Sporcle Wrap-Up 2014: Just for Fun

2014 has been awesome at Sporcle. If you missed out on any quizzes from one of our favorite categories, look no further! Here are 10 of the most popular Just for Fun games from 2014.

Top Just for Fun Quizzes

10. Tiny Almost Useless TriviaIt’s so cute! With one question for each Sporcle category, this quiz has everything wrapped up in one teeny tiny package of fun.

hobbits9. Reindeer, Hobbits, and the Zodiac: You’ve got Middle Earth, the North Pole, and the constellations to contend with on this one. Is a perfect score in your stars?

8. Bingo Card Logic Puzzle: B-I-N-G-Woooah this quiz was fun! It provides all the excitement you’d find in traditional game, no bingo daubers required.

7. A-B-C-D-E Quiz: This quiz is as easy as A-B-C…D-E. Don’t get an F, and make sure you frantically click all 150 letters to freedom.


6. Quick! Click the Only One!: Simpsons, Beatles, Hogwarts, and Disney. The gang’s all here, will you be?

5. Cats, Dogs, and Kangaroos! Logic Puzzle: Kangaroos have infiltrated the Happy Sunshine Dog and Cat Funland and are wreaking havoc! What compelled this, we can’t say. What we do know is that it was a blast to figure out.

4. 99 Nimble Numbers Match-Up: A Match-Up. A blitz. A lot of fun! This is the kind of quiz that makes you frantic until you succeed. And that’s what we call fun.

3. ANYTHING But US States: This quiz was ANYTHING but boring! With decoys like Sir Mixalot, Whiskies, and Meatball Marinara, its greatest challenge is beating the clock without getting distracted by fits of laughter.


2. 25 Number Logic Puzzle: Well done doesn’t begin to describe this one. There’s something satisfying in finishing a logic puzzle, and this one was the perfect blend of difficult and devious.

1. Find Voldemort! A Harry Potter Logic Puzzle: Here’s hoping you can do a better job of sniffing out these clues than Voldemort. In only one month, this quiz became the highest played Just for Fun quiz of 2014. It must be magic!

Featured Game of the Week (12/17/2014)

We think all our featured quizzes are great, but once a week we find a quiz published within the last 7 days that went the extra mile. Here’s the quiz of the week!



Poker Hands: Best to Worst

by Spacemaniac

Featured December 11, 2014


About the Quizmaker

Spacemaniac made this week’s featured quiz, and it’s his 87th (wow!) quiz to be published.  He’s been on Sporcle since May 2011, and has played over 10,000 quizzes since then. He has 74 badges. Thanks for making a great quiz, Spacemaniac.

What’s the Quiz About?

Poker Hands: Best to Worst is a clickable quiz that tests your poker knowledge. When given a list of possible poker hands, can you choose the hands in order from best to worst?  Make sure to read all the options ahead of time, since this quiz is a minefield. If you get one wrong, the quiz is over.. You’ll also have to move quickly to finish this quiz in time; you only have one minute. While this may seem intimidating, don’t be too apprehensive about taking this quiz. There are only nine answers, so if you know the answers, you’ll have plenty of time to click them all in the right order. 

Poker Hands: Best to Worst was played 48,886 times while it was on the front page and ended up with a rating of 4.0.

Sporcle Wrap-Up 2014: Movies

2014 has been awesome at Sporcle. If you missed out on any quizzes from one of our favorite categories, look no further! Here are 10 of the most popular Movie games from 2014.

Top Movie Quizzes

10. Movie Posters XVIn our fifteenth (yes, that’s correct!) installment of the Movie Posters quiz series, we saw a nice blend of old and new. ‘Frozen’? Check. ‘My Fair Lady’? Got it. Let’s just say we never get bored of these gems.

9. Animated Movie Couple Match: Romance is in the air. From Legos to cars to skeletons, this quiz showed us that any animated creature can find love. And we love that.

8. Movie Quote Match-Up‘I do wish we could talk about this quiz for longer, but I’m having an old friend for dinner.’ That’s how it went, right?


7. 50 Flicks to Click (2000): As this quiz proved, the year 2000 was a damn good one on the movie front. Meet the Parents AND American Psycho?! It also provided a gentle reminder that yes, these movies were released 14 years ago, and yes, that makes us old.


6. 5-Star Movie Villains: If we said this quiz was *evil*, would you believe us?

5. The Answer is the Film Title: This quiz paired ‘Glinda, Maleficent & Jabba the Hutt’. Enough said.

4. Disney-pedia: The Disney Princesses: If this quiz taught us anything, it taught us that less is more. Only 11 answers needed on this Princess quiz, where we learned what the name Pocahontas means, and the age of Snow White (gasp, she’s younger than you think!). 

