when I try to challenge them.