Baseball Opening Lineups

For the past few weeks you may have noticed a change in the air. The Northern Hemisphere is once more beginning its lean towards the sun, the birds are singing, and deer are shedding their antlers. This can only mean one thing…baseball season!

Last year the Sports department at Sporcle occasionally hijacked the home page and managed to publish the opening day lines ups from the past 20 years for every team in Major League Baseball. In case you missed it, we have assembled these quizzes for your playing pleasure below.

AL West AL Central AL East
LA Angels of Anaheim Chicago White Sox Baltimore Orioles
Oakland A’s Cleveland Indians Boston Red Sox
Seattle Mariners Detroit Tigers New York Yankees
Texas Rangers Kansas City Royals Tampa Bay Rays
Minnesota Twins Toronto Blue Jays
NL West NL Central NL East
Arizona Diamondbacks Milwaukee Brewers Florida Marlins
Los Angeles Dodgers Cincinnati Reds New York Mets
San Francisco Giants Pittsburgh Pirates Philadelphia Phillies
San Diego Padres St. Louis Cardinals Washington Nationals
Colorado Rockies Chicago Cubs Atlanta Braves
Houston Astros

So as you work in your March Madness brackets, pencil in your fantasy baseball drafts, and try to wrap your head around the surprising complexity of NASCAR, take some time refresh yourself on your favorite teams.



3 Comments on Baseball Opening Lineups

  1. y’all should do the same thing for every nba team — starting lineups for the last 20 seasons. i believe you already have one up like that for the lakers.

  2. Wow, can’t believe baseball season is almost here. Already! Also love these lineup quizzes.