3. Disney Animated Classics (Redux): You can never have too many fun Disney quizzes, at least that’s what we always say! This one forced us to memorize all the classics by guessing them all correctly without making a single mistake. Sounds like our kind of challenge.


2. Pixar Bunker: The only thing more fun than a Redux is a Bunker, and we got a fun one in the Pixer Bunker. You get to show off your Pixar knowledge, until you botch the thing and accidentally say that at the end of Toy Story, Sid ends up with Woody. That would be a disaster! 

1. Complete the Disney Movie Title: This quiz is about as classic as they come. Part of its beauty is that you’ll see ’Oliver &’ and look for Hardy. When you realize how silly that was and look for Twist, the only thing left to do is laugh.

7 Comments That Prove You’re a Sporcler

Sporclers say the darndest things…


7. ”Sporclophobia – the fear of your brain freezing when the counter hits 10 seconds remaining.”UnitedRoadRed

(From: Face Your Fears)

6. ”Sporcle: My only source for knowing when a country changes their name.”crazydiamond1to9

(From: Country Sorting Blitz)

5. ”So I was racking my brain for the last minute and a half to find which one country I was missing, only to realize that it was… China. Yeah, that happened. That’s a clear cut case of Sporclitis.” Jesuslovesya

(From: Asia by ANY 3 Letters)

4. ”Chuck Norris’s quiz on Sporcle is currently getting a rating of 8.4 Globes.” - multigerinky

(From: Complete the Chuck Norris Joke)

kyrgz3. “Kyrgyzstan may only contain 0.0804638529% of the world’s population, but it occupies 100% of my heart.” - abard124

(From: Countries With 1% or More of the World’s Population)



2. ”I must say that I never have let schooling get in the way of my Sporcle addiction.”milc

(From: Famous ‘Sporcle’ Quotes)

1. ”To hell with how many times it’s been re-tweeted, whatever that means. When your selfie turns into a Sporcle quiz within an hour after it’s taken, you have arrived.”strags11

(From: Ellen’s 2014 Oscars Selfie)

Top Tweets (12/16/14)

toptweetsv65oai7fxn47qv9nectxWhen you see something you really like, sometimes retweeting and favoriting isn’t enough – that’s why @Sporcle has this weekly blog post. Congrats to the tweeters who made the cut this week!

Remember, you can always reach us on Facebook or Twitter with any questions or comments you have.

New Badges: Auld Lang Syne, Page Turner, and Picturebox Schmicturebox

Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never played on Sporcle…

HappyNewYear_1Auld Lang Syne: Share a toast for the favorite quizzes you’ve played over this year, then look forward to new quizzes and a new year by earning this badge. To do so, you’ll need to get 50% or better on New Year’s Eve MoviesUS Cities by Fireworks, and Quiz For Hangovers. This is a holiday badge, so you must play the quizzes on New Year’s Eve!

PageTurner_3Page Turner:  This badge is just as exciting as any paperback beach read. To get it, be prepared to burn the midnight oil – play 25 Literature games in one day to earn this badge. It’s kind of like the Sporcle equivalent of reading that exciting book all night.

PictureboxSchimcturebox_1Picturebox Schmicturebox: You’re in this one for the long haul! To earn this badge, you’ll need to play 1000 Picture Box games. All you’ll need is some dedication and a love for image quizzes.

As always, check the badge page for the latest updates.

Greetings from Kyrgyzstan (Part III)


A common sight in Bishkek.

Sometimes it’s still strange to find myself in Kyrgyzstan. After all, like any good Sporcler I earned my ‘Bishkek or Bust’ badge back in the day and while I knew where Kyrgyzstan was, I never thought I would live here.

As far as my study abroad time goes, I can only describe it as ‘adventurous’. Bishkek is not for the faint of heart; it’s a city that is still developing, so things don’t always run smoothly. For example, due to a plumbing mishap, I had cold water in my shower and hot water in my toilet for a couple of weeks. Uncomfortable? A bit. Livable? Quite. A good sense of humor helps too.

Ride the Marshrutkas, They Said

Traffic is crazy. Most people get around on the local vans called Marshrutkas, which are relatively cheap. Though they only have 8-10 seats, these vans usually hold around 20-25 people, so you get nice and chummy with the locals. I’ve been amazed at some of the encounters I’ve had in Marshrutkas; I’ve gotten to experience up close and personal more than a few armpits, ridden down the street with my butt pressed up against the windshield and on more than one occasion I’ve have had people fall right into my lap. Picture the Knight Bus from Harry Potter, and you’ll get a good idea of the of the driving style of Marshrutka drivers.

