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10K Tycoon

Played 10,000 total games

Alan Shearer

Played 260 total Premier League games (Alan would be so proud)

Alpha Dog

Got 100% on all the featured Letter Games

Animal Lover

Got 50% or better on Happy Animals, Sad Animals, and Angry Animals

Around the World

Got 100% on
Countries of the World

Back to Sporcle

Played 25 quizzes during Back to Sporcle week

Beaker Breaker

Played 1000 total games in Science

Bishkek or Bust

Played 25 total Kyrgyzstan games


Got 50% or better on Blender Settings

Board to Death

Got 100% on Monopoly (American), Risk, Cluedo (Clue) and Games by Cupcake


Played 1000 total games in Literature

Cabbage Tickler

Played 1000 total games in Just For Fun

Capital Punishment

Got 100% on Capitals of Europe, Africa, North America, South America, Asia, and Oceania

Century Club

Played at least one game for one hundred consecutive days


Won a challenge against
another user

Death and Taxes

Played Causes of Death and Taxing Countries on Tax Day (U.S.)

District 12 Tribute

Played 25 total Hunger Games games

Dream Team

Got 100% on NBA Teams, NFL Teams, NHL Teams, and MLB Teams

Feliz Navidad

Played Finish the Christmas Song, Santa's Reindeer, and Buddy the Elf Food Groups on Christmas Day

Film Critic

Played 1000 total games in Movies


Got 50% or better on Top Food Chains A-Z, Sandwiches, Candy!, and Foods by Country

Gray's Sports Almanac

Played 1000 total games in Sports

HAL 9000

Won 100 challenges against
the Sporcle computer

History Hotshot

Played 1000 total games in History

I Like Pi

Played Kinds of Pie and got at least ten correct answers on Digits of Pi on Pi Day

Joe DiMaggio

Played at least one MLB game for 56 consecutive days


Played 1000 total games in Music

Let the Wookiee Win

Played Star Wars Episodes, Star Wars Crawl, and Star Wars Planets on May the Fourth

Lip Service

Played 1000 total games in Language

London Calling

Played Boroughs, Royal Parks, Football, Bridges, and Underground

Luck of the Irish

Played Kiss Me...I'm Irish!, Things That Are Green and The Saint Patrick's Day Quiz on St. Patrick's Day

March Madness

Played all the D-1 Schools games

Math Master

Got 100% on Minute Math Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, and Mixed Operations


Played 1000 total games

Mouse Ears

Played 25 total Disney games

Musical Maven

Played 25 total Broadway games

Ned Ryerson

Played Groundhog Day, 'I Got You Babe' Type-a-Long, and Bill Murray Movies on Groundhog Day


Created and verified an account on Sporcle

Nifty Fifty

Got 100% on 50 States

Nimble Numbers

Got 100% on 1-100 and
1-100 Clickable Minefield

Odds and Ends

Played 1000 total games in Miscellaneous


Got 50% or better on Australian States, Australian Capitals, and Australian Animals


Played at least 25 games in one day

Pokémon Master

Played 25 total Pokémon games


Had a game published on the Sporcle home page

Puppy Power

Got 100% on Dog Breeds by Puppies

Quite Presidential

Got 100% on
Presidents of the US


Played 25 total Lord of the Rings games

Running the Table

Got 100% on Periodic Table

Sampler Platter

Played a game from each category

Shaken, Not Stirred

Played 25 total James Bond games

Shiver Me Timbers!

Played A Pirate's Favorite Quiz, Pirates Close-Up, and Stupid Pirate Jokes on Talk Like a Pirate Day

Social Butterfly

Connected your profile to both Facebook and Twitter

Sofa Spud

Played 1000 total games in Television

Sorting Hat

Played 25 total Harry Potter games

Sporcla Cum Laude

Set a school in your profile

Stars and Stripes

Played US Independence Day, Original 13 Colonies, and Grand Old Flag on Independence Day (US)

Stork Stalker

Played 25 total Baby Names games

Suit Up!

Played How I Met Your Mother Seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9

The Bard

Played 25 total Shakespeare games

The Doctor

Played 50 total Doctor Who games


Won 100 challenges against other users


Played 25 total Star Trek games


Referred 5 friends to Sporcle (Go to your profile to credit the Sporcle user who referred you)

Vexing Vexillology

Got 100% on Flags of the World

Vinny Testaverde

Played 233 total NFL games (just like Vinny)

Wonder Women

Got 50% or better on Forty Famous Women, Female Firsts and Women in the Bible

Word Decimator

Got 100% on Commonest English Words

World Traveler

Played 1000 total games in Geography