Latest GamesDecember 19th
Harry Potter and the Classification Match
We're going to go out on a limb and say that Harry is a wizard.
Famous Quotes About 'L'
When life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade, then try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.
Matt Damon Movies by Image
"Matt Damon is in this movie? I'm really disappointed" - No one ever
Are You Smarter Than a College Student?
Now all Sporcle needs is a fraternity...I wonder what Rush week would look like.
That Isn't a Country!
The Sporcle-standard for countries is...well...standard around here.
Clickable Matching Pairs
This quiz just may leave you seeing patterns everywhere.
Longest Coastlines Minefield
Sure, these beaches are nice and sunny, but typing in the wrong one could be dangerous.
Movies in Common
These movies sure have a lot in common, let's hope they get along.
Disney Bunker
We wonder how deep this Disney conspiracy goes...
Cereal Mascots
Everyone from Mr. T to Pacman has tried to pawn off cereal on the masses, this quiz is for the folks who had selling cereal as their full time job.
Are You Smarter Than a College Student?
Now all Sporcle needs is a fraternity...I wonder what Rush week would look like.
Today's Daily Dose
Random game from the vault
Today's Celebrity Birthday Quiz

Jake Gyllenhaal Movies

Happy 34th Jake, say hi to Maggie for us.
ThursdayDecember 18th
'American' Movies
Some of these movies don't even take place in America.
Gorilla Countries
Which country did King Kong come from?
Fruit, Vegetable, and Junk Food Sort
Just because potato chips are made from potatoes doesn't mean that they count as a vegetable.
Rhymes with 'Cake'
This should be as easy as pie... or cake.
Click a Brit
If the actors in this quiz couldn't do such a convincing American accent, this quiz would be much easier.
Image Blitz: Right Hand or Left Hand?
No matter how you do on the quiz, we hope you at least know your right hand from your left hand.
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WednesdayDecember 17th
Lord of the Rings Top 20 Minefield
Ah, we face off at last, Mr. Tolkien.
Where's My Border Gone? (US States)
Oh borders, what a difference you make.
European History Match-Up
The thing about Europe is that it doesn't lack in history.
The Super Duper '80s Slideshow
The '80s were all about being super, that's at least what our parents told us.
24 More 'P' Movies
Grab your popcorn, this quiz has some perfectly awesome movies.
-ANG Word Blitz
Dang, this quiz is trickier than we thought!
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TuesdayDecember 16th
Novels by Map
It's helpful to have a map when wandering around in your imagination.
4-Letter Clickagrams
Four little letters. They go together like two, two-letter pairs.
'B' Holiday Quiz
We can think of a BUNCH of things we like about the holidays. And at least a few of them start with B.
The First Three
Third place isn't so bad if it means you make it on this quiz!
Largest Countries in the World by Area
Land mass? These countries know a thing or two about it.
HIMYM Cast Photo
Well aren't these folks just a bundle of joy.
'80s Songs by Initials
Anyone want to start a secret code based on '80s music?
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MondayDecember 15th
Language Wars
Of course you realize this means war.
Scientific Trios
Scientific concepts are much like Cheez-Its in that it's very difficult to stop after discovering one.
Same Thing - Different Word
As long as these words don't mean the opposite definition as well. We're looking at you 'literally'.
F-Words in Christmas Carols
Anyone who does their Christmas shopping last minute is very familiar with these f-words.
Tattoo my Body with ... Entertainment
There are far too many people with Tinkerbell tattoos.
Movie Title Definitions
You know what movie really needs some dictionary help? Terminator: Genisys. What's the deal with that!?
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SundayDecember 14th
Color Logic Puzzle
There are only three colors to think about, we aren't asking you to deal with the whole spectrum!
Countries with Apple Retail Stores
Hear ye, hear ye! Get your Apple products here!
The Newest Team in Each State
We wouldn't call some of these teams 'new', but hey, what do we know?
Vocabulary Blitz IV
Nothing like a vocabulary blitz to get your blood pumping.
Barnes & Noble Classics Covers
These covers aren't quite the ones we remembered, but they'll do.
Movie Dragons
Keep a fire extinguisher handy.
Famous Songs' First Words II
It's all about how you start the thing.
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SaturdayDecember 13th
Born in Hawaii
These stars were raised in paradise.
'A' Television Characters
These TV characters always get called on first.
Oceania per Letter
We'd happily vacation in any of these countries.
Boromir's Walk into Mordor Speech
One does not simply take a Sporcle quiz.
All I Want for Christmas...
Not listed: our two front teeth.
Match 'Em Up Blitz - Food
We hope you've got some food on hand, because taking this quiz made us hungry.
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