How Did the American Cross the Road?

Nothing builds courage faster than learning how to cross the street in Bishkek. If you wait for the traffic to stop, you’ll spend the entire day standing on side of the road. It was a moment of growth for me when I finally walked into oncoming traffic for the first time. However, I actually have a stronger faith in Kyrgyz drivers than I do of those in Seattle. Here drivers are always prepared for traffic laws to be disobeyed and plan accordingly. Two lanes? Psh! We can fit six cars side by side! Red light? Nah, bro – I got places to be! You cut me off? I hope you like the sound of my horn for the next two minutes. Another interesting fact: Cars come with steering wheels on both sides. This is a never-ending source of amusement to me. Almost as much as the scented and colored toilet paper sold in the supermarkets here (to make up for the fact that I can’t flush it). Green apple is my current ‘favorite’.

Kyrgyz Hospitality

Kyrgyz aren’t really very big into people whipping out camera’s all the time, so it would have been really rude of me to take a photo of my dining experience. But this photo is from Wikipedia:

Kyrgyz aren’t really very big into people whipping out camera’s all the time, so it would have been really rude of me to take a photo of my dining experience. But this photo is from Wikipedia:

Recently I was invited to dinner at a local Kyrgyz/Kazakh family. After my time here, I believe ardently that Central Asians (in my experience) are the most hospitable people I’ve ever met. Your every need will be met as the guest. Just, don’t be picky or stingy with tea. There is no such thing as one cup of tea. This particular evening I got to enjoy the traditional Central Asian meal called Beshbarmak, which translates into “Five Fingers”. Just like its name implies, no utensils necessary cause you eat it with your hands! Our host asked who the oldest of us students were (hint: it was me) – but being a woman I could not sit at the head of the table (the place of honor). Just as well, cause I’m a bit squeamish when it comes to being served a fully cooked sheep’s head. However, this is a delicacy here and is only served to people of high importance, so we were quite honored.

As is customary, my friend was asked to cut off a piece of the head and eat it. He then cut up the rest and we all put some on our plates and ate it with noodles. I can now check off “Eaten sheep’s ear” off of my bucket list (Note: This was not originally on the list). Also, to follow a particular Kazakh tradition, we washed it all down with Camel’s milk, which is the BOMB. I liked it so much I had three cups! And of course, being good hosts – they served us vodka and cognac shots along with an amazing apple custard pie.

Sporcle Wrap-Up 2014: Miscellaneous

2014 has been awesome at Sporcle. If you missed out on any quizzes from one of our favorite categories, look no further! Here are 10 of the most popular Miscellaneous games from 2014.

Top Miscellaneous Quizzes

10. 30 Things You Should Know That Start With ‘E’To start off, quizzes like this are one of the reasons we love the Miscellaneous category. If you’re truly looking to test your trivia, no matter the subject, this E quiz is a fantastic place to start. And even better, it’s part of a series by user QuizzleMyShizzle, so you can test your knowledge through every letter of the alphabet.

9. Any Food but VeganSo many answers, so little time. You’ll be trying so hard to figure out whether or not Marmite and Nutella are vegan within the time limit that you’ll panic and accidentally blow up on something obvious like “Limes” or “Iceberg Lettuce,” probably leading you to curse vegetables forever.

cake8. Classic American FoodNo such thing as American cuisine, you say? Think again! Match the two parts of these classic dishes and tell us American cuisine doesn’t exist.

7. Restaurant LogosAnd if you’re still hungry after the two previous games, try this one next. We’re going to hazard a guess and say that Sporcle users enjoy playing quizzes about food.

6. Almost Useless Trivia VIII: ”But why should I play this quiz?” you ask. “The trivia is useless!” To that, we only have two things to say. First, that’s why that “almost” is there. Second, if you think that  trivia is useless, then you clearly haven’t been playing Sporcle long enough.

5. Alphabet Booby Trap Bonanza: After playing this quiz, you’ll see the alphabet in a whole new light. You’ll never look at letters the same ever again.

bill-nye4. Guess Who in 3 Words: Tired of guessing people from pictures? Try these bare minimum descriptions instead. The amount of information you can glean from just three words is surprising!

3. Quick! Click the Only Two!: This is the perfect definition of a blitz quiz. You have to move fast, and one wrong move and that perfect score is ruined. Our hearts were racing by the end, and finishing brought a sense of relief, but that 100% just feels so good.

2. Food, Drink, and Poison Sorting Blitz: This minefield is deadly in more ways than one! Hopefully, after playing this quiz, you will never again confuse exotic alcohol for poison. And you might even discover some new favorite foods.  Just make sure you correctly sorted everything before ordering something new.

1. Planets, Lakes, and Princesses: We’re not quite sure what it is about this wacky combination that makes this game so fun, but somehow it works, because Planets, Lakes, and Princesses was the most-played Miscellaneous game published in 2014. Sharpen your terrestrial and extraterrestrial geography skills, watch a few Disney movies, and get to work!

Meet the Staff: Eric Hill

EricName: Eric Hill (walrusboy)

Position: UI/UX Designer – a.k.a Head of all things design for Sporcle & Sporcle Live

Originally from: Dallas, Texas

Worked at Sporcle since: May 2011

About: Eric describes himself as a goofy guy who likes to laugh. He likes spending time with his kids and their new family dog. Other places he’s lived include Singapore and southern California. He’s known around the office as the resident Star Trek fan and the voice of Slackbot.

Interests: Eric has a wide variety of hobbies and interests. He spends a lot of time with old computer hardware, collecting retro games to play and share with his kids. He has a 1986 VW Wesfalia Camper van which he’s steadily restoring to pristine condition. And he keeps up on trends in the music industry, with electronic music being his current genre of choice.

For a long time, Eric’s go-to Sporcle quiz was 3 Letter Body Parts. As he tells it, it’s a quiz that covers basic knowledge, but if you’ve been away from it for a few months, it can be a challenge to remember every last answer.

Strange Fact: Most people wouldn’t know that Eric used to be in the military.

Here at Sporcle: Eric is the guy we go to for all design-related questions (he also has good restaurant recommendations.)  Eric loves designing for mobile–one of his first projects at Sporcle involved redesigning the main Sporcle mobile app. On the web, some of his favorite pages to design are the games pages. Eric has an exceptional eye for detail, and he works to make our products appear polished and eye-catching.

Favorite thing about working at Sporcle: Eric likes Sporcle for the “fantastic” team vibe. As he puts it, “Egos are left at the door…everyone is focused on producing a great product.” Though there’s a lot of work to be done, he says, there’s an attitude that we’re here to have fun. And it’s pretty awesome to get paid for that.

Sporcle Wrap-Up 2014: History

2014 has been awesome at Sporcle. If you missed out on any quizzes from one of our favorite categories, look no further! Here are 10 of the most popular History games from 2014.

Top History Quizzes

10. What’s the Nickname?: This game seems simple enough until you realize that some of these nicknames could apply to any one of the answers. You have to go a little deeper: you might know who these people are, but do you know their nicknames? Or, for those who are better known by their nicknames, do you know their real names?

9. Birth Country MatchWatch out! Sometimes people weren’t born in the countries with which you tend to associate them, and linguistic clues only help so much when there are four countries that speak English.

8. 1940s Match-UpWe’ll give you a hint: as much as you might want it to be, Frank Frank is never going to be correct. The match-up element in this quiz makes you realize just how different a familiar term can look when it’s split in half – there will undoubtedly be a few moments in this quiz where you unthinkingly select the wrong answer and then groan as the right one becomes immediately apparent as you read on through the list.


7. Was I Assassinated?Clearly, this quiz is asking the important questions. You’ll be surprised at how many of the decoys seem really, really plausible… until you click them and immediately regret it.

6. The 22 Countries Britain Has Never Invaded: This quiz really manages to convey the size and power of Britain throughout history. 22/197 modern countries is practically nothing!

5. Missing ‘D’ Quotes: Just one quiz in a great series by Sporcle user citkeane! You’ll be cursing the letter ‘D’ by the time you’re done with this quiz… especially since “delusion” seems to fit in every single quote.

4. Three Images: Guess the Historical Figure: History quizzes with pictures are all too rare, and this is one that’ll have you saying each image out loud in attempt to interpret them. You might want to play this one   alone… or at least somewhere where nobody will judge you.

3. Not American History: This quiz’s title is a little misleading. Don’t go forgetting all your American history knowledge yet – it will certainly serve you well in eliminating the other options in this multiple choice quiz.


2. British Monarchs MinefieldYou’ve probably mastered the US presidents quiz by now. Perhaps this should be your next feat? Remember, all the numbered monarchs will go in backwards order, but that doesn’t guarantee that there won’t be other names in between! Be prepared to curse at least one Richard, Henry, and Edward before conquering this quiz once and for all.  

1. Anyone but US PresidentsAny quiz with Shakira, Pacman, Mr Monopoly, and Jabba the Hutt as correct answers gets our vote. This quiz was quick, fun, hilarious, and the most played history quiz published in 2014. Sounds like it’s a keeper!